(Minghui.org) Recently in our county, several elderly practitioners passed away within a couple of months of each other. They were all veteran practitioners who firmly believed in Dafa and were the leaders in protecting and validating the Fa at the beginning of the persecution.

I recall how one female practitioner frequently carried a heavy bag filled with Dafa materials. She walked from one village to another distributing them door to door, even on the coldest winter nights. No hardship was too great and she never complained or said that she was tired. However, her son passed away and for several years she could not let go of her attachment to him. After he died she felt that she was aging and kept going to the cemetery, weeping and grieving for her son. She could not concentrate on cultivation and lost her righteous thoughts. This left a loophole for the evil to take advantage and she passed away.

One male practitioner used to be very steadfast. At the beginning of the persecution when the situation was very difficult, he refused to give up practicing even while he was detained at a detention center. He took the initiative to repair a several-mile long dirt road which connects the village to the town center and while working on the road told people the facts of Falun Gong and exposed the persecution. However at the later stages of Fa-rectification, he suddenly felt he was getting old and wanted to use all his savings to build a house for his sons, even though all his sons already had houses. When the house was built, he gradually neglected to do the three things. He became ill and eventually lost his life.

Some practitioners keep saying, “I'm too old and have trouble remembering things, seeing well, or walking quickly.” They place restrictions on themselves and only walk a short distance to clarify the truth to people because they feel that they can't walk too far. They consider themselves “elderly.”

Our Master plucked us out of hell, paid for all the sins we committed throughout our many lifetimes, and provided us with this universal law, which cultivates both nature and longevity.

Master said in Zhuan Falun:

“Under this circumstance, the energy is stored in each cell of the body. Such energy is not only stored in each cell of the body in this physical dimension, but it also fills up the molecules, atoms, protons, and electrons of all bodies in other dimensions, until it reaches the extremely microscopic cells. As time passes, one’s whole body will be filled with such high-energy matter.” (Lecture Two)

“This high-energy matter has intelligence, and it is very capable. Once it increases and becomes denser, it will fill up all cells in the human body and repress human physical cells—the most incompetent cells.” (Lecture Two)

Master also said:

“In the process of transformation, human cells will be gradually replaced by the high-energy matter, and aging will slow down. One’s body will appear to gradually return to youth and experience gradual transformation until, in the end, it is completely replaced by the high-energy matter.” (Lecture Five)

Therefore, how can we Dafa practitioners get old?

I am in my 60s but never use the concept of “old” to restrict myself. Because I grew up poor and without any connections, I had to drop out of school when I was 14. I could barely read, and I never learned any modern, high-tech skills. However, through cultivating in Dafa, Master opened up my wisdom and I am able to navigate a computer, read Minghui articles, and also do the three things. Before I became a practitioner I was diagnosed with gastroptosis and had to keep warm by wearing extra layers of fabric to cover my chest and abdomen in the winter and fall. After I began practicing, I feel healthy, revitalized and like a young man. I eat faster and can finish a meal in minutes. I never have stomach problems and never feel "old." I no longer think about whether I'm getting enough nutrition and stop eating when I am full.

I went to a driving class to get a driver's license when I was 50 years old. One young man from another group asked how I could walk so fast. I replied, “I practice Falun Gong and I'm 50 years old this year.” They could not believe it. One person said, “My mother is only 44 years old, but she looks older than you and has all kinds of health problems.” The other man said, “My mother is the same.” When we practiced driving, they were surprised that my arms and legs were flexible and my mind was clear. Once when we had to go out on the road for a driving test, one young man said, "It will be difficult for the elderly drivers to pass this test. You may want to pay extra to buy the certificate.” I told him that I would take the real test and pass it. I thought that the money I had was resources for Dafa and I should not waste it. As a result, I passed all the tests and I told the young men, “Practicing Dafa gives one a calm mind.”

At one point I discovered that I was losing my hair, and I could see my scalp. Afterwards I added one thought when I sent forth righteous thoughts: I would eliminate any factors in other dimensions that persecute my body and cause me to lose hair and eliminate and clear out all deteriorated substances from my body. After I did this several times, my hair stopped falling out and it's now back to normal.

Several times while I read articles on the computer, the words became blurry and it seemed that I needed bifocals. There is an old saying that when one reaches 48 it's time for bifocals. However, I thought that this is for ordinary people, and not for Dafa disciples.

Master told us in Zhuan Falun :

"We have said that good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought, and the thought at that moment can bring about different consequences." (Lecture Four)

I didn’t admit that I was having vision problems and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the bad elements and substances that made my eyes go blurry. Now I am able to see the tiniest details, even an ant’s legs.

As long as the Fa rectification needs it, I will do it. I can drive a car as easily as a young man, with a clear mind and quick thinking. I have never delayed to do the three things.

I am grateful for everything Master has given me, and I have been melting into Dafa. I have memorized Zhuan Falun 27 times. I begin my day by memorizing the Fa , and the more I've memorized, the clearer my mind becomes. I persist in sending righteous thought at the four times each day. Sometimes, I add additional times, and send forth righteous thoughts four or five more times a day.

We are Dafa disciples walking on the path to godhood, and have great missions and responsibilities. We should do the three things every day and make them our top priority. We should not use the concept of “old” to place restrictions on ourselves, and not waste a minute of the precious time Master gave us. We should follow Master, do the three things well and return home with Master.

In conclusion, let us share one poem from Hong Yin Vol. II for encouragement.

“Who are the Lords of Heaven?
Level after level of beings      
      have drifted from the Fa

Each of whom claimed to rule
      the vault of Heaven
The time of return now draws near

Let us see who remains deluded” (“No Confusion”)