(Minghui.org) Practitioners from Qingdao City, Shandong Province recently reenacted the methods of torture they suffered in prison to demonstrate the cruelty taking place in the Chinese Communist Party's prisons, labor camps, brainwashing centers, and detention centers. During the reenactment on May 2, 2013, over seventy police officers came to arrest them, charging them with “Using a cult organization to undermine law enforcement.”

On the morning of May 22, 2013, Ms. Cui's lawyer requested a meeting with Ms. Cui, who had been incarcerated. The request was denied by Domestic Security Division officials, using the excuse that the case was related to “crimes against national security.”

Likewise, the lawyers representing practitioners Ms. Lu Xueqin, Mr. Yang Naijian, Ms. Liu Xiuzhen, and Mr. Li Hao, were all deprived of their rights to meet with their clients.

Mr. Feng Hua’s father traveled all the way from Shaanxi Province to Qingdao to hire a lawyer for Mr. Feng, but the Qingdao City Procuratorate threatened him.

The police department transferred the practitioners’ cases to Qingdao City Procuratorate, which later changed their charges to “Inciting subversion of state power.” The charges were later returned since the evidence was full of loopholes.

The Qingdao Police Department changed their tactics by splitting one case into three small cases, and then transferred Ms. Lu Xueqin and Mr. Yuan Shaohua’s cases to Qingdao City Northern District Procuratorate. Ms. Cui Luning and Mr. Li Hao’s case was transferred to the Licang District Procuratorate. Mr. Yang Naijian, Ms. Liu Xiuzhen (Mr. Yang's mother), and Mr. Feng Hua’s cases were transferred to the Chengyang District Procuratorate.

Appeals Office Refuses to Listen to Appeals—Armed Police Drive Out Families

Attempting to help their loved ones, family members went to the Qingdao City Appeals Office on January 21, 2014 to file for appeals, but were told that their petitions were “inadmissible.”

From the Appeals Office, they went to Qingdao Municipal Building and told the guards that they wanted to meet the mayor. As they spoke, about 20 armed police officers convened to drive them out. A few cameramen were present, and captured the entire incident on tape.

After the police went inside, family members received calls from the police department threatening them, that if they did not immediately leave, they would be arrested. Helplessly, they left.


The practitioners have been subjected to torture and interrogations.

The guards took turns interrogating Ms. Lu Xueqin from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for three weeks. They sometimes did not stop until 10:00 p.m. She was tortured to the brink of death. Her lawyer made numerous attempts to bail her out for medical treatment, but all were denied.

The guards used different tortures on Mr. Yang Naijian. The smaller end of a baseball bat was used to beat his chest, resulting in extreme pain, and causing him to suffocate due to becoming unable to breathe.

Mr. Yang was handcuffed, shackled, interrogated around the clock for three days, and deprived of sleep. He began a hunger strike to protest. The guards finally took him back to the cell.

In a period of three months, Mr. Yang was tortured so severely that he lost about fifty pounds. He lost consciousness on many occasions and was on the brink of dying. He feels constant pain in his heart and always short of breath. There is blood in his stools, and he also has abdominal pain. At the age of thirty-two, he shivers from cold in August and September when it is hot.

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Parties Involved:
Hu Baojiang (胡宝江), head of Northern District Procuratorate Case Management Section: +86-532-83011922
Duan Xiaofeng (段晓峰), head of Licang District Procuratorate's Prosecution Section: +86-532-83012131, +86-13963951826
Wang Qiang (王强), judge of Licang District Court: +86-532-66878689
Hao Dongsong (郝栋松), head of Chengyang District Procuratorate's Prosecution Section: +86-18561326018
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