Fox and Snake Spirits

On a Saturday night last Fall, I wanted to relax after studying the Fa. This unrighteous thought led me to grab a DVD belonging to my younger sister, who doesn't practice Falun Gong, from my drawer. There was a brief synopsis on the cover of the DVD. A scholar was looking at a mural of Dunhuang Feitian, flying female deities, in a cave, when a beautiful woman stepped out of the mural and seduced him to enter it. She took him to a dimension with Western style buildings and beautiful women. He thought he had arrived at a heavenly paradise, but in actuality it was a dimension created by low level fox and snake spirits. I was interested in watching the movie after reading about the celebrities in it and its 3D effects. I was moved to tears by the so-called unselfish motives of the protagonist. My qing was aroused.

“We are underage. You can't eliminate us!”

My computer wouldn't start after I finished watching the movie. I had interference when I sent righteous thoughts that night and my righteous thoughts were weak. As I was falling asleep, three fox and snake spirits entered my dimensional field. I had decided that I would study the Fa more the next day but I felt drowsy and not fully conscious all day. When I was cleansing the spirits during sending righteous thoughts, the low level spirits sent me this message, “We are underage. You can't eliminate us!”

Several times I couldn't cleanse them when sending righteous thoughts and I saw what seemed to be the faces of foxes. That night, I smelled burning flesh when I sent strong righteous thoughts. Once, when I sent righteous thoughts at noon, these words appeared before me, “the nursing department at the university of medical sciences.” I suddenly got it, “Its fox spirits!” [ Note: In Chinese the words for nursing have the same pronunciation as “fox”. ] I immediately eliminated it. This murky state lasted for a month before I could clean it up. Actually, it was Master who helped me. I was really ashamed.

Master said,

“If you find one of their sentences good, well, something will come to you and be added to your gong.” (Zhuan Falun)

House Cleaning

I definitely invited this trouble because of my lack of righteous thoughts. I got rid of many items in my home after learning this lesson, including books, periodicals and magazines. I removed books that contained elements of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) culture, including Chinese and other foreign language dictionaries, and a book of ancient poetry with a prelude honoring the CCP which was published in 1950s. I also removed photographs honoring the deceased because they and I are in different dimensions now.

I Was Still Attached to Life of a Non-Practitioner

Fa-rectification has reached the final chapter of the last stage, yet I'm still lazy and attached to comfort and relaxation. This is a bad state to be in. I've been on holiday for the past few days. I went out to save people but I felt dizzy and there was something wrong with my eyes. I realized when I was sending righteous thoughts today that I'm attached to watching the news and following the current trends on the Internet at work.

I thought, “How can I be attached to watching news after the serious lesson I learned while watching a movie and attracting low level spirits? Why can't I let go of this attachment?” Concealed behind this attachment were my scholarly pursuits, which continue to this day. Before practicing Falun Gong my nature was such that I was very curious, liked to do good deeds and couldn't stand loneliness. In actuality, I was still attached to the life of a non-practitioner. I always wanted to know what new things were happening. I relished hearing stories. But what relationship do these things have with the life of a cultivator? Those ideas and habits that I found interesting, satisfied the needs of low level spirits and strengthened their energy. By indulging in these, I left loopholes open for the demon of qing and the spirits behind the CCP, who seized this opportunity to put pressure on and enter my dimensional field.

It was impossible for me to have a pure mind. On the one hand I was sending righteous thoughts to clean things up, but on the other hand I was still accepting human notions. Isn't this the kind of foolishness that Master talked about in Zhuan Falun regarding the person who steals qi? I constantly tried to cleanse myself but wasn't able to because I had not gotten rid of these attachments. What took me so long to detect this foolishness? This was far from Master's requirements. I didn't cultivate myself well and I didn't do a good job of saving sentient beings.

Like a Person Going into Battle

I have to get rid of these attachments that I've harbored for such a long time. I would like to explain my understanding of the Buddhist word, “jie,” meaning to give up. It is like a person taking a knife and cutting off matter that doesn't belong on the body, and causing pain. We feel that we are in pain but in actuality it is the attachments that are causing pain. These attachments having nothing to do with our inborn nature.

Master said, “What’s given up is not oneself But instead the folly of delusion” (“Discarding Attachments” from Hong Yin Volume II)

It is too late to hold onto these attachments any longer! I can't make a joke of Master's great compassion. I can't use Master's enormous endurance on behalf of sentient beings to satisfy these attachments and the desires of low level spirits. That is not me. I must cultivate diligently like I did at the beginning. I must study the Fa more, improve my xinxing, raise my level and do a better job of saving sentient beings.

I hope that my experience will help practitioners who have similar attachments to let them go. Fellow practitioners, please compassionately point out anything that is inappropriate in my understanding.