(Minghui.org) The case file of Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Zhiqiang was submitted to Dezhou District Court on June 25, 2014. Mr. Li is now facing trial.

Officers Zhang Xikun, Liu Dawei, and others from the Decheng District Domestic Security Division in Decheng City ransacked Mr. Li's store on January 9, 2014; arrested him; and took him to the Dezhou Detention Center. Zhang and Liu and about 20 officers went to Mr. Li's home that night, ransacked it, and confiscated personal belongings.

The police documentation for Mr. Li's arrest was rejected by the Decheng District Procuratorate for lack of evidence. The police continued to detain him for 39 days before releasing him. In the meantime, they kept looking for additional evidence to charge him.

When Mr. Li opened another store on March 13, the police showed up and deceived him into going to the Changzhuang Police Station.

Mr. Li was arrested and he has been held in the Dezhou Detention Center ever since. No reason for his arrest was given.

Mr. Li's store was closed, and his family suffered financially and mentally.