(Minghui.org) The cultivation path of a Dafa disciple can truly shake one to the core. In truth, everything depends on a single thought. However, if one trusts fully in Master and the Fa, as well as keeps righteous thoughts and maintains righteous action, then it will be just like Master says: “True thoughts dissolve all, the whole sky is clear.” (“Stirred by Reflection”)

From the moment I obtained the Fa in 1996, my cultivation path had its ups and downs. But I was steadfast and didn't waver. This is the outcome of studying the Fa diligently and Dafa cleansing me. After having experienced countless heart-wrenching and bone-chilling incidents, all aimed at ridding myself of attachments, I have with Master’s protection reached where I am today. Mighty and infinite is Master’s grace. I lack the words to express my eternal gratitude to Master.

Achieving Compassion

The Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong did not start until 1999. However, it had already controlled and persecuted Chinese people’s spirit and thought for several generations. Its destruction of Chinese traditional culture and its brainwashing of China’s people has cost its people the ability to think independently. Many people have no concept of right and wrong and they have adopted the Party culture as their normal way of thinking. My desire to save these people possessed by the Party's evil has made my cultivation path tortuous.

I was not afraid to clarify the truth to anyone. However, I always maintained the attitude that, if you want to listen then you listen, if you want to quit the Party and its affiliates then you quit. I was merely standing on the outside and never truly using compassion to save people.

I gradually rid myself of feeling contemptuous towards people and of having the attachments to laziness and impatience. In genuinely cultivating myself, I discovered my selfishness. Once my compassion surfaced, I truly saw the pain sentient beings were suffering. I thought about their being lost in the world while I was lucky to have become a Dafa practitioner and my heart was filled with infinite compassion towards them.

Once I felt this desire to save all sentient beings, Master immediately arranged the best truth clarification job for me. I became a social worker. I visited residents in my community so I could understand their situations.

When I started clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, I discovered that people’s thoughts were governed by the CCP indoctrination. People’s thoughts were almost rigid and so they couldn't accept anything that was not part of the CCP culture. People were unwilling and afraid to listen to anything other than the CCP propaganda. If you talked about the “Tiananmen self-immolation” they responded, “We don’t listen to anything political.” If you talked about the “April 25 appeal,” they would say, “Look, we still get paid even though we are retired and we have health insurance for when we are sick.”

People Start Listening to the Facts About Falun Gong

I checked into the background of the residents and tried to understand their cultural environment. I found that there are the locals and the immigrants. The majority of the latter live in welfare housing, are teachers, public servants, and retired cadres. They also live in special public security buildings. Therefore, I targeted each household according to the people's social background and distributed Dafa materials accordingly. After two to three months, I would clarify the truth and talk to people about the self-immolation incident.

There was an elderly police officer who knew about the viciousness of the Party. He also verbally attacked the Party. But he just did not believe me. His entire brain was filled with propaganda instilled by the Party. I gave him a copy of the Nine Commentaries, a copy of the Talk about Party Culture, and some booklets published on Minghui.org. When I talked to him again, he grinned and told me, “You were right in what you said. I have read the booklets I found in my mailbox. I didn't believe anything. Now, I know that what you told me has to be the truth. How do you know all that?”

I told him to surf the Internet and I said to him, “Only if you break through the firewall can you find all that has been hidden from you. There is a quit the Party and its affiliates center outside of China. Every day, thousands of people are quitting the CCP and its affiliates. Let me give you computer software and have your children show it to you.” When I next saw him, he said, “You are amazing, so young and yet so knowledgeable. I know you are taking advantage of your job situation to talk to us about the truth, but you have to be mindful of your own safety.” I had tears in my eyes and understood that Master through the words of an ordinary person, was giving me encouragement.

Not Afraid of Saving Sentient Beings

I went to the home of a retired Boat Political Commissar one day. After he listened to my truth clarification, he turned blue in the face and shouted, “I am going to report you. When I report you, you will lose your job. You oppose the Communist Party. You have to go to jail.”

I remained very calm, and while sending forth righteous thoughts, I quietly and firmly said to him, “Elderly uncle, Lao Zi said, ‘If a person is not afraid of death, why would you threaten him with death.’ What I am telling you is nothing but the truth. You’ve been deceived by the Party all your life. I am telling you the truth so that you can be saved. I am not even afraid of giving up my life. Do you think I will be afraid if you report me?”

I realized it was interference from the evil factors behind him who would not let him listen to the truth, so I sent forth righteous thought for the elderly uncle at home daily. Several days later, I went to his house again. When he saw me, he was very polite. He listened to my clarifying the truth. He informed me that because he did not come from an acceptable family, he couldn't join any Party organization. He reminded me again and again to be mindful of the dangers. One time, when he didn’t see me for about a month, he went around asking about me. He got ahold of my phone number and told me that he was concerned and worried about me.

People Start to Listen to the Truth About Falun Dafa

A teacher whose spouse is a soldier would listen but would not show any reaction no matter what I would say to her. Because there was always someone watching me, I slowed down my distribution of truth clarification materials. One afternoon, it was pouring rain, so I went into a building with a long corridor. I ran into the elderly teacher. She said, “This is a heavy rain. I have never seen any rain this heavy. You are really a good person. Nowadays, your kind of good people rarely exist.”

I asked her what she was doing there and she said, “You don’t know. Diabetics have to do lots of exercise. I’m doing my exercise in this corridor. I just didn’t expect it to rain this hard.” This gave me the opportunity to speak of all the calamities happening in China, such as floods, earthquakes and man-made disasters. I spoke of human moral values deteriorating daily, that moral standards were corrupt, that it is difficult to be a good person, and that Falun Gong is about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I talked to her about live organ harvesting, the April 25 appeal, the Tiananmen self-immolation, and much more.

She said, “Whatever you are telling me I’ve heard before. I’ve also read your truth materials. I understand you’re doing this for our good. Just take a look at today, you still come out in this pouring rain. Today, I will quit this evil Party. I’ve seen through its wickedness!”

Because I work in the community every day, I cannot just walk away as soon as I finish clarifying the truth. The demand on my xinxing is necessarily high and I must think and act with righteousness as well as rid myself of fear. To do well, I am within the Fa at all times and in all I do. It can be very difficult, however, with the passing of time and through genuine Fa cultivation, I have undergone great changes. Ordinary people’s emotions of happiness, anger, grief, and joy are no longer able to move me. My work environment is also unable to have any effect on my doing the three things.

Family Members Who Understood the Truth Received Blessings

On the day of July 20, 1999, when the Party began its persecution of Falun Gong, there were about 20 to 30 people gathered in the tea house that we owned. My husband suddenly stood on a chair at the counter and loudly proclaimed to everybody, “The CCP has never done a good deed. It has played dirty tricks on and persecuted innumerable people during the Cultural Revolution. Whatever it says is bad, has to be good. It says Falun Gong is bad, so I would say it definitely is good!” At once, dead silence befell the tea house. Everyone was stunned. After everyone recovered from the shock of someone having spoken so openly they all agreed with what he had said.

Although my husband is an ordinary person, yet because he supports Falun Gong, he has received tremendous blessings. He's had two stomach operations and he had to rely on daily medication to maintain his health. Even with that, he was in constant worry that his medical condition would worsen. He no longer takes medication and is in great physical health.

Although my husband publicly supports Dafa, he is constantly afraid that I will be persecuted. He frequently lost his temper and uttered words that are disrespectful of Dafa. We installed New Tang Dynasty TV (NTD) in our home that year. Because we didn’t run that by my husband ahead of time, when my husband got home and saw the TV, he blew up. However, he still sat down to watch the programs. From then on, he talked to colleagues and friends about the NTD broadcasts, gave away software that explains how to get on the Internet, and shares news that contain the truth. On top of that, he refuses to become a Party member.

My mother’s capillaries ruptured, and she went to hospital to have treatments twice and then refused to go again. When I asked her why, she said if she could be with me, a Dafa disciple, then she would be okay. After several days, she fully recovered.

My father was hit by a motorcycle. The doctor said that to have some pins put in his foot would cost 50,000 yuan. The motorcycle driver was a peddler. He announced in great distress that he did not have any money except for 500 yuan. My father has read many Dafa truth materials, and he believes that good and bad deeds will be repaid. He felt pity and let him go. After father returned home and rested for a while he could walk again.

Cultivating the Human Heart

Master said,

“If that attachment is relinquished, that material itself does not have any effect. What really interferes with a person is the attachment.” (Zhuan Falun)

I remember when I began working as a social worker, I was always polite and friendly to everyone. One day, five or six people sought me out. One of them said, “You don’t have to be so polite with us. We are all products of the Three Withouts (without education, diplomas, or skills, commonly known as the Three Withouts Product). We are all hicks, rough and uncouth. Don’t be so high and mighty, and act genteel towards us. We hate your kind of people.”

After that they would try to make trouble daily. In my heart, I was feeling quite indignant and held wrong thoughts. I then realized they were the sentient beings I have to save; how could I think of them that way? This definitely was because I had attachments.

From then on, they came almost every day, poking fun at me. Officials said to me that I should mingle and be one with others. I held anger in my heart and my thoughts were not pure. I started having problems. I couldn’t concentrate on my Fa study, and I couldn’t even calm down to think.

In the evening, when my child was doing homework, I spoke of what happened at work. I wasn’t expecting a third grader to offer any help, I just wanted to share my pain, but my child asked, “Did you clarify the truth to them?” “No, how could I tell them anything with their attitude?” I responded in anger. My child just looked up at me. At that moment, I seemed to see Master looking at me with compassion. All of a sudden, a surge of warmth coursed up to my head: “Oh, their clamoring and arguing are for me to clarify the truth to them. They are afraid I will look down on them.”

I looked inward and discovered I really have a contemptuous heart. I felt that ordinary people were too vulgar, too selfish, and too lost. I felt that I was a Dafa disciple, and noble. I discovered my “self righteous” heart.

The next day, I approached them and said, “I am a Dafa practitioner. A practitioner should treat people with kindness. I have done wrong in the past. Please point out my mistakes to me, I will correct them.”

“You treat people with kindness? You are a good person, so we are all bad people? We won’t accept what you say to us.” I was not moved but continued to send forth righteous thought to dispel the evil factors behind them and to eradicate the Party culture in their brains.

Every day I sent righteous thoughts to clean up my work environment. I would tell the staff the truth about Falun Gong whenever I had an opportunity. Slowly, they changed until, eventually, whenever somebody would tell an off-color joke, someone would put a stop to it, saying, “So and so is here, so don’t make that kind of joke.” Later, they all accepted the fact that I was a practitioner. If anybody tried to give me a hard time, they would say, “This practitioner is not an ordinary person.”

Righteous Thoughts Dispel Evil Spirits

I remember one time I had just finished making dinner and was waiting for my family to show up, and I decided to sit down to send forth righteous thought. As soon as I sat down in the lotus position and closed my eyes, I heard, “She’s here again!” Then, something resembling a mass of fog was about to disperse. At once, I encircled it with my thought and said to it, “The universe is undergoing Fa rectification. If you will refrain from interfering with my Master, and will acknowledge that Falun Gong is good, you will have a bright future.”

The portion of the energy field that was clearer responded, “We will” but the portion of the energy field that was darker would not say anything. I knew the darker energy field is made up of the black hands and rotten ghosts of the old forces. I turned them into ashes and placed them into a bag, I have been doing that ever since I started sending forth righteous thoughts to get rid of any evil.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is the supernatural ability Master taught us. It was through sending them for several years that I was able to clear away the red flags on the main road of the International Financial Metropolis. In the past, whenever there were festivities, red flags would fly all over on both sides of the road, exuding evil. After I read Minghui Weekly on how the evil Party’s flags were being removed, I started sending forth righteous thoughts. Beginning with this New Year, paper lanterns were hung in place of the red flags for any occasion.

I remember that during the Olympics when fellow practitioners were abducted, a practitioner and I sat facing each other on the roadside to discuss rescue efforts. A man in plain clothes was about five or six meters away using a long distance lens to take pictures. I said to the practitioner very calmly, “Don’t turn around. There’s somebody behind you taking pictures of me.”

I used my thoughts to speak to the space, “You can’t do this. How can you take a picture of a Dafa disciple? How can you do something to help persecute Dafa disciples?” He put down the camera and started pacing. Two to three minutes passed, and he realized he was pacing so he started to walk toward us. To protect the practitioner so her face would not be seen clearly, I stood up to meet the man. The practitioner stood up to walk away. The man wanted to follow her, so I slowed myself down and spoke to the space in front of me, “Don’t follow.” He stopped and turned around on the spot. After a couple of steps, I felt pity, so I said, “Don’t do this any more.” I heard his heart respond, “This kind of life is boring. I’m not doing this any more.”

Having rectified my human mentality by studying the Fa, the righteous thoughts of a Dafa disciple helped me head off disasters. During cultivation, I deeply appreciated the fact that as long as Dafa disciples keep themselves within the Fa, whatever they do will be easy. Master has planned everything for us.

I am truly joyful being Master’s disciple. I’m deeply aware that if I advance diligently, cultivation is not difficult. The difficulty lies only in the obstacles of our hearts. Leap over, look inward, weigh everything by the Fa, then all our attachments will be exposed; and when we leap past human thinking, we are truly standing outside the three realms.

Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation!