(Minghui.org) Recently, practitioners in China have collected signatures from people in order to save all beings and rescue fellow practitioners. During the course of collecting signatures, practitioners talked to people about Falun Gong. This is another project of saving all beings, which we launched by using wisdom endowed by Master. Actually, it is a very good way to clarify the truth and save all beings. Because it involves activities and events in the local area, it is easier for the public to understand. Since those who are persecuted by the evil are close to the local people, it can lead to a grassroots effort to stop the evil. The approach is very good and effective.

However, if a project deviates from the main path of saving all beings and clarifying the truth and we do the project only in order to finish the superficial things, there would be a big loophole. In our local area, some practitioners are collecting signatures for other practitioners in Zhengding County, Hebei Province. They did not collect signatures from the general population, but only from practitioners and their families. Many practitioners gave signatures because they were afraid to refuse. Some practitioners' family members signed their names only under the influence of practitioners. I saw that many signatures only had first names. Although they put their fingerprints, the handwriting was sloppy. Some practitioners said they signed to match the media reports. My heart sank when I heard this.

At this time I will not discuss if it is right or wrong to collect signatures from other practitioners. However, from the perspective of the Fa, I feel this type of signature collection has deviated from the main path of saving all beings with respect to method and purpose. There is no purpose for practitioners to cooperate in order to match media reports, which should be truthful and effective. We cannot be irresponsible in reporting like the evil party's media. If we do not collect signatures from other people, we do not achieve the aim of clarifying the truth and our effort is not meaningful. The purpose of our media reports is to have all beings know how evil the CCP is and quit the CCP, to eliminate the evil's poison in all beings, to end the persecution of fellow practitioners, and to stop the evil.

From another angle, the process of collecting signatures is also a process for us to eliminate interference from the evil, to look inward, and to cultivate and improve ourselves. It is also a process for us to cooperate as a whole and become more and more mature. We should not look outward. If the purpose of collecting signatures from practitioners instead of all beings is merely to extend our influence and show mounting support, is there any practical significance in the context of saving all beings? We should do well in clarifying the truth to people, which is the key.

We should cooperate each other and mobilize all fellow practitioners. According to Master's requirements, we need to write letters, make phone calls, send messages, post articles in forums, send righteous thoughts … everything that we can. We should truly encourage more people to participate. In this way, we can truly form a whole body. Otherwise, we are just wasting practitioners' time and not achieving the effect of saving people.

The above are my personal understandings. Please point out anything inappropriate.