(Minghui.org) I am rather introverted and not good with people. During these past years, I have suffered a lot of persecution. When I endured it passively the persecution got worse. I later came to understand that I should write about the persecution I've been subjected to in order to expose the evil.

Removing fear in the process of exposing evil

Many human thoughts emerged when I started writing about the persecution I have suffered. In the beginning, afraid of offending him, I did not want to mention the manager of my workplace who had participated in the persecution. I was also afraid that my family wouldn't understand. I later realized that exposing the evil is to eliminate the evil beings and elements that manipulate people to persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples, and is Dafa and Master's requirement. I gradually let go of my fear and various human sentiments, and wrote everything down, including the names of all the personnel that have participated in the persecution. I assembled my narrative into truth-clarification pamphlets which were distributed in various places, such as residential areas.

Removing human sentiments in the process of exposing evil

There is a manager at my workplace who has participated in the persecution against me. I knew he was not willing to persecute me, and he was even sympathetic about my plight and wanted to help me. When I clarified the facts to him, he accepted it. Therefore, I didn't want to include him in my writings. I was in such a dilemma.

I omitted him as well as a few other managers that had participated the persecution. It's dangerous to mix cultivation practice with human thoughts. I soon found that my loophole was being used by upper management to monitor me, and I realized I was wrong. The result of my doing Dafa things with a human heart was harming others. I went to see this person and told him, “The management ordered you to monitor me, and then used your reports to persecute me. You have committed crimes against Dafa. By not exposing what you did earlier, I have brought you harm.” Then, I wrote down everything this manager had done and published it on the Internet. Later, he told me that overseas Falun Gong practitioners had called him and written to him. I said, “If one day a catastrophe occurs and you survive, the practitioners that called you and wrote to you saved you.” He nodded his head, and I could tell that he was not angry about what I had done. I came to understand that as long as what we are doing follows the requirements of the Fa, people will understand. From then on, he tried his best to avoid participating in the persecution against me, and several times tried to help me.

Last year, when I published recent incidents of persecution and harassment on the Internet, I included the persecution I had suffered before, which included what he had done. I believed it would do him good to listen to more truth-clarification. One day, I ran into him in the street. He said, “I've received quite a few text messages today,” and showed them to me. I liked the short poems that practitioners sent him. So I asked him, “Are they good?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Then quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” He said, “Go ahead and do what's best for me.” Thus, he finally agreed to quit the CCP. Seeing that he was finally saved, I profoundly felt Master's mercy.

Recently, this manager told me that a WOIPFG [World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong] representative had called him, telling him that a case had been filed against him. He said that he hadn't participated in any persecution lately. The WOIPFG representative said, “Then send me materials that proves you haven't participated in the persecution.” He said, “Practitioner A (the author of this article) can prove it to you.” I said, “Being able to feel so calm facing the investigation from an international organization, you will be rewarded.”

Later, seeing his name in the “Investigation Notice” posted on utility poles, he said, “Practitioners shouldn't put my name next to those evil-doers.” I said, “If a human being has committed crimes against a Dafa disciple, the sin is very big and is very hard to repay. By exposing the bad deeds the evildoing is stopped and at the same time some of his sin is removed. If your name is taken off the list, do you think it's good for you?” He understood.

This made me realize that exposing the bad deeds and information of those who have participated in the persecution is saving them. The old forces want to eliminate people using the sins they have committed against Dafa disciples. Therefore, to save people from being eliminated, exposing what they have done to Dafa disciples is one way to eliminate the evil beings behind them, let them understand the truth and truly be saved.

Removing attachment to competitiveness and retaliation, treating sentient beings with compassion

In my articles I included all the evildoing and information about the perpetrators in the police department, the 610 Office and the management at my workplace. When overseas Dafa practitioners called them, some of them tried to intimidate me. When I continued to expose their intimidation on the Internet, they stopped. Now they slink away when they see me on the road, and no longer have a ferocious look on their faces. I felt that I could finally stand tall. However, I quickly realized that this thought is wrong, so I suppressed it.

At the same time, I began to develop fear. As soon as I saw strangers at my work place, I wondered if they had come to persecute me. Once, a few days after I uploaded my article on the Internet, I ran into a manager at my workplace, and I even tried to avoid him. I asked myself, “Why would I want to dodge him? Aren't I doing the most righteous thing by exposing how they've persecuted me?” I discovered that I tried to avoid them because my state of mind was not pure during the process of exposing the evil, and that I had the attachment to competitiveness and retaliation. Competing with others and fearing their retaliation – isn't that acting the same as the evil regime?

The purpose of my exposing the persecution is to stop the evildoers from continuing to do evil, reduce the persecution against Dafa and Dafa disciples, and save sentient beings. But because my human thoughts were intermingled in the process, the effect of exposing the evil was not good. However, during the process, I gradually removed fear and my attachment to competitiveness, and I matured.

One day, I discussed with a fellow practitioner about who I should and who I should not exclude from my article. His words helped me. He said, “If your starting point is saving sentient beings, then you will feel your article is a treasure that you want to give to everybody and not leave out anyone who would miss the opportunity of being saved. If this was your starting point, then you would never have raised such a question.”

I asked myself why I only wanted to expose the main evildoers involved involved in the persecution while leaving out the others. I found that the main reason was because my starting point was not pure. I had the mentality of exposing the evil so that my fellow practitioners and I would be spared the persecution, which is selfish. Wanting to shock the evil for my personal benefit is truly dangerous. Only by holding sentient beings in my heart and doing what's best for them can I do the three things well.

Whether it was done actively or passively, if a sentient being has participated in the persecution, he has committed great sins against Dafa and Dafa disciples. If he could realize this, stop being involved and grasp the opportunity to make it up, then he is savable. Otherwise, if he fails to do this then his sin will drive him to destruction. If we do things with a human heart and do not expose the persecutors, then they will continue participating in the persecution, which is indeed doing them harm. If we have exposed him and he is offended, but through truth-clarification, he understands the truth, then the evil behind him is eliminated, and he will stop being involved in the persecution. Only by doing it this way can we save this person.

Stopping the old forces from using the principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition to interfere with Fa-rectification

In order to expose the evil, we made the articles into truth-clarification materials and distributed them without interference. Master has arranged for us to save sentient beings, and the persecution is not His arrangement.

There were moments when my state of mind was not stable. I sometimes thought, “Would this offend the evildoer and incur retaliation?” But I would quickly eliminate that thought. Our exposing the evil is walking the path Master has arranged for us, and has nothing to do with the persecution.

In my understanding, the thought of being afraid of exposing the evil so as to avoid retaliation is caused by the old universe's principle of mutual-generation and mutual-inhibition. During personal cultivation or any cultivation practice in history, however much good you gain is proportional to however much difficulty you will have to face. But during Fa-rectification, these principles do not work. Master said,

“But as to our Dafa, let me tell you that nobody is worthy of testing It. Because all beings—and this includes every being in the cosmos—are created, made, and shaped by It, no one is worthy of testing It.”
“This has resulted in many things that shouldn’t have occurred in certain situations and all kinds of interference; this is quite similar to the display of our students’ xinxing at present during their personal cultivation.” (“Guiding the Voyage,Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference”)

Fa-rectification does not acknowledge anything arranged by the old forces. Therefore, the unrighteous thought that “exposing the evil will offend the evildoers and incur retaliation” should not have developed. What's key is that our thoughts must be as pure as possible. Because we are still cultivating it's impossible not to have human thoughts, but our human thoughts should not become a loophole for the evil to use to persecute us. In the process of exposing the evil our human thoughts are removed and we mature. Therefore, during this period of Fa-rectification we cannot consider things with the principles of personal cultivation.

These are my personal understandings. Please kindly point out anything improper.