(Minghui.org) Mr. Qin Yueming's wife, Ms. Wang Xiuqing, and their youngest daughter Qin Hailong from Yichun in Heilongjiang Province were released from Qianjin Forced Labor Camp in Harbin, Heilongjiang on April 13, 2013 after being detained there for 18 months. The police dispatched vehicles to the labor camp, intending to transfer them to another place for further detention. Members of the family went to pick them up at the camp and took the following pictures on the day of their release. Ms. Wang and her daughter managed to return home safely, but were followed by police vehicles.

Ms. Wang Xiuqing and her two daughters in front of Qianjin Forced Labor Camp

Police vehicles following Ms. Wang Xiuqing and her two daughters

Qianjin Forced Labor Camp

Mr. Qin Yueming died as a result of torture at Jiamusi Prison on February 26, 2011, after being transferred to the “Strict Management Team” on February 21. Mr. Yu Yungang was tortured to death on March 5, 2011 and Mr. Liu Chuanjiang died on March 8. These three practitioners died as a result of torture within two weeks of each other, because officials at Jiamusi Prison tried to improve their “transformation rate” of Falun Gong practitioners.

The prison officials didn't provide any written explanation of the deaths to the practitioners' families, only informing them that it was considered a “normal death”. Ms. Wang Xiuqing and her two daughters visited all relevant government departments at the levels of Jiamusi City and Heilongjiang Province, attempting to file a case against those responsible for the deaths. However, officials from the government departments wanted the family to settle the case with the prison authorities in private.

Officials at Heilongjiang Superior Procuratorate filed a case on September 5, 2011, only after Mr. Qin's case was exposed to the public, but they still didn't schedule a court session. On November 13, 2011, Ms. Wang Xiuqing and her daughter Ms. Qin Hailong were arrested and taken to a forced labor camp.

Mr. Qin's eldest daughter, Qin Rongqian, 23, was left at home alone. She worked relentlessly for two years to expose the truth about her father's death and to try to get her mother and sister released. She visited all relevant government departments, going as high as the Supreme Procuratorate and the Supreme Court in Beijing. However, they did nothing to help her.

Why were Mr. Qin Yueming's wife and daughter detained ?

A guard at Qianjin Forced Labor Camp once asked Ms. Qin Rongqian, “Do you intend to sue us? Why don’t you think about why your mother and sister were arrested?” Section Chief Chen of Harbin Procuratorate also warned her, “Wouldn't you be arrested if you went to appeal?” A section chief of Heilongjiang Provincial Prison Administration Bureau once said to her, “We are all in this together. Who do you think you can sue?”

A witness statement

The following is a statement by someone who saw what happened when Ms. Wang Xiuqing and Ms. Qin Hailong were released from Qianjin Forced Labor Camp.

“On my way to Qianjin Forced Labor Camp I saw many people in groups of two or three walking towards the camp. I found a place to park my car. Many Falun Gong practitioners stood on the sidewalk and waited for Mr. Qin's family members to come out from the camp. At about 8 a.m, Rongqian held two bundles of flowers and entered the camp yard. I admired her from the bottom of my heart, but I was also worried and concern for her.”

“Three vehicles arrived one after another. One of them was from the police station. Two vehicles had already arrived earlier, to make it five vehicles in all. It was evident that they wanted to take Mr. Qin's family members away for further detention. At 9:30 a.m, Mr. Qin's family members appeared in front of the labor camp building. A Falun Gong practitioner held flowers and entered the camp yard. Other practitioners followed him and entered the yard. They locked arms with Mr. Qin's three family members and left the camp together. The moment everyone came out of the camp, the practitioners warmly applauded. Someone took photos, leaving evidence of this moment.”

“Someone shot off a string of firecrackers. I was touched and tears swirled in my eyes. The police vehicle and the other vehicles drove out from the yard. I directly drove my car in front of the police vehicle. After Mr. Qin's family members left safely, I followed them. The police vehicle followed me. I was not afraid or worried at all. The police vehicle did not continue to follow me after a while.”

“I spent 13 hours to make this round trip. I was really tired and was sore all over. However, I will remember forever the righteous energy of the Falun Gong practitioners I saw, which deeply moved me.”

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