(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I often make phone calls to clarify the truth during my lunch breaks. One day, I felt very sleepy after sending forth righteous thoughts and decided to take a nap. I suddenly heard a voice saying, “Save people! Save them!” but I was too sleepy to open my eyes. It was like a battle between myself and the old forces. Finally, my righteous thoughts prevailed. I got up and downloaded phone numbers to call. Everyone I called agreed to quit Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Master said,

“...once the righteous thoughts are strong, you will truly have the god-like might to split a mountain in half—split it with but one thought. Just see if the old forces dare to meddle then.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

Eliminating My Fear of Speaking

I always declined sharing my cultivation experiences when fellow practitioners asked, because I was very busy. However, I regretted this very much afterward, since I felt it originated from my selfishness, and is seemed as though I was ignoring a request from Master.

Before I began cultivating, I seldom talked because I was embarrassed by my accent. Part of cultivation is sharing experiences with fellow practitioners. I'm not very good at giving speeches and I would say whatever came to mind of instead of organizing it into different topics. Sometimes fellow practitioners had a hard time figuring out what I was trying to say. I continued to explain to them after I eliminated my fear of being laughed at. I'm now able to talk more smoothly and logically.

I really encourage fellow practitioners who have this fear to pick up the phone and clarify the truth. In that way, they can make a breakthrough and save more sentient beings. They will also be able to write good sharing papers.

I always cooperated with the coordinator and followed her instructions, because I have benefited a lot in making phone calls. Many of my attachments have been pointed out, and I have eliminated them.

Making Phone Calls to Clarify the Truth

I have continued making phone calls to clarify the truth since I began working on the project, "Global Center for Making Calls," and I have learned a lot. Every senior practitioner in our area who learned how to make the phone calls knows how to get on the platform. They now know how to touch people's hearts, and convince them that they should quickly quit the Party. They see how patient fellow practitioners are when making calls, which helps to eliminate their attachments to things like fear, saving face, and competitiveness.

The first time I logged onto the platform, a friend of mine was there. In the beginning I wasn't sure what to say. Normally this doesn't happen to me. Wasn't my hesitation an attachment to saving face? We initially made calls to those who had taken part in the persecution. The percentage of those who hung up was very high. Few people allowed us to finish talking, and even fewer agreed to quit the CCP. However, I did not give up because they didn't want to listen. I believe that every call makes a difference, and perhaps when the next practitioner calls them, they'll quit. That's my personal understanding.

The requirements for us is higher as the end of Fa-rectification approaches. Master has entrusted us with this great historic mission, and we should treasure every minute. Studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts, and saving sentient beings are my daily responsibilities. If I miss a day's opportunities, there may not be a chance to do it again. There are no vacations in our cultivation practice, especially in saving people. The more calls we make, the more people will quit. As long as we keep making phone calls, people will quit the CCP. They are waiting for us.

I once joined some fellow practitioners in making important calls, and forgot to make dinner for my daughter-in-law. I was a little worried. My husband wasn't doing anything, so I was uncomfortable and had some resentment. I wanted him to help, but wasn't sure how to ask him. Thus, I said, “I'm so tired.” My husband responded very loudly, “What? You're tired of saving people?!” I looked at him and thought, “He's right. Saving people is a holy thing. Why do I feel tired?”

I just couldn't let it go. You see, I'm busy every day, but my husband is not. Whenever I see him relaxing, I don't feel good. I told him, “Your life is too relaxed. You should spend your free time studying the Fa instead of wasting it.” I later realized that I was jealous. I was jealous that my husband didn't have to do household chores so he had much more free time.

Only after realizing my attachment did I start to understand that he's also working hard. Every time we have activities to validate the Fa, some senior practitioners and he coordinate and do all the hard work. When he comes home, he's sweaty and dirty. If I hadn't looked inward, I wouldn't have seen the good points of other people.

Helping Elderly Practitioners Make Calls

Most of the practitioners in our area are senior citizens. During these past ten years, we did not form an environment to clarify the truth, but now several practitioners have joined the project to make phone calls. I initially took the lead to guide them, but now they can do it themselves. When I visited them again after a while, I was very surprised that they were even using computer software to assist them. Those who can't hear well, send messages to clarify the truth. People often hung up when one senior practitioner called, but he was not discouraged. He persisted and helped many people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Another practitioner is a computer technician. Whenever fellow practitioners' computers have problems, he always offers to help, but he seldom joins our Fa-study. Last year, he began coming and asked those who hadn't yet made calls to start. He said that if someone didn't have a computer, he would lend them one, and teach them how to use it. One senior practitioner was very discouraged because people often hung up when he called. He wanted to return the computer and stopped making calls, but the technician practitioner patiently made calls with him. Now the elderly practitioner is able to help many people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He spends most of his free time making calls. The technician practitioner also travels to another area and teaches senior practitioners to make calls. Many senior practitioners in that area have joined the effort.

Don't Give Up on Anyone

One day I phoned a female student who was a member of the Youth League, a CCP organization. She refused to listen to anything related to quitting. She kept cursing and said she only believed in the CCP and was not going to quit no matter what I said. After she hung up, I thought the problem must be within me. My heart was not pure and I was not compassionate enough. I decided not to give up on her. Two days later, I called her again. When we were talking about the fact that many kids died from the poisoned milk powder, she said they were punished. I replied, “Didn't you say that you were an atheist? The Communist Party educates you with atheism, so Chinese people no longer behave according to the ancient moral values. That is the primary cause of the poisoned milk powder. I believe that your heart is good and you love your family. I know you must believe in filial piety and love your parents. If you quit the CCP organization, you will be blessed and have a chance to repay your parents. Let me use the name 'Xiao Ping' to help you quit the Youth League. Do you agree?” She was very surprised and asked, “How do you know that my nickname is 'Xiao Ping?' All right. Please help me quit. Thank you!”

Master said,

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

Sentient beings are awakening. Fellow practitioners, let's do well the three things well that Master asks us to do to fulfill our holy vows, so that we can return home with Him.

Please point out anything inappropriate.