(Minghui.org) I recently met a practitioner who had been in prison. I thought everything she said and did was based on the Fa principles. Although she was incarcerated for nine years, her skin was lustrous. She was full of energy and slept very little. I thought she must have been cultivating well and perhaps her body had already been transformed into a Pure-White Body (a body that has reached the absolute purity to the highest degree and is transparent). It made me re-evaluate my own cultivation practice, and I realized I needed to improve.

When I looked at myself I noticed that I was pale, and I occasionally suffered from sickness karma. I sent a thought to my enlightened side to ask my human physical side to quickly transform into a high-energy matter. I felt pain in my chest and leg the next day. I also vomited blood, just like I had in the past. This went on for about a day. I shared this with other practitioners and they said that it was due to my attachments. One practitioner said that I still had too many human notions. I started to look inward.

Experiencing and Living a Vision

Three days after I began to look inward, I wanted to take a rest after a busy day. I recalled Master told us that doing the exercises is the best rest, so I played the music for the fifth exercise and sat down to meditate.

At first my mind was full of thoughts and I could not calm down. I then remembered that we should not let our thoughts run wild when we do the exercises. When I calmed down, I saw a ladder in front of me. The higher part of the ladder was straight. The lower part, about one-story tall, was closer to the ground, and it looked like the letter Z.

I climbed onto the ladder, and it extended toward the sky. I couldn't see a boundary when I looked up. I was surrounded by fog as I ascended. Once in a while I could vaguely see distant mountains. Later I grew two large feathered wings.

I don't know how high I ascended. I flew through the fog and the clouds and saw the blue sky, as if I was in an airplane. There was a globe in the middle of the blue sky. It was semicircular at first, and then it became round, just like the shape of the earth. It was made up of many worlds that were lined up vertically and horizontally. There were pristine mountains and rivers in each world. I stood on the ladder in the middle of the globe and continued to ascend into the fog. I don't know how high I went.

I saw a big Buddha sitting in the middle of the sky. The ladder stopped in front of the Buddha, and then it began to disintegrate. A golden ladder appeared in its place. This ladder was wider and prettier, but it gradually disappeared, too.

I knew I was the big Buddha, and I felt the presence of my Buddha body. At the time I had no thought, and became one with my Buddha body. I leaned forward and looked down, but I could not see any boundary. Later my body grew larger, ascended higher into the space, and disappeared.

I returned to the meditative state. When the music ended, I felt nice and warm. It felt so wonderful that I wanted to continue to meditate. I wanted to see my Buddha body again.

I played the music for the fifth exercise, began to meditate, and entered a state of “ding,” which is a state of empty, yet conscious mind. My Buddha body appeared in the space, and I saw it was composed of numerous worlds. Inside the Buddha body were mountains, rivers, and countless lives. The arms, legs, and even toenails were made of numerous worlds, and these worlds constituted the Buddha body. There were an infinite number of worlds. I watched the mountains and rivers fading away.

Words can vaguely describe but can hardly express what I saw and how I felt. I have been cultivating about 18 years. I'm not always diligent and still have many human attachments and notions.

I'm in my 50s and have gray hair, and my physical body has not changed much. But the side that has cultivated well is so sacred and beautiful!

Thank you, Master, for your encouragement.