(Minghui.org) I am 11 years old and study the Fa with my parents. I have seen some amazing things while studying and would like to write them down and share them. They might be helpful to fellow practitioners.

My parents and I study Zhuan Falun together. Once when my dad was reading the Fa aloud, I saw many lotus flowers and Falun come out of his mouth. The lotus flowers were pink with yellow pistils. The Falun rotated and gave off multicolored light. Just then a few toads jumped out. A sharp sword came out of my dad’s mouth to stab the toads and destroy them. When Mom read the Fa, a golden ball of energy and lotus flowers came out of her mouth. A few more toads jumped out, too. The balls of energy were absorbed into the toads and exploded, killing them all. When I read the Fa, a golden dragon came out of my mouth. There was a Falun on its back and jewelry in its mouth. It flew toward the universe's sentient beings, who rode on the dragon. The dragon became the sentient beings’ mount.

When we read the Fa, the universe's sentient beings are moved to tears. I saw that they were all kneeling and listening to the Fa. Some kowtowed as they listened. Some beings cried with joy and even fainted. When that happened, a Falun flew into the air, emitting a multicolored light. All the sentient beings who had fainted then woke up. They cheered and shouted.

When studying the Fa inattentively, some words might be mispronounced. When a word is mispronounced, toads will come out of the mouth. After correcting the pronunciation, the toads turn into pus and blood. Wonderful things will then come out of the mouth again.

I also saw that behind each word in the Dafa book were an incalculable number of Buddhas, Daos, and Gods. All of them had a Falun in their chest. I found that the energy of sending righteous thoughts was greater after Fa-study than before Fa-study.