(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I am a 65-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner, who obtained the Fa in December 2001, and I have been following Teacher doing Fa-rectification ever since.

Waiting for Dafa

Before I began practicing Dafa, my husband was a retired solider and his health was exceptionally good. Sadly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used him to persecute “Neiren Party” members, inciting him to hate innocent people. Deceived by the CCP, he lost his humanity. When others didn't want to beat people, he did. When others didn't want to swear at their victims, he did. When I tried to stop him, we would get into a fight. He cursed at me by saying that I was an anti-revolutionist. Every time he set out to do such things, I closed the door and stood in front of it. He then jumped out of a window. He was very active in this persecution.

My husband soon incurred retribution. The CCP turned around and said that those activists who had participated in attacking “Neiren Party” members were criminals, and they put my husband in prison. After his term was up and he was released, he was in very poor health and became paralyzed. I then had to support our three children and also take care of him. The burden on my shoulders was huge. Even though I took care of him and supported him, he often swore at me. Because I was depressed and suffering great hardship, I developed many health problems. I finally could not it endure any longer and tried to commit suicide twice. Both times I was found. Out of 30 years of marriage, I took care of my husband for 20 years, until he passed away. I endured a great deal of hardship. For our three children, I had to carry on. I was in my forties, but my hair had turned grey, and I looked like I was in my sixties. From what happened to my husband, I could clearly see that the CCP was evil.

The hardship made me develop a very strong personality. In order to survive and improve my life, I began to do business. My business grew and gradually became bigger and bigger. I opened up a distribution business, a public showplace, and helped my children buy vehicles to transport the products. I had many problems and troubles with people as I developed the business. I now understand that I was suffering while waiting for Dafa.

Since I have suffered a lot of hardship, I sympathize with people who have difficulties in their lives. One day, my younger son brought home a child who was only 13 years old and living on the street. This child had no parents and no place to go, so I decided to adopt him. Later his relative told me that the boy had developed some bad behaviors and cursed me behind my back. His relative suggested I not keep him. I said, "He is a child, still young. When he grows up, he will handle things better." I never treated him differently from my own children. Now this child has grown up. He is doing very well, is married, and has his own business. Two months after he got married, he brought his wife to visit me. He said, "Auntie, I should call you my mom! Without your educating me, I would have ended up in jail." I think that my kindness laid a foundation to my future cultivation of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Weathering the Storm and Walking into Dafa Cultivation

In 2001, we all learned from TV that the CCP persecution of Falun Gong was very serious. My friend, who lived far away, was one of five practitioners who had been severely persecuted. She came to our city, but her other relatives didn't dare to keep her, as they were so scared. I asked her to stay with us. She often went out at night to hand out truth-clarification materials. One day I saw her walking back and forth in my yard. I asked, "Are you looking for glue?" She said, "How did you know?" I prepared a pot of glue for her said, "I'll help you put them up." She was touched and said, "Saving people is what practitioners do, you don't really need to worry about it. But because of your kindness, you will have good fortune." It looked like she would spend the whole night putting up posters. She didn't return to my home that night.

A few days later, she brought me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. She said, "The people who practice Falun Gong are the best people in the world. You are so kind. Why don't you practice Falun Gong?" She gave me the precious book and also taught me to do the exercises. I had very little education and could read only a few words. However, when I saw Teacher's portrait, I felt especially happy and excited. As soon as I had time, I picked up Zhuan Falun and went to an empty room to read. When I came across words I didn't recognize, I looked them up in a dictionary. Soon enough, I managed to read the entire book. I always wanted to practice Falun Gong. The more I read the book, the more precious I felt Dafa was. I also came to understand many Fa principals. Forget that the CCP persecutes Falun Gong, it is so good, I want to practice to the end!

Falun Gong Is an Amazing Practice for Healing and Fitness

Soon after I began Fa-study and doing the exercises, my heart and nerve problems disappeared.

My sister had all kinds of illnesses as well. I told her, "Practicing Falun Gong leads to amazing good health. Why don't you try it?" When my sister saw me, who used to be in poor health, walking very fast, she began to learn. So she got well, too.

My sister-in-law used to have serious heart disease. After she began learning Dafa, she was healed.

My older brother had an intestinal hernia and was going to have surgery. I convinced him to practice Falun Gong. After a month, when he went to the hospital, he was found to be fully healed. He didn't have to spend money or suffer. His wife had animal possession passed down from her ancestor and was muddle-headed. When she went to the hospital, they couldn't diagnose what kind of illness she had. But she was still suffering. After she learned Dafa, Teacher cleaned up her body, her outlook improved, and she didn't suffer any longer. Their daughter had an animal possession as well. I witnessed it--she was insane and turned her family life upside down. I encouraged her to practice Dafa. When she did, Teacher helped her eliminate her animal possession. Now she is doing well.

My two cousins from my aunt's family had hereditary rickets, and their muscles were atrophied. After they learned Dafa, their situation became much better.

My husband's sister-in-law, in her seventies, had stomach cancer. The hospital refused to operate on her, afraid that she would die during the surgery. I asked her to recite, "Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!" She did it sincerely every day. Three months later, her pain stopped. When my brother-in-law saw that his wife was healed, he began to seriously recite it as well. When I went to visit him and saw that he, who used to be very sick, was in good health, I asked him, "Do you also recite 'Falun Dafa is wonderful, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful' as well?" He replied, "Since last winter, I have been following your sister-in-law to recite it. After that, my kidney disease was healed. I am now illness-free. Reciting these nine words works better than taking medication. We now recite this sentence every day."

I had a friend for years who had all kinds of illnesses. After she had been hospitalized for three months and spent 120,000 yuan, they still couldn't diagnose her. She couldn't breathe, so a doctor had to do a tracheotomy. All she could do was wait for death. The doctor did another test and said that her aorta was blocked, so they needed to remove her leg. When her family heard that, they thought she was going to die anyway, so they might as well take her home. I asked her to learn Dafa from me and she agreed. In a bit over three weeks, she could stand with the help of a stick. Now she is just fine.

My sons were afraid that I would be lonely, so they wanted to find me a husband. Even though I had no intention of marrying, they brought someone home to meet me. I saw that his lips were very dark and could tell that he was not doing well. When I asked him, he said that he had a problem with his heart and also had high blood pressure. He had developed calloused, thick skin over ten years and it never healed. So I wanted to save him. I had him watch the truth-clarification DVD, and asked him if he would believe in Dafa. After I had some contact with him, he said that he would. So he was someone with a predestined relationship with us. We got married. Now my husband has become a practitioner, and all of his illnesses have gone away. Both of us cultivate diligently.

When the wife of my adopted son came to see me, I told her about Dafa, and she became a practitioner, and now cultivates diligently. Nine of my relatives have began practicing Falun Gong with me. None of us has been reported to the CCP. We have been following Teacher to do the three things well. Over thirty of my relatives recite "Falun Dafa is wonderful, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful." All of their illnesses have disappeared.

Printing Materials, and Clarifying the Facts to People Face-to-Face

In 2007, local practitioners in our areas were persecuted severely, and the materials production center was destroyed, which hindered sentient beings from being saved. I decided, "I want to be responsible for printing materials." With this thought, fellow practitioners brought me a computer. Right away, I took my computer to visit a practitioner who lived out of town to learn how to use it. I had never used computers before, so even though this practitioner spent a lot of time teaching me, I couldn't remember anything. My teacher became agitated when it was obvious I was not learning. I knew that I came to learn from this practitioner, so I shouldn't be moved.

To be honest, even though I had a smile on my face, deep down, because I couldn't learn it, I was very worried. I began begging Teacher quietly in my heart, "Teacher, your disciple is here to learn to use a computer to save people. Please give your disciple some wisdom, so I can learn it!" The next day, I suddenly became very smart and I learned it all, such as turning the computer on and off, how to get connected to the Internet, and downloading files. I later took responsibility for supplying materials for our region. Sometimes I even supplied materials to other regions. Under Teacher's protection, I became a little flower among many materials production centers. Now I can print Minghui Journal, Minghui Weekly, and truth-clarification materials, and make DVDs. I thank Teacher for giving me the wisdom.

Whenever I went out, I clarified the facts whenever I ran into people with predestined relationships. Because I often took a cab, I managed to help many cab drivers with the "three withdrawals"--quitting the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Some were easy to help quit, but for others, it took several times before they agreed to proceed. One driver had a very strong predestined relationship with me. Three times I happened to be in his cab. The first two times, no matter what I said, he didn't want to quit. Then, the third time I was in his car, he agreed. As soon as I got into his cab, I said, "Please do the three withdrawals this time. With thousands of cabs available, I just happened to get into yours three times. It's time for you to be saved." He said, "It is a bit strange, but OK, I'll quit." One more life was saved.

I once clarified the facts to a very snobbish young person who challenged me, saying, "Do you know who I am? I am a university student." I stayed calm and said, "Even though you are a student, it can't stop me from saving you." He was a bit upset and said, "If you keep saying that, I'll call the police." I said, "Even if you call the police, I won't be afraid. The police can't save your life, only practitioners can save you." He smiled. I kept talking and talking. In the end, he learned the truth and proceeded with the three withdrawals.

During the process of saving people, I have run into all kinds of people. There are so many stories to tell that I can't cover them all here.

Letting Go of Self-Interest and Sentimentality

Before I began practicing Dafa, I was very attached to self-interest. I only thought about money. When I first began practicing, I had many headaches, and I even hoped that Teacher would protect my self-interests. With continuous Fa-study, the process of letting go of self-interest was rather painful, and it was still very strong. In 2003, during the SARS epidemic, I was still working with my friends selling lamb. When SARS hit, people all hid in their homes and didn't dare to come out, yet I was still selling lamb. Money was worth more than my life to me. In the end, I couldn't sell any lamb. It spoiled, and I felt very bad. Later in a dream, I fell into a ditch of very deep water. After I woke up from this dream, I came to enlighten, "I should not be attached to money or fortune any longer. Let it go!" With this firm thought, I sold my store and began to focus on Dafa cultivation single-mindedly. Now my attachment to self-interest feels much weaker.

I especially liked one of my grandsons and had been thinking about him. Through Fa-study, I became enlightened,

"Those who are attached to affection for family will definitely be burned, entangled, and tormented by it. Pulled by the threads of affection and plagued by them throughout their lives, they will find it too late to regret at the end of their lives." (“Cultivators’ Avoidances” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Wasn't being so attached to my grandson a big hindrance in my cultivation? If because of my attachment to him, I couldn't get rid of my sentimentality and therefore couldn't reach consummation, wouldn't I have not only not saved him, but even harmed him? Wouldn't he become someone who interfered with my cultivation?

For me to have this attachment was very dangerous. I needed to let go of it. Many senior practitioners who otherwise cultivate quite well cover up their sentimentality towards their grandchildren using the excuse of "harmonizing the family environment."

Cultivating Dafa, Heaven Bestows Good Fortune

After I began practicing Falun Gong, the troubles that my children had in doing business disappeared. Their lives became peaceful. All my children are owners of businesses worth tens of millions of yuan. They bought an expensive house for me and have been supporting me in cultivating Dafa. I know that their good fortune was bestowed upon them by Teacher!

I thank Teacher for his saving grace. As his disciple, I'll strive forward vigorously to do the three things well.