(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Chi Yao was arrested on November 4, 2012, by Shanghai police in the Jinshan District, and is being held in the Jinshan District Detention Center.

Ms. Chi's arrest was approved by the Jinshan District Procuratorate on November 30, 2012. The Jinshan District Public Security Bureau provided false evidence against Ms. Chi to the Jinshan District Procuratorate. The Procuratorate returned the evidence to the Public Security Bureau in April 2013, demanding that the 610 Office provide additional falsified evidence in order to successfully convict Ms. Chi.

Xu Yazhi was in charge of the case in the Procuratorate. When practitioners went to the his office to clarify the truth about the persecution, Xu asked, “How do you know my cell phone number?” He wanted to know who had leaked his cell number to the public. Many overseas practitioners have sent Falun Gong truth-clarification materials to Xu, but he never believed them, and instead chose to persecute practitioners.

The Procuratorate sent Ms. Chi's “evidence” to the court in April 2013. Several practitioners accompanied Ms. Chi's family to the court to learn about Ms. Chi's situation. Ms. Chi's family phoned Zhu, the person in charge, and requested a face-to-face meeting, but Zhu refused. Practitioners then called Zhu to explain Ms. Chi's case and asked her to treat practitioners with kindness. They told Zhu that Ms. Chi's father had a letter for her (Zhu). Zhu told them to leave the letter at the Office of Letters and Visitation, and someone would deliver it to her.

When practitioners went to the Office of Letters and Visitation to drop off the letter, the clerk said that there was no name on the front, so she wouldn't be able to pass it on to the intended recipient. When a practitioner called Zhu to ask for her real name, she refused to give it, and requested that the letter be left in the back office. Only one person in the back office was named Zhu (Jihong). Zhu was afraid of being exposed for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and therefore didn't want to meet with practitioners or tell them her real name. Zhu Jihong is in charge of the case against Ms. Chi in the Jinshan District Court.

Ms. Chi's family hired an attorney to defend her. The attorney visited her twice in the detention center.

Under orders from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the Jinshan District 610 Office in Shanghai has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners for believing in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Kong Yibo, the Jinshan District 610 Office director, has participated extensively in the persecution, including tracking practitioners' whereabouts and eavesdropping on them. This rogue has also traveled to different municipal governments and neighborhood committees to lecture on how to report and follow practitioners, and prevent them from clarifying the truth to the public.

Contact information:
Zhu Jihong, Jinshan District Court, in charge of Ms. Chi's case: +86-21-57968325

Kong Yibo, director, Jinshan District Public Security Bureau, Shanghai: +86-21-37990110

Xu Yazhi, person in the Procuratorate in charge of Ms. Chi's case: +86-21-57948317

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