(Minghui.org) Mr. Zhao Yongcai's mother, in her 60s, was detained on August 27 for going to the Shulan Police Department to request a visit with her son.

Mr. Zhao Yongcai, a teacher from Shangying Town, Shulan City, was illegally arrested at his school on July 4, 2014. A warrant for his arrest was recently issued. His family hired a local lawyer to represent him at his trial.

His mother went to the Shulan Police Department three times to request a visit with him, and was detained on her third try.

Request to Visit Her Son Ignored

Mr. Zhao's mother and another family member went to the Shulan Police Department on the morning of August 22. She had an operation a short time earlier and still felt weak. As she took the stairs to the second floor, her heart beat faster and her face became flushed.

But she was determined to see her son. She said, “No matter how weak I feel, I will ask the director what my son did wrong by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good person.”

The two went from door to door at the police department. At Deputy Director Cai Xiaodong's office, they were advised to see Deputy Director Zhang Haijiang. Mr. Zhao's mother told Zhang that her son became healthy and was a good person.

As Zhang listened, his expression changed. He called the Nanshan Detention Center to arrest Mr. Zhao's mother and the other relative, claiming the two practiced Falun Gong.

Mr. Zhao's mother tried to hand him a letter which he rejected. He pushed the two from his office and locked his door behind them.

Cai heard the ruckus and hurriedly left the premises. The two tried to find someone in charge to help them. A woman named Hu Shuying claimed to be in charge but would only speak to attorneys. Mr. Zhao's mother and the relative left.

Second Request Rejected

The family went to the police department four days later on August 26. They asked Cai to allow them to visit Mr. Zhao. Cai said he did not have the authority and hurriedly left.

A long time later Hu came back to the office. She informed the family that a warrant for Mr. Zhao's arrest had been issued and that his family should no longer come here.

“Then where can we go?”

“Go wherever you want. It's not our business anymore,” Hu said. She then physically pushed the family out of the station.

Third Time Requesting a Visit Meets with Arrest

Mr. Zhao's mother and her sister visited the police department again the next morning. When he saw them, Cai said, “You've come here three times, so you must be Falun Gong practitioners. You are just making trouble. Get out!”

He called the Nancheng Police Station as he walked down to the main floor: “Falun Gong is making trouble here …...”

At the entrance he asked the guard, “How did they get in?”

He ordered several officers to force Mr. Zhao's mother and her sister into a car and to drive the two to the Nancheng Police Station.

Mr. Zhao's mother and her sister were held in separate rooms in the Nancheng Police Station. The mother repeatedly explained, “I'm not a practitioner. I came to see my son.”

She was very frightened and started to twitch uncontrollably. She could not speak. Her sister asked for a taxi to take her to a hospital. The station director ignored the request.

Mr. Zhao's mother regained the ability to talk around noon. She asked for a drink of water but was refused. Officers tried to force her to sign some documents, give her fingerprints, and disclose her phone number.

They directed the Chaoyang Police Station to go to Mr. Zhao's mother's neighborhood to investigate whether she practiced Falun Gong. Only after it was confirmed that she was not a practitioner would the police release her.

Parties involved in the persecution:Cai Xiaodong (才晓东), deputy director, Shulan Police Department: +86-13904445257(Cell)Zhang Haijiang (张海江), deputy director, Shulan Police Department: +86-13943250303(Cell)Xia Chenlin (夏春林), director, Nancheng Police Station: +86-13944660044(Cell)

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