(Minghui.org) After hearing Master’s lecture and other practitioners’ experiences at the 2013 US West International Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, several western practitioners shared their understandings.

Prioritize Saving Chinese People

Ms. Herzog from Frankfurt, Germany, talked about her understanding of Master’s lecture. “I must do better in the practice and in clarifying the facts of the persecution. We must save more precious Chinese people. There are many Chinese tourists in Frankfurt. I hope to encourage more western practitioners to come to Frankfurt and help with truth clarification activities.”

Ms. Herzog talked about a practitioner in her 70s who goes to the airport every day to tell the truth about Falun Gong to Chinese tourists, and said, “I'm so touched. She doesn't take any breaks and begins her day by doing the exercises at 3 o'clock every morning.” Ms. Herzog said this senior practitioner feels she should dedicate her time to clarifying the truth and that sharing with other practitioners could wait. “She prioritizes studying the teachings and saving the Chinese people. She feels as long as she does the three things Master asks us to do well, she does not need to talk about it. I realized she's in the state of a practitioner who is doing the three things well and progressing diligently. It’s a great inspiration for me.”

Learning from Other Practitioners

“When Master talked in the lecture about clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists, it woke me up,” said Peter from Frankfurt. “My job is related to tourism and I have direct contact with tour guides. I now understand that I need to do more in this aspect.”

“I realize that it isn’t easy for practitioners to clarify the truth to Chinese tourists. They must find the most appropriate topics and words to talk to them. The tourists have very little time and the practitioners must be very solid in their practice so that they can stay in the best state and answer the tourists' questions with compassion. Only a practitioner can do this,” said Peter.

Clarify the Truth to More People

Anja, from Frankfurt, said that she believes that Master was reminding her that she needs to clarify the truth to more people in her life. She had a clear idea on what to do. Her friends, relatives, neighbors, and strangers she met in town, are all people she needs to talk to.

“The western practitioners’ sharing allows me to believe that I can clarify the facts to Chinese tourists. It’s an obvious sign that I should do this,” said Anja.

Find One's Path to Better Clarify the Facts

“After listening to Master’s lecture, I felt the sense of urgency in Fa rectification and that I must practice more diligently,” said Thomas from Germany, “There are many Chinese tourists in Frankfurt and so far we have not organized ourselves well to clarify the truth to them.”

Thomas was very impressed with the sharing from the senior Chinese practitioner from South Korea. “She is old and does not know Korean well but her mind was set and her goal was clear: to save Chinese people,” said Thomas. Thomas believes that he needs to quickly catch up, “I must find my own way to better clarify the truth to the Chinese people.”

Practitioners' Sincere Hearts

Alealdo is from Switzerland and he learned Falun Dafa in 1997. He felt the sincerity of practitioners when they spoke - hearts that wanted to save people and that were not afraid of suffering. He said that after listening he was able to look within, “I realized where I haven’t done well and where my gaps are. I also began to think about what other approaches could I be taking to clarify the truth.”

Improve Together as One Body

Gina Sturgza is a Romanian Canadian. She began practicing Falun Dafa in 2006, “I feel very lucky that I can come here and see Master.”

When Master mentioned that some practitioners were not progressing diligently, Gina felt sad. She said, “We not only should cultivate ourselves, but we need to help others to progress diligently as well. Master pointed out a direction to clarify the truth to the Chinese people and the sharings in this conference also focused on this. Master specifically pointed out what we need to do. I hope other practitioners will be responsible to themselves and to those around them. We must reach the standard the Fa set for us and not disappoint Master.”