(Minghui.org) People have been discussing the "Chinese Dream" brought up by the new leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In fact, the real Chinese Dream will come about when 1.3 billion people finally rid themselves of the red demon and the destruction it has brought to China, and when the Chinese people's just action of completely disintegrating the Party arrives. Over 135 million people have quit the CCP and its affiliates, and this is bringing the true Chinese Dream into reality. The Chinese Dream trumpeted by this latest CCP leadership is, in actuality, the CCP Dream. It's an illusion and its purpose is to slow the impending collapse the CCP faces, and to facilitate some factions in their infighting over power and money. This is the regime's latest slogan to fool the public.

Why have the CCP, the old forces, the three realms, earth, and mankind come into existence? Everything today has been formed, has come into being, and is here to stay for the sake of the Fa-rectification of the cosmos. The CCP is the body that is carrying out the persecution. Poison will always be poison. No matter how it's packaged, there's no changing its poisonous nature. Anyone who has any doubt may take a look at the facts. Months after the new leadership assumed its position, all top officials of the Party, administration, military, police, procuratorate, and court have been changed. Yet hasn't the persecution of Falun Gong continued? Aren't practitioners still being arrested every day? Aren't they still being enslaved and abused in prisons and forced labor camps?

We must not harbor any illusion regarding the new leadership. Whether each individual member has a future depends on how he or she treats Dafa. We should not be fooled by any slogans. Any illusions we may harbor as a result of being misled are, in fact, acknowledging the old forces, acknowledging the persecution, and acknowledging the CCP, thus giving the old forces more excuses to continue the persecution. These illusions are based on human thinking and remain at the level of taking this as humans persecuting humans. This falls short of breaking out of the mindset and framework of the Party culture, and is not Fa-rectification cultivation. No matter how we send forth righteous thoughts, it's still resisting the persecution from within the persecution, which is not genuinely believing in Master and believing in the Fa.

As long as the CCP remains in existence for one day, the persecution will continue. Only by completely negating the old forces, the old cosmos, the CCP and anything that is not righteous, can we break out of human thinking, can we understand the Fa on the basis of the Fa, can we do the three things well, can we walk the path of Fa-rectification, and can we put an end to the persecution. Let us review Master's recent article "Stay Clearheaded" and rectify our each and every thought.