(Minghui.org) In the spring of 1997, I came across the book Zhuan Falun. Reading the book helped me understand why people come down with illness, the meaning of life, and how to be a good person. I saw hope and decided to practice Falun Dafa myself. I became free of all illness within half a year. I became more selfless and personally experienced many of the wonders of Dafa.

Living by the Dafa Principles

I was the director of a technical workshop, which made it easy to come by some extra money. I knew that former directors accepted large bribes each month. However, it was more important for me to live by the Falun Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I took care of the workers, taking them water to drink and helping load trucks. I wasn't like past directors who only supervised. I helped carry the load, and at times carried even more than the workers.

The company manager assigned an apartment to me, which I refused to take because I knew of workers who needed an apartment more than me. Yes, it would decrease my travel time to the company and I would have tried everything in my power to get it before practicing Falun Dafa. I told the manager, “Falun Dafa teaches us to think of others first.” The result of my behavior was that the manager never said a bad word about Falun Dafa.

One customer insisted on giving me a pair of leather shoes worth 500 yuan. I solved the issue by reducing my expense account by that amount. I also always paid for what I ate at company dinner outings.

My manager nominated me for the outstanding technical person of the region. The regional leaders asked me often to complete an application form and write a resume for the position. I refused to apply because it required me to exaggerate regarding my experience. They told me, “Other people try so hard to get this. There will be a lot of benefits. Don't be foolish. Just complete the application and resume. We will boast for you.” I said, “Thank you so much. I practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I cannot lie.”

Standing Upright

Just before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched its persecution of Falun Dafa, my manager told me: “You are the only person who is not a CCP member among the mid-level leaders. It would be easier for me to promote you if you joined the Party. The CCP is sensitive concerning Falun Dafa. Maybe you should renounce the practice.” I said, “Falun Dafa is not related to the CCP. Falun Dafa teaches me to be a good person and it does not harm anyone. I won't renounce the practice.” He said, “I will not force you to join the CCP. You are a good person, highly skilled and a good asset to the company. I will help you. Let me raise your salary.” I thanked him and said I will do a good job no matter what.

The manager told me once, “You have the lowest salary among the mid-level leaders. I will give you a 2,000 yuan bonus at the end of the month.” However, the company committee did not allow a bonus for mid-level leaders. I knew this was a test to see if I had an attachment to personal gain. I told him not to worry. I still got a 2,000-yuan bonus in the form of a technical award.

I didn't pass all tests immediately, but eventually I was able to let go of my attachment to fame and gain, and found that I did not really lose anything materially, but gained more.

The Lust Test

In the ancient Chinese folklore “Journey To The West,” the monk and his disciples obtained real teachings after 81 passing tests and tribulations. I also experienced many tests and tribulations.

For example, lust became an enormous test for me, which I failed many times in my dreams. I was very disappointed and knew that I had not let go of this attachment.

When I was driving my motorbike I saw a woman in a green skirt. I wanted to keep looking at her, but a beetle flew into my left eye and it was difficult to remove it. This was a warning for me to treat lust seriously and that I should keep every thought pure and clean.

When traveling for my work, four of us stayed in the same motel room. A few young women came into our room and left soon after. After dinner, I was reading Zhuan Falun when one of the women came back. While talking to her, my heart was filled with compassion. I really wished her well and I wished to awaken her good side. She seemed shocked. She sat quietly and listened. I saw her eyes started to shine with hope.

I talked for about 20 minutes. When leaving she stood in front of me with her palms closed in front of her chest and said, “Thank you big brother for teaching me!” I witnessed the wonder of “the Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.” (Lecture Three in Zhuan Falun)

Dafa Is Beyond Ordinary

During more than a decade on my cultivation path, I experienced that Dafa is sacred and majestic.

When I just started cultivation, I was lazy and could not stand any hardship. I could not get up in the morning to do the exercises. One day I had a stomachache about the time I was supposed to do the exercises. My stomachache went away after getting dressed. I was wide awake, so I did the exercises. It felt so good to do the exercises in the morning.

I have not taken any computer classes, yet I seemed to know what to do when I sat in front of the computer. I started using the computer for product design in 2000. The typist asked me, “When did you learn to use a computer?” I told her, “I did not learn it. Practicing Falun Dafa brought me wisdom.” She took some time to believe me, but this helped her listen to the truth about Falun Dafa.

My cultivation experience is like an ocean. Every drop of water reflects the wonder and compassion of Dafa. I will not be able to repay Master's mercy. The only thing I can do is to cultivate diligently.