(Minghui.org) I had a dream that remained fresh in my mind after I awoke one morning. I dreamed that there were lots of people, each of them holding the book Zhuan Falun. There were four young girls. One of them said, “Someone asked us to go to the Communist Party lessons.” Another girl replied: “Go to what Party lessons? This book is so good, why would you want to go to their lessons? We should do things according to the standard that is given in this book,” while pointing with her finger to the book Zhuan Falun.

A young man then appeared in front of them, also holding Zhuan Falun. A mountain nearby was covered with a roaring fire. The young man, with a evil look, threw the book into the fire. The mountain instantly emitted thousands of rays of strong golden light, holding the book aloft. Soon after that the book turned into the image of Master. Compassionate Master stood on the mountain. Master's kasaya shone bright gold. No words can accurately describe the color of the kasaya. Master held one palm erect in front of his chest, His face sacred and solemn.

I saw Master's hand emit rays of golden light and the light turned into a god. The god used his power to change into a dragon, and then wrap around the young man's body. The dragon then took him to the world of the dragon king. This man was a god in that world before he descended to earth. He sat on his original seat with a little dragon curled up on his head. It was a beautiful world.

I quietly watched and then four male gods appeared. They lifted the man up and walked towards a large door. The door opened and he was thrown inside. The door led to hell.

Close to the End of the Fa-rectification

In the same dream, I saw Master give a lecture at an experience sharing conference. Master said that it will all end soon. Time is almost up. Look at how many practitioners haven't done what they should do. Time has been delayed. He said that He will be with them to the end and that He would look for them again.

A practitioner sat next to me and asked: “How many practitioners have you helped to come back to Dafa?” I shook my head and said to my mom: “All our relatives have either left the practice or gone awry. They are in a dangerous situation. How hard I have been trying to help them all these years. But there is nothing I can do.” Just then, Master came back holding a practitioner by each hand.

I was awakened by the scene. I think it is very close to the end of the Fa-rectification. Those who attained the Fa, but still haven't come back to Dafa, will come to a sticky end.

Though I call it a dream, I can also say it wasn't a dream as the scene was so vivid. The reason I wrote this sharing is because I hope it can help former practitioners return to Dafa.

Former practitioners, please come back quickly! The time is extended by Master's enormous endurance for us to be saved. Please hurry up and return to Dafa!