(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Huo Meilian was recovering from a severe illness when police from the Xincheng District Domestic Security Division went to her house and harassed her severely. She suffered a relapse and passed away on January 26, 2014, just a day and a half after the police abused her.

Her husband, Mr. Chen Mingan, and the couple's friends and relatives went to the Domestic Security Division seeking justice, but the division head denied they were rough with Ms. Huo and claimed, “We videotaped everything. We never hit her or even pushed her.”

When her family decided to have her cremated on January 28, the Domestic Security Division head told her husband, “We're going to videotape and monitor everything.”

Ms. Huo's relatives and friends decided not to have her cremated for the time being to protest the authorities' illegal conduct.