(Minghui.org) I would like to discuss the issue of using incorrect hand gestures when we send forth righteous thoughts.

My mother and I both started to practice Falun Dafa in 1996. Earlier this year, my mother came to my city to visit me. Whenever we sent forth righteous thoughts together, I found that her right hand was seriously slanted, not held upright as required. I often reminded her to keep her hand upright, but it didn't help. Instead, I became distracted while sending righteous thoughts, as I was always looking at her.

I used my phone to record her sending righteous thoughts. When I played the video back to her, she was shocked. “What was I doing?” she said, “How come I didn't notice my hand wasn't in the right position?”

When I asked if she was like this at home, she told me that she was the only practitioner in her area and had nobody to look at her doing it. Her hands weren't very stable during the meditation exercise, either. This made me realize how important it is to do the exercises and study the Fa in a group. The old forces will try anything to stop us from doing things in accordance with the Fa, so being with fellow practitioners we can help one another identify problems and and correct them immediately.

I know another practitioner who has a similar problem, even though he has been a practitioner for years and attended Master's lectures. We tried to correct his hand gestures sometimes, but he said he had a problem with his hand due to an injury. Thus, he thought it would be very difficult to correct his hand gestures. We told him that as a practitioner, he should be in control of his hand movements. He agreed and improved somewhat, but the same problem kept recurring.

We recorded him sending forth righteous thoughts and then played it back to him. He couldn't believe what he saw. On the recording, he couldn't keep his hand stable for even a minute. We suggested that he keep his eyes open while sending righteous thoughts so he could look at his hands and negate any interference from other dimensions if they tried to interfere with his hand gesture. He did this and improved a great deal.

Another veteran practitioner often felt sleepy while studying the Fa, and had trouble keeping her hand upright when sending righteous thoughts. She recorded herself doing this and opened her eyes a few times to check the position of her hands. It turned out that her hand gesture was not correct most of the time. Her daughter told her, “Mom, every time you open your eyes, your hands are in the correct position, but as soon as you close them, your hands slant again.”

I also had this problem for a while when I had strong attachments. I decided to record myself and thought: I'm a clear-minded Falun Dafa practitioner who follows Master's instructions. I will eliminate any interference that tries to stop me from doing the correct hand gestures.

I sent forth righteous thoughts with this strong belief, and my hand gestures improved immediately. I became determined not to allow any more interference. Like Master said in his poem,

“If thoughts are righteous,evil will collapse.” (What's to Fear?” in Hong Yin II)

My hand stopped slanting after my thoughts were in line with the requirements of the Fa.

Fellow practitioners, when we see such serious issues surface, we should help each other to correct it and improve together. We have learned a lot of the Fa principles. The key is whether we can follow them.

I hope that those who don't usually participate in group Fa study will record themselves sending forth righteous thoughts, check if there are any problems, and eliminate the interference.