(Minghui.org) Ms. Zhu Yuhong, a teacher at Kaifeng City Primary School, which is affiliated with No. 2 Teachers University, was sentenced to three years in prison because of her belief in Falun Gong. She asked to return to work after being released, but she was arrested again.

A popular teacher

Ms. Zhu used to have a serious problem with her kidneys before she practiced Falun Gong. The problem soon disappeared after practicing, and she became very happy and stopped being angry with her students. The students said that she was different from the other teachers and liked her lessons.

Sentenced to prison

But Ms. Zhu was arrested on March 6, 2009, and was sentenced to three years in prison because she was reported by the head teacher that she clarified the truth about Falun Gong at the school.

During her detention at the Xinxiang Women's Prison in Henan Province, guard Tong Guorong ordered inmates to beat her. She then started a hunger strike to protest the persecution and warned Tong that she would let the whole world know about the persecution she was subject to and that they must stop beating detainees.

Tong was frightened that she would appeal and then deceived her: “Please don't report me, I will help you find a job after you are released.” Before she was released, Tong told her, “I have arranged things with your employee. Go back to your school.”

Arrested again for returning to work

When she was released on March 7, 2012, a car from her school took her home. Ms. Zhu asked the head teacher when she could return to work. The head teacher told her just to wait for a while. Ms. Zhu asked the head teacher many times to go back to work over the past year, but the head teacher always said, “Wait!” The head teacher was afraid to let her return to school. When Ms. Zhu insisted on returning to school to work, she was arrested on the morning of April 17, 2013.

The police and the head teacher attempted to persecute Ms. Zhu again, however, she was released that night as a result of resolutely resisting the persecution.

Those responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhu include:

Feng Donghui, head teacher of Kaifeng City Primary School (affiliated with No. 2 Teachers University): +86-13903781233 (Cell)
Ma Lin, deputy head of Kaifeng City Primary School: +86-13837892567 (Cell)
Lei Hong, chair of the union of Kaifeng City Primary School: +86-15890353665 (Cell)
Hu Yaxing, Party secretary of Kaifeng City Primary School: +86-13837868130 (Cell)