(Minghui.org) The CCP requires police as well as officials from the 610 Office and all levels of government to persecute Falun Gong. They follow the CCP and participate in the persecution without any conscience, in pursuit of their own personal gain.

However, it is a principle of the universe that good will be rewarded and evil will be punished. This principle has been true from ancient times to the present day.

Ren Yajun, Director of the Village Security Department in Pinggang Village, Hebei Province, Dies in His 50s

Yen was in his fifties and lived at the South Street, Pinggang Village, Gaoli Township, Dingxing County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. He was director of the village security department.

He did his utmost to persecute Dafa practitioners after the CCP started the persecution of Falun Dafa. He actively helped the local government, local police station and the county police department arrest practitioners, search their houses and confiscate their Dafa books. On public holidays and so-called politically sensitive days, he broadcast police notices through the village radio station and slandered Dafa, threatening practitioners and their families. He went to practitioners' homes to harass them brutally. He and other village security guards led the way every time the CCP arrested practitioners. They sometimes sat in a car outside practitioners' homes. He led the guards to deface or tear up Dafa posters and banners.

As a result he developed cancer in 2013. He regretted a bit when he was hospitalised, but it was too late. In July 2013 he died in agony.

Deputy Director of a 610 Office and her Husband Meet With Ill Fates After Persecuting Falun Gong

Luan Hua was appointed deputy director of the 610 Office at Gongzhuling City, Siping District, Jilin Province after July 20, 1999. She followed the Jiang Zemin regime closely and did her utmost to persecute Falun Gong together with Zhao Lanping, director of 610 Office and Wang Zhiqing, director of the local police department. Within several years, eight Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted to death and hundreds were brainwashed, detained, put into labor camps and sentenced. Hundreds of families were broken up. She committed unpardonable sins.

In order to be promoted, she had an affair with Wang Zhiqing. She cheated on her husband and using the excuse of “too busy at work,” often didn't come home. Her husband learned of her affairs with several of her leaders. In order to save face and also for the benefit of their daughter who was at Beijing Opera Institute, he talked to her with good faith. But she didn't listen. They often argued and disturbed their neighbors.

One day her husband found some invoices from a trendy hotel in her pocket with the amount of over one thousand yuan on each of them. He realized that she spent nights with Wang Zhiqing and several other leaders. He got furious. They had a big fight. He revealed to his wife that he knew she and Wang Zhiqing embezzled 1.5 million yuan from a charitable organization and she spent 150 thousand to buy a piano for their daughter. When she found that her husband knew these things, she jumped out of the window and fell to her death.

After Luan Hua died, Wang Zhiqing went to snub her husband for revenge. Wang said: “Look at your wife. She was so beautiful and her skin was so tender and fair.” This burned him up. He shouted at Wang and almost hit him. The next day Wang detained him and then sentenced him to four years in Jilin Prison.

In the prison he met Falun Gong practitioners and came to know the truth of Falun Gong. He said: “I also persecuted Falun Gong and cursed Dafa though the order came from the above. I believe that's why I came across this unfortunate incident and have been punished. I will never do such harmful things again.”

Director of Domestic Security Division in Yian County, Qiqihar City Punished

Qu Zhuwang was in his forties. He was director of the domestic security division in Yian County, Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. In winter of 2012 he went on business trip by car and had a car accident causing two deaths. His work unit had to pay the surviving families a penalty of over 700 thousand yuan. Then his work unit fired him.

Qu was previously a policeman in the second police station in Yian County. He often harassed and cursed Dafa practitioners in his surveillance areas. With the help of his relatives, he was promoted to be director of the domestic security division. He was in this position for only a few months before he was fired.

Gan Jianbo, Director of State Housing and Land Bureau, Punished and Died

Gan Jianbo was 46 years old and came from Longshui Town, Dazu District, Chongqing. He was director of Dazu District State Housing and Land Bureau and a Party Secretary. He was promoted to the position because he carried out the policies of Jiang Zemin's regime.

Local and overseas practitioners clarified the truth to him but he didn't listen. Instead he slandered Dafa and followed the CCP. In the several years he held the position, he made money out of it and became a multimillionaire. He squandered public funds by touring Hong Kong and Europe, going to night clubs and underground casinos.

An old saying goes “Doing evil deeds frequently will bring ruin to the doer.” On July 17 th , 2013, Gan rode his bicycle off a cliff and died.