(Minghui.org) The Claims Board of Hebei Province Superior Court has rejected a request for compensation from the family of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Zhiqin, who was beaten to death by police within three hours of his arrest about six years ago.

The Board issued its decision on September 23, 2013, without conducting any investigation or holding a hearing. When questioned by the family and the lawyer, the judge in charge of the Board claimed that was how things were done in Hebei Province.

He did concede that Mr. Li's family deserved the state compensation, but the court didn't want to set a precedent by honoring their request, because too many other practitioners and their families would ask for reimbursement as well.

In addition, he revealed a little “state secret” to the family, “Had you not disclosed and publicized the case to Minghui, we probably would have considered some sort of compensation for you guys.”

Claims Board Bases Its Decision on Police Claims

The Board wrote in its opinion: “We concur with the conclusion made by the police that Li Zhiqin died of a heart attack on September 13, 2007. The arresting officers and accompanying paramedics and doctors all bore witness to this unfortunate event. As such, your claim that Li Zhiqin was beaten to death by police is unfounded and cannot be admitted in our consideration of your request.

"On the very afternoon of Li's death, the police and five local officials visited and informed you of the tragedy. You didn't object to the cause of death and agreed to have Li's body cremated.

"Moreover, in consideration of Li Zhiqin's history of heart problems, the police had paramedics and doctors accompany them in their arrest of Li. This very fact proves that the police had done all that was required of them in making arrests.

"In conclusion, we must reject your compensation request.”

As a matter of fact, the police didn't inform Mr. Li's family until two days after his beating death.

In addition, Mr. Li never had any heart ailment to begin with. How could it be possible that the police made advance preparations for his possible “heart attack?”

Mr. Li's Son Arrested for Filing State Compensation Claim

Ever since Mr. Li's beating death on September 12, 2007, his family tirelessly appealed to government agencies to seek justice for him. Nearly 2,000 people signed the petition demanding justice for him.

However, instead of getting redress, the family was repeatedly harassed and threatened.

After the family filed the state compensation claim on July 5, 2013, agents from the Xingtai Police Department and Ningjin County Domestic Security Division arrested Mr. Li Guang, son of Mr. Li Zhiqin, on July 8, 2013.

Although the younger Li is not a practitioner, he was illegally held in a brainwashing center for more than a month. Under coercion, he wrote a guarantee promising to never sue the police or relevant departments. He was also threatened to turn in the list of people who signed the petition.

He went to a different city to do odd jobs after his release, but the police keep harassing him at his rental place. At present, the officers are still closely monitoring his whereabouts and phone calls.

In order to avoid harassment and arrest, his mother was also forced to leave home and live elsewhere.

Those that signed petitions demanding justice for Mr. Li were contacted by the police, who threatened to send them to brainwashing centers and tried to get them to sign repentance statements.

Judges in the compensation case: Li Jianyong: +86-311-8793-7223 Xing (first name unknown): +86-311-8793-7187

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