(Minghui.org) Yuyao City Court in Zhejiang Province tried Ms. Xu Huini, a 59-year-old Falun Gong practitioner, at 8 a.m. on May 24, 2013. When Ms. Xu’s family hired an attorney, the regime's legal officials got very nervous, because legally defending a Falun Gong practitioner was unprecedented in Yuyao.

A large crowd of government agents gathered at the entrance before the hearing, including people from the Yuyao Political and Legal Affairs Committee, the Yuyao 610 Office, the Domestic Security Division, the Shangyu County 610 Office, special police officers, court police, and others.

Tight security

Other than their pre-selected audience, the court allowed no one except Ms. Xu Huini’s immediate family to attend the trial. One family member who did not get the permit on time was barred from the courtroom. Metal detectors were used to check all the family members to make sure they did not carry anything, including cell phones, watches, and purses. Even the court clerks expressed their surprise at the tight security.

Judge interrupts

During the trial, the judge confirmed Ms. Xu Huini’s right to defend herself and give a final statement, but she was not given enough time to present her defense. The judge stopped her before she had read half of her written statement, claiming he knew what she was trying to say.

The attorney skillfully refuted the prosecutor's false statements and stated that the authorities had tried to frame the defendant. The attorney’s defense was interrupted a number of times. Whenever the prosecutor raised her hand, the judge stopped the defense attorney. However, the judge usually ignored the attorney whenever he raised his hand.

Attorney objects

Right before the defense touched on the key points of the case, the judge wanted to end the proceedings. The angry attorney strongly protested and demanded that the clerk record everything. The attorney told the judge that he would bring charges against him. The judge finally agreed to allow the attorney to continue. The judge’s behavior was obviously unprofessional. When one of Ms. Xu's family members objected to the judge's conduct, a bailiff threatened to escort him out.

The courtroom was packed. Except for six family members, the attendees were all officials, including two rows of bailiffs. The hearing lasted only an hour.


Ms. Xu Huini was arrested on April 13, 2013, for distributing Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs in Huangjiafu Town, Yuyao City. After the police from Huangjiafu took her to the Yuyao 610 Office, her home was searched. Following her detention in Yuyao Detention Center, she was charged on May 7. Ms. Xu launched a hunger strike and was physically weak. During the hearing, an emergency medical van was parked outside.

The court did not pronounce the sentence, saying it would be announced at a later date.

Responsible parties and individuals:

Han Yongfeng, head of the Yuyao City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-574-62709208 (Office), +86-574-62818808 (Home), +86-13905847411 (Cell)
Xu Linkang, head of the Yuyao City 610 Office: +86-574-62731720 (Office), +86-574-62729348 (Home), +86-13857818882 (Cell)
Yu Rukang, chief of the Domestic Security Police: +86-574-62866201 (Office), +86-574-62818363 (Home), +86-13905845900 (Cell)
Mao Jihua, Yuyao City chief prosecutor: +86-574-62773298, +86-13905740296 (Cell)
Yu Yao Court operator: +86-574-62770008
Zou Liqun, chief judge: +86-574-62770088 (Office), +86-574-62774906 (Home), +86-13906625781 (Cell)
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