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Falun Gong Mom”

I was transferred to the low-level work unit, and although the leader and I knew each other well, they were still wary of me. Around certain sensitive dates, I would be sent to brainwashing centers for a month or so before being summoned back to work. In 2001 on New Year's Day, the authorities held me under house arrest. I managed to escape and locate another practitioner before heading to Beijing to validate the Fa.

During the time that the evil Party orchestrated the “self-immolation” incident at Tiananmen Square, we stayed in Beijing, coordinating with other practitioners to produce flyers that contained evidence that the self-immolation incident was a set-up. Some practitioners were afraid, while others got homesick. Due to our lack of righteous thoughts, the practitioners in our group were illegally arrested one by one.

In the detention center, the guards kept us separated from each other. Perhaps Master’s Fashen was protecting me, as the guards did not dare to hurt me. Practitioners continued to be admitted to detention on a regular basis. Under our influence, the other prisoners became less influenced by evil than before.

Fights often broke out among the other prisoners, so I taught them to do the Falun Gong exercises with me, to recite Master’s teachings, and to write out poems from Hong Yin. I also used the bulletin board to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Gradually I won over these problematic teenagers, who began to affectionately call me "Falun Gong Mom.” The atmosphere in my cell improved, and the head of the female division started treating me better. During inspections, those in my cell would help me conceal Dafa scriptures. Some juvenile offenders would even cling to me and cry before their release.

I refused to cooperate with the authorities, and I clarified the truth during my trial. At my last hearing, the guards tortured me for three days and nights without rest until I vomited and fainted. My prison mates treated me with kindness, carrying water for me to bathe and making instant noodles for me to eat.

In the two-and-a-half years that followed, the guards appeared to have forgotten about me. Besides two visits from my workplace leader to try to “transform” me, I received no other visitors.

The Procuratorate finally charged me in the third year of my detention. Officers from the court brought me in a car to my hearing. I clarified the truth to them, and when I got out of the car, I shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!”

At the courthouse, I saw that the regime agents had arranged for approximately 200 mid-level government officials to attend my hearing. My son and fellow practitioners had been barred from attending. I also noted cameras from two TV stations and several reporters. I waited for the judge to indicate that it was my turn to speak. Before describing the benefits that practicing Falun Gong brought me and how media reports had been fabricated, I erected my palm, sent forth righteous thoughts, and shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” to the still-rolling cameras. Chaos erupted in the courtroom, and the media representatives quickly left. Fearing that the 200 officials would be influenced by my words, the officer in charge quickly called for a recess.

There was no audience at my second hearing. Moreover, the court added a few more years to my original term.

I was taken to prison, where, because I continued to do the exercises, I was not even allowed to use toilet paper. I was denied sleep and was verbally abused and forced to do hard labor. The year of my release from prison, the authorities even threatened to assassinate my family and harvest my organs.

Upon my release, fellow practitioners presented me with Master’s entire collection of teachings.

Study the Fa Well

Every true practitioner understands the importance of studying the Fa, but in reality practitioners encounter many problems as they study. The main problem is lack of concentration. Whether it is dozing off or entertaining wandering thoughts while studying, these are all interference from the old forces. Every time I encountered this problem, I would immediately send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. But this problem is less pronounced in group Fa study, so I believe Master has also been encouraging practitioners to attend group Fa study sessions for this reason. Despite the grim persecution in China, other practitioners and I try to organize group Fa study whenever we can.

Whenever we meet with a problem, we first study the Fa and look within ourselves. Some practitioners come to me to discuss things whenever they encounter a problem, and usually I ask them to study the Fa and look within to cultivate themselves. Only in this way can we truly elevate in levels.

Taking Sending Righteous Thoughts Seriously and Using Righteous Thoughts to View a Problem

While clarifying the truth in the evil environment of China and being under the constant scrutiny of the old forces, I realized how important it is to send forth righteous thoughts. Not only do I make sure to send forth righteous thoughts at the four fixed global times, but I also constantly maintain righteous thoughts while clarifying the truth.

I am close to a fellow practitioner who would carefully hide her truth-clarification materials each time she brought them home. On one occasion her husband discovered them, and the couple had a dispute. Her husband, in a fit of anger, tore up Master’s scriptures and created a lot of karma for himself.

She came to discuss this with me and I said, “You must send forth righteous thoughts to clear your personal field and to clear the old forces and factors behind your husband that prevent him from being saved. If a Dafa practitioner is unable to correct her home environment, how can she correct the environment of sentient beings?” I also agreed to send forth righteous thoughts with her to eliminate all evil factors.

Afterwards she told her husband she wanted to bring truth-clarification materials home. She also told him that the positive energy from these materials would bring good fortune to the household. Her husband agreed, and that night she dreamed of the old forces showing her three contracts. One was a verbal agreement from her husband. She immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to reject it and asked for Master’s assistance. With this energy, she snatched the contract and burned it.

From then on, her husband did not stop her from bringing home materials and even wrote a declaration admitting his mistake in tearing up the books.

Dafa Practitioners Are Good People Helped by Heaven

After my return home from prison, my son was a student at the university, and I had been fired from work. Without a steady household income, we were forced to rely on our relatives for our daily expenses. I reported my being fired to the government and appealed to have my job reinstated. However, I only got a monthly subsistence allowance of 300 yuan instead of getting my job back. I did not worry, though, as Dafa practitioners enjoy great blessings. I knew Heaven looked kindly on my son and me, and everything would get better.

I later found a job, and my son found a high salary position after graduation. Our lives improved, and I was able to save some money to pay to make truth-clarification materials.

Saving Family Members

My mother was originally a coordinator for a practice site. After listening to the evil Party propaganda, her fear made her question the goodness of Dafa. She stopped practicing, handed over all of Master’s scriptures to the authorities, and wrote articles that denounced Dafa. Our other relatives were influenced by her and harbored deep misunderstandings towards Dafa and me.

Clarifying the truth to my mother, advising her to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and getting her to write a solemn statement was very difficult. After my truth clarification, my mother agreed to quit the CCP. I proceeded to tell her of Master’s boundless compassion in saving sentient beings, and she wrote a solemn declaration.

After my mother gave up cultivation, the health problems she had originally suffered from returned. In addition, she also got colon cancer. After writing her solemn statement, her colon cancer was cured, although she still suffered from her other medical conditions. She was not serious about studying the Fa or doing the exercises. She was obsessed with playing mahjong. In the end, she passed away from a heart condition.

After my mother’s death, my father had a brain hemorrhage. Partially paralyzed, he was rushed to the hospital where doctors said his condition was serious and that we should prepare ourselves mentally for his death. I clarified the truth to my father, and he immediately agreed to withdraw from the CCP. He also promised to recite sincerely, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Not long after, my father was able to walk, and over time he gradually recovered.

Most of my relatives have quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Some have read the truth-clarification materials and Zhuan Falun. Saving my relatives also improved my cultivation environment.

Following Fate and Clarifying the Truth

After finding a job, I realized I was fated to meet my colleagues. In the beginning, because everyone knew I was a Dafa practitioner, they all kept me at a distance. However, as I treated everyone politely and helped them solve difficult problems, they warmed up to me over time.

The leader of my new work unit is an old colleague from my original workplace. With his sparse white hair and sallow complexion, he appeared to be 70, although he was only 51. He told me, "Recently I was diagnosed with lymphoma, and I am preparing to go for surgery." I replied, "I'd like to help you," and shared with him how I obtained physical and mental benefits from practicing Dafa. He listened closely and agreed to quit the CCP, accepted Shen Yun DVDs, and promised to recite daily, "Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." He even followed my suggestion to remove the red flags that hung around the office. Soon after he had surgery and recovered completely, even though he did not undergo chemotherapy. He thanked me afterwards and even asked me to help his entire family quit the CCP. Later, the majority of my colleagues also quit the CCP. Some colleagues and their family members even became practitioners.

There was an old auntie, who was originally a coordinator for a practice site, who stopped practicing after being poisoned by the CCP’s lies. I visited her at home seven or eight times. Her son even told me, “Just give up; she is too stubborn.” However, I refused to give up and clarified the truth to her till she cried, agreed to quit the CCP, and resumed cultivation practice.

I always bring materials with me to gatherings organized by friends and classmates, clarifying the truth to them and advising them to quit the CCP. I also clarify the truth to those I met on my truth-clarification blog. I take advantage of any opportunity to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

Pure and Righteous Thoughts Lead to Better Results When Saving Sentient Beings

I once had a dream about a stage in the middle of a big square crowded with people. Three vicious thugs were pulling a woman up onto the stage, and many in the audience were booing, jostling to get in front to have a good view. I was shocked to recognize the person on trial: it was a friend of mine who was a high ranking official. With her disheveled hair and tear-stained face, she found me in the crowd, and with her eyes she begged me for help. I know that when the opportunity is ripe, Master arranges for us to meet those predestined beings asking for help.

The next day I shared the dream with my family and told them, “Within a few days, my high ranking official friend will come and look for me.” My family was skeptical, saying that we had not met in close to 10 years, and this friend would have forgotten all about me. Two days later I received a call from her, inviting me out to eat. My family learned about this and was amazed.

My friend arranged for us to meet at a fancy restaurant, and there she explained why she wanted to see me. She had recently been diagnosed with an eye disease that caused her unbearable pain. Doctors had conducted a series of exams, but had yet to discover the cause. She said, “When I was at my wits end, I suddenly thought about you and how you were cured of your incurable illnesses through cultivation.”

I commented on the internal bureaucratic intrigue and politics and all the numerous vicious, evil, and blackhearted ways that have been used to set people up; as a result, some high ranking wealthy officers have met with sudden, unexpected deaths from accidents. Such officials actually brought this on themselves. Buddhists talk about karma, and that one have a clear conscience; then there is nothing to worry about.

She asked, “How can I avoid this misfortune?” I replied, “Only by cultivating Falun Dafa and removing all attachments to fame, emotion, and all other attachments can one avoid this predicament. Master's compassion is boundless, and I am a living example. Despite experiencing all those tribulations, aren’t I still healthy? I lack nothing, and my body is stronger than anyone else." My friend agreed to quit the CCP, started cultivation practice, and her eye disease was healed.

Later, to express her thanks, she offered to get me a job with a higher income. I knew I should not ask for fame or benefits, so I turned down her offer. My family, after hearing about this, said that I was very foolish. My younger brother told me that he would go look for her instead. He had not been able to find a good job after being laid off, and his son had just graduated from the university. He wanted to ask her for help, but I stopped him. I told my family, “All of you particularly hate those who use and accept bribes, engage in back door practices, rely on relationships for personal gain, and engage in unlawful practices. Now you would take advantage of the Fa that saves sentient beings to gain something that does not belong to you. Not only are you harming yourselves, but others as well.” My family listened and agreed.

Dafa has been spread for 20 years. The situation in mainland China has also undergone a drastic change, and people worldwide are gradually awakening. We should continue to do the three things well without slacking off.