(Minghui.org) When all legal channels are deliberately shut down to them, Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) practitioners in China use unconventional ways to peacefully protest against the persecution of their practice.

One particular method practitioners in Wuhan, Hubei Province use is “Falun Gong banknotes,” paper bills with special messages printed on them. The messages are usually short, such as “Falun Dafa is good” or “Withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party for your own safety.”

Wuhan authorities have been arresting local practitioners in their attempt to stop the spread of such banknotes.

A group of agents broke into Ms. Cai Changzheng's (蔡常珍) home on April 25 this year and confiscated her life savings of 35,700 yuan, some of which had Falun Gong messages printed on them. Ms. Cai is over seventy years old, and that money was her retirement fund.

Three months later, another Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Qin Hanmei (秦汉梅) was ambushed as soon as she stepped out the door to go to work. The police illegally searched her home and confiscated a laptop computer, a printer, some Falun Gong books and materials exposing the persecution of Falun Gong, and 90,000 yuan of paper bills with Falun Gong messages on them.

Mr. Kang Youyuan (康佑元) was given three years on August 15. He was arrested on December 3 last year while trying to exchange some small value banknotes for larger value banknotes. After discovering 258 yuan of paper bills with printed Falun Gong messages, the police sent him to Dongxihu Detention Center. He was later denied medical parole even though he became very ill and started coughing up blood.

Dongxihu District Court tried Mr. Kang on August 5, and he was scheduled to be transferred to Hongshan Prison on October 28.

During the past year, Wuhan police has arrested a total of 38 Falun Gong practitioners for producing and circulating “Falun Gong banknotes.” The paper bills confiscated amounted to more than 400,000 yuan. A total of 34 printers and computers were taken away as “evidence” against practitioners for printing Falun Gong messages on paper bills.

Individuals Involved in Persecuting Mr. Kang Youyuan

Cao Bin(曹斌), director of 610 Office: +86-027-83896941, +86-13329700482, +86-027-83892523Peng Xinming (彭新明): +86-027-83217933, +86-13971413488, +86-027-83210461Guo Xianghuan (郭祥欢), deputy secretary: +86-027-83896935, +86-13720254958, +86-027-83892969Li Jin (李静), Deputy director of Office of Maintaining Stability: +86-027-83210453, +86-13871189626, +86-027-83219800

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