(Minghui.org) With the Fa-rectification process reaching the final stage, Falun Dafa practitioners are very busy working on various projects to save sentient beings.

As a coordinator, I have noticed that the Fa-rectification process requires high standards, and it is of great importance that we elevate our xinxing. A coordinator's xinxing and realm affects the success of the project, and if things are not done according to the Fa, it could bring about trouble and interference to our efforts.

The first time I attended the coordinators' meeting in our area, everyone seemed to cooperate and the atmosphere was cordial. Coordinator A said, “The coordinators in our area work well together, better than the coordinators in another area. There seems to be a big gap among coordinators in that area, and they don't cooperate well.” I had a strong foreboding of future problems when I heard that. At the second meeting, coordinators A and B had some disagreement, and the situation worsened during the third meeting.

Misunderstanding the Fa

I started to look inward but couldn't find any attachments. I was worried that I would get dragged into their conflicts, and the more I worried, the quicker I was pulled into it.

I didn't want any trouble and I felt that I was dealing with human squabbles. I shared my understandings of the Fa principles with A and B, hoping they would resolve their conflicts, but it didn't work. I thought, “The fourth meeting is approaching, and I can sense the animosity. What should I do?”

Master said:

“Beings that have not been rectified by the Fa will, on the other hand, use the principles of the old cosmos to go about things, and use those to evaluate Dafa disciples. They will only feel okay with it when you meet the standards that they acknowledge; only then will they let you progress upwards free of interference; and only then will they think that you are qualified to save them.”

“If they think that someone or something is 'not good enough, below standard,' then they will proceed to use their power to directly destroy everything within their ability that doesn’t meet the standard, including things connected to Fa-rectification. Although they don’t have the ability to truly disrupt the Fa-rectification, they will be a hindrance. Regardless of whether they can actually do anything, they will attempt to destroy things. Such occurrences have transpired countless times. But they haven’t managed to destroy the Fa-rectification or Dafa disciples, and nor have they destroyed mankind, or blocked the Fa-rectification. But they have brought a great deal of trouble. The trouble manifests here in the human world, taking the form of interference. These things have been happening all along.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

When practitioners do not cultivate well, the old forces will take advantage of that situation and bring trouble. I had been very cautious and thought I was evaluating myself according to the Fa to avoid troubles. But I guess I didn't understand the inner meaning of Master's words and only focused on cultivating myself well to avoid the troubles and interference from the old forces. I unknowingly evaluated myself based on the principles of the old universe.

When practitioners didn't get along, I thought they were interfered with because of their loopholes. When the negativity between them was revealed to me, I failed to negate the arrangements. Master tells us again and again to negate the old forces arrangements, so why did He explain how they carry out their arrangements in the “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching?”

Step Out of the Principles of the Old Universe and Negate Them

After reading the lecture numerous times, I finally understood that Master wants us to become enlightened, step out of the principles of the old universe and negate them, and assimilate to the principles of the new universe.

Once I elevated my understanding of the Fa, my body and mind were transformed. Two hours before the fourth meeting, I calmed down and sent forth righteous thoughts: “Negate the old forces arrangements for practitioners. No one in the universe can test Dafa disciples. All lives are harmonized based on Master's Fa.”

At the beginning of the meeting, I noticed that coordinators A and B had resolved their differences and spoke to each other calmly.

Illusions Help Find Deviation from the Fa

I realized that the gaps and the negativity between practitioners were illusions shown to me because my understanding of the Fa had deviated. The Fa principles are truly profound, and different Fa exist and are revealed at different levels. I have gained a deeper understanding of Master's words:

“Without knowing the Fa at high levels, one cannot practice cultivation. Without cultivating one’s inner self and one’s xinxing, one cannot increase gong.” (Zhuan Falun)

I'd like to encourage practitioners to study the Fa with a calm heart and study the Fa well. Do not forget to cultivate and raise your xinxing level while doing the three things to save sentient beings.

Above are my current understandings. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.