(Minghui.org) As Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Zhou Baihong; Mr, Song Bingfu; and his wife, Ms. Zhang Ping, were giving out free 2013 Falun Gong calendars to passengers at the Xike Train Station in Tongliao City, three plainclothes police officers from the Anti-Violence Team arrested them and took them to the Domestic Security Division on the afternoon of December 30, 2012,

A man approached them, showed them his ID and said, “I am a policeman. Come with me.”

He took all three of them in a police car to the Anti-Violence team's headquarters. One staffer called the Domestic Security Division and said that he had caught some “Falun Gong.” Ms Zhang said, “We give out calendars to save people and to let them know the truth so that they will be saved in the future when the big catastrophe comes. You policemen don't monitor bad people, but only arrest Falun Gong practitioners who believe in Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.

One of the officers said, “We don't care what your purpose is. We will arrest you if you give them out.”

At 10 p.m., Wang Po from the Domestic Security Division took the three of them to the Domestic Security Division of the Khorchin Police Department, placed them in separate rooms, and searched them. Wang did a careful search of Ms. Zhang and Ms. Zhou. They confiscated Ms. Zhang's personal property, including more than 700 yuan, one electronic book, one USB drive, and an MP3 player. Police also confiscated their newly-purchased scooter valued at more than 30,000 yuan. They later interrogated them about where the calendars came from and why they distributed them. The interrogation did not end until 2 a.m.

The next morning team leader Wang Bo, deputy team leader Xu Jing, and two groups of police officers searched the homes of Mr. Song and Ms. Zhou. They confiscated the following items worth 40,000 yuan:

  • More than 60 copies of truth-clarification DVDs worth 100 yuan

  • A mobile phone belonging to Ms. Zhang's daughter worth 480 yuan

  • Two electronic books worth 490 yuan

  • A newly-purchased scooter worth 31,000 yuan (the police called it a “crime tool”)

  • 700 yuan, a USB drive (600 yuan) and an MP3 player (200 yuan)

  • 251 copies of the 2013 calendar, which costs 5 yuan each for a total of 480 yuan

A payment of 3,000 yuan was extorted from each of them for bail. They were detained for 24 hours before they were released. After their release, Mr. Song and his wife went to the Domestic Security Division on January 4 and 28, 2013, to get back their confiscated scooter. Police officer Xu Jing said to them: “The director doesn't agree to give it back to you, so we will hold it temporarily.”