(Minghui.org) When Mr. Li Zhiqiang (李志强) was tried for practicing Falun Gong on September 19 this year, his son, Mr. Li Zongze (李宗泽), defended him. His wife had hired a lawyer, but the judge had the lawyer removed from the courtroom when he pleaded not guilty on his client's behalf. The younger Mr. Li told those in attendance how Falun Gong had changed his father into a better family man and business owner.

The court refused to acquit the elder Mr. Li, who remains incarcerated awaiting further legal action.

The younger Mr. Li, a 21-year-old college student, was assaulted by police only two weeks before his father's trial. He was not deterred and managed to voice his support for his father at the trial, despite frequent interruptions from the judge.

Mr. Li Zongze, his mother, and his aunt went to the Domestic Security Division on September 5, 2014, to inquire about his father’s case. Officer Zhang Xikun saw Mr. Li using his cell phone and suspected that Mr. Li was taking pictures of him, so he grabbed Mr. Li and shouted at him. When Mr. Li’s aunt tried to intervene, Zhang pushed her down on the floor. Before she could stand up, officer Liu Dawei struck her and pushed her down again.

Close to 20 officers surrounded and searched the three of them. Six to seven officers held Mr. Li down, and one took out a video recorder. Mr. Li said, “Whatever you record will be evidence of persecution!”

They pushed Mr. Li down on the floor again. Zhang Xikun sat on him and almost suffocated him. Zhang took Mr. Li’s phone and shouted to the other officers, “Go get handcuffs. Cuff him and take him away.”

Seven or eight officers carried Mr. Li to the downstairs interrogation room. Mr. Li shouted, “I’m a good person. The police are arresting a good person!”

Mr. Li's eyeglasses, keys, and shoes fell off during his struggle. The backs of his hands and his wrists and arms were covered with bruises. His mouth was bleeding. His back was covered with blood as well. His hands swelled and went numb in the handcuffs.

Mr. Li was tied to a chair and interrogated for over three hours. He protested, “I only came here to find out about my father. Why are you treating me like this? My father follows Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to become a better person.” The police threatened, “We will call your [university] president and have you expelled.”

The police refused to return Mr. Li’s phone and memory card. Accusing Mr. Li of making trouble, Officer Liu forced him to write a “guarantee statement” and to sign the interrogation record and the list of seized items. Liu also threatened Mr. Li to appear at the police station any time he was called.

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