Summary of Key Persecution Facts:

Mr. Wang Qia (王洽)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Address: Chenghai District of Shantou City, Guangdong Province (广东汕头澄海区)
Date of Most Recent Arrest: February 23, 2013
Most Recent Place of Detention: Shantou Tuopu Detention Center (汕头市鮀浦看守所)
City: Shantou
Province: Guangdong
Persecution Suffered: Sleep deprivation, forced labor, brainwashing, forced injections/drug administration, beatings, torture, physical restraint, home ransacked, interrogation, detention
Key Persecutors: Police from Shantou Domestic Security Division including Lin Weimin, Li Dongming, Guo Xingyi, and Lai Xijun; prosecutor Chen Yiqing; judge Zhang Xi; Linhuan Sheng, and a female judge

When Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Qia was put on trial on September 11, 2013, in a Chenghai District Court, he described the brutal methods of torture used on him by the Shantou Domestic Security Division police to extract a confession.

When his lawyers asked the court to exclude the illegally obtained evidence, the court refused. The lawyers then withdrew from the courtroom to protest the injustice, and the trial had to be adjourned.

Tortured During Interrogation

Mr. Wang was sent to a brainwashing center from February 23, 2013 to March 7, 2013, by the Shantou Domestic Security Division. There, he was interrogated and tortured around the clock by a dozen police officers led by Lin Weimin, Li Dongming, Guo Xingyi, and Lai Xijun.

Mr. Wang said he was tied to a chair for 13 days and beaten. He was deprived of sleep the whole time. Whenever he closed his eyes, he would be sprayed with water, slapped in the face, and beaten with a metal bar. They put unknown drugs in his food, causing him to feel dizzy and lose consciousness.

The police told Mr. Wang that they had also arrested his mother, wife, daughter, and brother. If he didn't confess, they wouldn't release them and would send his daughter to an orphanage.

Torture reenactment: Tied to a chair

During the interrogation, Lin Weimin even threatened to kill Mr. Wang. The police also warmed Mr. Wang not to disclose any details of the interrogation, or he would face severe consequences.

Revelations Shock and Anger Those in the Courtroom

Mr. Wang's relatives and friends were shocked and angry to hear about his ordeal and to see how frail he was. Several judicial officials in the courtroom were also shocked.

Mr. Wang's lawyers were so outraged that they announced their withdrawal from the courtroom to protest the injustice against their client. As a result, the trial was adjourned and had to be rescheduled for October 15, 2013.

Prosecutor Chen Yiqing used the “evidence” provided by the Shantou Domestic Security Division to file charges against Mr. Wang. He claimed Mr. Wang published several articles about the persecution of practitioners in Shantou on the Minghui website.

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