(Minghui.org) Looking back over the path I've walked the past several years, everything validates Master's compassion, as well as Dafa's mighty power and wonderfulness. I would like to share my experience of improving my xinxing while believing in Master and the Fa.

1. Master Held My Hand in Clarifying the Truth to Save People

After four years of wrongful imprisonment, I was released at the beginning of 2009. Because I had deviated from the Fa for a long time, didn't have strong righteous thoughts, and had a strong attachment to fear, I became afraid every time I saw a police car. When I went outside, I was afraid of being followed or arrested.

As I studied the Fa more and gained stronger righteous thoughts, my fear diminished gradually.

Master said:

“From now on, the Dafa disciples in China as much as anyone, both new students and veterans alike, should let go of their long-standing human attachments and start to seize the day and comprehensively save the world’s people. Once the current time period is over, the first large-scale process of weeding out sentient beings will begin. For a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple, personal liberation is not the goal of cultivation: when you came, saving sentient beings was your great aspiration, and that is the responsibility and mission history has bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification. Thus great numbers of beings are to be saved by you. Dafa disciples, don’t forsake the magnificent responsibility that has been bestowed upon you in Fa-rectification, and even less should you disappoint those beings, as you are now their only hope for entering the future. For this reason, all Dafa disciples, students both new and veteran, should get to work and begin comprehensively clarifying the truth. This is especially so for the Dafa disciples in mainland China: each must come out and clarify the truth, bringing it to every field and valley, mountain and hill, not omitting a single area where there are people.” (“Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World’s People” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

I would like to share a few examples of how Master helped me to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to save sentient beings.

Master Led My Relatives to See the Truth

In 2009, several relatives came to my sister's house. I happened to be living there at the time. I wanted to tell them the truth about Dafa, but thought, “What if they are deeply poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?” My sister had said that one elderly relative was a long-time Party member. Would I be able to encourage him and his children to withdraw from the CCP and its associated organizations?

I found a truth-clarification brochure and was planning to show it to him. However, just then it was time for lunch. I put the brochure on the bookshelf in the living room. I was even afraid that others might see it.

When I walked into the living room after lunch, I was surprised to see that this relative had found the brochure and was reading it. I realized that Master had guided him to find it.

When he finished reading the brochure, I explained to him how the Tiananmen self-immolation incident had been staged by the CCP to defame Falun Dafa, how the CCP has persecuted and killed over 80 million Chinese people, and how if people don't quit the CCP, they will be destroyed along with it when heaven eliminates it.

Afterward, this relative happily agreed to withdraw from the CCP. After lunch, I also explained the facts to his two daughters, and they agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its associated organizations.

The Pants' Pocket Sewed Incorrectly

Once, a practitioner took me to a tailor's shop to have a pair of pants made. On the way there, he said: “This couple knows me and knows where I live. Please do not mention anything about Dafa to them.” I then gave up the thought of clarifying the truth to them. When I took home the clothes they had made for me, I found that one of the pants' pockets was sewed to the front instead of the back.

I remembered Master's words,

“...nothing that you come across as you go about saving sentient beings and validating the Fa is coincidental.” (“Fa Teaching Given in Mahattan”)

Could this mistake be Master's hint for me to clarify the truth to them? I took the pair of pants back to their store. While the couple worked on my pants, I told them the facts about Dafa. They happily agreed to withdraw from the CCP and took a copy of the Shen Yun Performing Arts DVD.

Visiting My Stepfather Four Times

One night, I dreamt that my stepfather gave me a key and said, “Please open the window for me.” When my mother was still alive, she and my stepfather had a financial conflict and were getting a divorce. I hadn't had a chance to clarify the truth about Dafa to my stepfather. After I woke up, I realized that it was Master's hint to remind me to clarify the facts to him.

The next day, I took the bus to the county where my stepfather lived. He used to be the principal of the county's Party school. Now he is in his eighties. My stepfather, his daughter and his daughter-in-law were all very happy to see me. They kept reminiscing about the conflicts my stepfather used to have with my mother.

I said that I would try my best to persuade my sisters to return my stepfather's property certificate. I didn't get a chance to talk to him about Dafa.

After I came home, I talked to my sisters about returning the certificate to our stepfather. Then I visited my stepfather for the second time. That time, I clarified the truth about Dafa to him and his family. However, my stepfather had hearing issues and could not hear what I said clearly.

The third time, I thought this might be the last opportunity to make him understand the truth. So before I went there, I sent forth righteous thoughts. When I got there, I took out the MP4 that I had prepared ahead of time and let my stepfather watch truth-clarification videos. After he finished watching, I said: “Heaven will disintegrate the CCP soon. Can you withdraw from it so we can ensure your safety?” He happily answered, “Sure! I'll withdraw!”

His daughter and daughter-in-law also agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

The next day, my elder sister suddenly said, “Please go ahead and return the certificate to our stepfather.” I was very happy for my sisters for making this decision. When my sister and I went to visit my stepfather again and returned the certificate, I encouraged his son, grandson and family maid to withdraw from the CCP as well; they all understood the truth.

As Master encouraged me to clarify the truth to save sentient beings, I started reaching out to more of my relatives and friends.

2. Eliminating Attachments While Clarifying the Truth

Lessons Learned from Attachments to Fear and Self

One day when I was passing by a park, I saw a middle-aged woman and went up to say hello to her. I told her about the well-known rock formation on which the characters “Death to the CCP” had appeared.

While I was talking, a middle-aged man sat down next to us. I suspected that he was a plainclothes policeman and my attachment to fear started bothering me. At the same time, that woman also changed her attitude, saying, “Who knows if this is true or not. Please don't spread rumors.” I realized that because of my attachment to fear, this woman was no longer interested in listening to the truth. This taught me a huge lesson and caused me significant regret!

Another time, I went to visit my middle school classmate who now worked for the Domestic Security Division. I planned to clarify the truth to her and her husband. On my way there, I thought: “She works for the Domestic Security Division, which is an organization specifically designed to persecute Dafa practitioners. Would she be willing to listen to the truth? If they don't want to listen, for my own safety, maybe I just won't give them any truth-clarification materials.”

I sent forth righteous thoughts and came to her house. I talked about the rock formation with characters “Death to the CCP” and the Tiananmen self-immolation incident staged by the CCP to defame Falun Dafa. I told them that Falun Dafa has spread to many countries and asked my classmate not to participate in the persecution.

She said: “Recently six Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested. Except for the one I handled, the others were all sentenced to prison terms.” I said: “If you treat practitioners kindly, you will be blessed. So you must treat them well.” She said, “Yes, I will.”

After I left her house, I examined myself and realized that: 1. I had put too much focus on my classmate's position, but overlooked that she is also a person that should be saved. 2. I still hadn't eliminated the attachments to fear and self. I first thought about my own safety. 3. Sentient beings in this world are all waiting to listen to the truth and be saved. I had assumed that she would not want to listen to the truth even before I got to her house. This is a degenerate thought.

When a Buddha saves a sentient being, he would not have any negative thoughts but only compassion.

Master explained the principle of “the appearance stems from the mind” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”). When I clarify the truth, I should first eliminate all negative thoughts and any outside interference. When my attachment to fear or self surfaces, I should immediately warn myself: “I am doing the most righteous thing in the universe. Any thoughts that interfere with what I am doing need to be immediately disintegrated!”

Identifying My Attachment to Comfort

Once, I was taking a bus. There were several empty seats in the back. The summer sun shone on the seats in the back row, so I walked to the front and sat down. However, I then suddenly realized that my attachment to comfort made me lose opportunities to clarify the truth to people. If I had sat in the back, I would have had the opportunity to talk to people there about Dafa, but there was no one to talk to where I was sitting now.

When I realized this and wanted to move to the back row, those empty seats were already taken. After that, when I took the bus, I often stood and talked to the people sitting near me about Dafa. It was usually very effective.

Several times I had no idea how to start a conversation with people sitting next to me or cab drivers, or I just did not want to talk. I often used righteous thoughts to eliminate that negative thought: “How could I get embarrassed about saving people?! Master, please give me wisdom!” After that, it was usually very smooth to start the conversation and finish by encouraging the person to withdraw from the CCP.

Master said,

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun)

As long as we have the heart to save people, Master will do everything to arrange it.

3. Cultivating Benevolence while Clarifying the Truth

Master said:

“Compassion is an enormous energy, the energy of righteous gods. The more compassion that is present, the greater this energy becomes, and it can disintegrate anything that is bad.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

In the process of clarifying the truth, I meet people who do not understand the facts or have been deeply poisoned by the CCP's lies. I then focus on benevolence, without getting affected by them. I would like to share several examples.

Not Affected by the Indifference

One night in the winter of 2011, a fellow practitioner and I went to the suburbs. We had to take a bus for over an hour. After we got on the bus, we separated so that we could easily clarify the truth to people. A 30-year-old lady was sitting next to me. I asked her if she was going home from work. She responded coldly, “Yes.”

I said: “It must be hard. Have you heard about withdrawing from the CCP to ensure safety?” She said plainly, “No.” I started talking to her about the different political movements initiated by the CCP that killed over 80 million Chinese. I also told her about the rock formation with the characters “Death to the CCP” on it.

The woman suddenly interrupted me: “Don't tell me all this. I do not want to listen!” I wasn't affected by her attitude and continued: “Nowadays, there are many disasters in the world. When heaven disintegrates the CCP, if we haven't negated the vows we made to the CCP to devote our entire lives to communism, then we'll be buried along with it. Why wouldn't anyone withdraw from it to ensure his or her own safety?”

She said with disdain, “Everybody will die together.” I replied: “You shouldn't say that. It wasn't easy for us to come to this world. You do not live only for yourself. You should also be responsible to your parents and family.” I told her about the movement of withdrawing from the CCP and hoped that she would quit the Party.

When she became silent, I asked Master to strengthen me and eliminate the evil factors behind her, so that she could be saved. She asked me, “Why do you tell me all this?” I said: “It's because we have a predestined relationship. I only hope that all predestined people could survive the disaster and have a bright and safe future.”

After about an hour, we were almost at our destination. She suddenly said: “I know you are kind and concerned about me. Please go ahead and help me withdraw from the CCP Youth League and Young Pioneers.”

It was truly as Master said:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world”
(“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

Not Giving Up

In May I dreamt that I had picked up a pear. Suddenly a relative pointed at me and shouted, “You stole the pear!” I woke up. Was this a hint that Master was trying to give me?

The relative in my dream was a school principal. In 2011, I went to his house to bring him a Shen Yun DVD. When I entered his home, he yelled at me and asked: “Have you come to ask us to quit the CCP? Let me tell you, my wife and I will never go against the CCP! Do not come to my house again!”

I did not give up because of his bad attitude, however. I sent forth righteous thoughts and I told him: “Our predestined relationship made me come here. I hope you can be safe.” This relative then started saying that the CCP was good. I silently sent forth righteous thoughts.

Through my truth-clarification, at last this relative murmured, “The fall of the CCP will be caused by the Party itself.” When I left, I gave them the Shen Yun DVD.

When the 2012 Shen Yun DVD came out, I did not want to face this relative again. So I put the DVD in a plastic bag and hung it on his door knob. Then the 2013 Shen Yun DVD came out. I was planning to hang it on his door knob again, but because of this dream, I realized that Master was giving me a hint to eliminate my attachment to self, not do things in a sneaky way, and clarify the truth with dignity.

I immediately took the 2013 Shen Yun DVD and visited this relative again. Although he did not accept a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, his attitude was not as bad as before and he spoke very politely. His wife happily agreed to withdraw from the CCP and promised to recite, “Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” I gave them a 2013 Shen Yun DVD before leaving.

4. Master's Perfect Arrangement

At the beginning of August, I had a dream about my former vice principal. This was the second time I had dreamt about him, so I realized that it must be Master's hint that I needed to clarify the truth to him.

I took a Shen Yun DVD and went to visit my former workplace. The first person I met there was another vice principal. The last time I had visited, he did not want to listen to the truth. This time, he asked why I came back.

I said: “I came for my retirement payment. Falun Dafa has spread to more than 100 countries now, and the truth about the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax was exposed to the world long ago.” He said, “This might be true or false.”

I said: “I can give you a software to bypass the Great Firewall and get online. You can check it out on your own.” He saw that I was sincere and concerned about him. He said, “All right, please give it to me and I will take a look.” His attitude was so different from last time.

I clarified the truth to the security guard at the gate. He also agreed that the CCP is bad and decided to withdraw from it. I also gave him a Shen Yun DVD.

Right then, a former coworker came by and was very happy to see me. He had hated the CCP for many years. He agreed with what I said and decided to withdraw from the CCP as well. He also accepted a Shen Yun DVD, saying, “I like these.”

The vice principal from my dream then came by. I talked to him about withdrawing from the CCP. He understood and asked, “What should I do?” I explained: “You can continue to do your work as usual. As long as you withdraw from the Party in your heart, you will be safe. Please also tell your wife.” He replied: “Thank you so much! I will.” Thank you, Master, for the hint so that he could be saved!

After I left the school, I thought of a teacher who had been paralyzed five years ago. I decided to visit him. He and his wife were happily surprised. The wife said: “He often talked with other teachers about the persecution you experienced because you practice Falun Dafa, and talked about how excellent you were. Everybody misses you.” I explained why I came and encouraged them to withdraw from the CCP. They happily agreed.

While I was asking about another coworker, that coworker actually called me. I realized that this was Master's arrangement. The wife of the teacher I was visiting then asked me if I wanted to visit this other coworker. As it turned out, her house wasn't far away, so she took me there.

After I got there, I mentioned withdrawing from the CCP to the coworker and her husband. I said: “Because of the CCP, people can no longer distinguish right from wrong. It killed over 80 million Chinese through different political movements. Now, it engages in harvesting organs from living Falun Dafa practitioners to make money. You should quit the CCP as soon as possible.”

The coworker asked, “Wouldn't this be against the CCP?” I said: “This is not against the CCP. These are heavenly principles.” I told her about the rock formation that had the characters “Death to the CCP” on it. She said: “I've never heard about this before. The CCP is so bad. My husband and I will withdraw from it.” When I left, she said, “Thank you for coming this far to talk to us.”

On the bus back home, an elderly lady said, “Please sit next to me.” I knew that she wanted to listen to the truth. I clarified the truth to her and asked her to withdraw from the CCP. She said, “Sure, my last name is Zhang.” I said, “When you face any disasters, please remember the words, 'Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.'” She recited it twice and then said, “Can you please write it down on paper for me so I can memorize it?”

I realized that within the limited time left, we should cultivate ourselves well, put our focus on saving people, and not slack off in doing the three things.

Please point out anything inappropriate.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!