(Minghui.org) I grew up in the family of a senior army cadre. I had been pampered since childhood. During the three years of the Great Famine, the age of terror when tens of millions Chinese people starved to death, we never even had to eat coarse grain, as the military had its own facilities for growing food. I attended schools for the children of military cadres. These schools had excellent faculties and good conditions. The quality of facilities was significantly better than other schools. Every weekend, the front of the school was filled with buses to pick up students from different units. I was always spoiled by teachers at every school I attended. I was brainwashed under the system of the “Red Sun” and the “Party Mom,” so I did not believe in gods and my whole family were atheists. I despised all “feudal superstition,” as the CCP called it. We only believed in the Party and the “Red Sun.” Growing up in an environment like this made me very narrow-minded.

Later, when I learned the truth, I was shocked. The Cultural Revolution destroyed the heritage of five thousand years of traditional Chinese culture. The party culture is devoid of humanity and has instilled into the minds of the younger generation the Communist's philosophy of “struggling against heaven, earth, and the people,” as well as hatred and negative thoughts towards deities.

During my adulthood before I reached forty years of age, because of my extreme competitiveness and constant overwork, my health suffered and I always felt ill. Even as a doctor, I suffered from several chronic diseases such as rheumatic heart disease, chronic hepatitis, early stage cirrhosis, lumbar disc prolapses, and severe anemia. Every year I was hospitalized for several months, sometimes as long as half a year.

Because of the prevalent unhealthy practices in society, bribery existed at all levels of leadership. Hard work didn't seem to make any difference. It made me angry. I found myself losing faith in the Communist Party. I learned that humans cannot dictate their own fate in life as I was taught. The word “destiny” entered into my mind. I began reading books about fate and other mysterious things in the world. But the more I read, the more I lost my direction in life. My illness became more serious. Because of the rheumatic myocarditis, I often had a fever, felt weak, and had pain in my heart and had difficulty breathing. I had a massive hemorrhage due to a decrease in blood platelets from cirrhosis of the liver. Riddled with diseases, I was very frustrated with my job and had interpersonal tensions. My life had turned into a dead end and I was unable to extricate myself.

By chance in 1996, a friend loaned me a wonderful book, Zhuan Falun. It has changed my whole life. Every word in it shocked me. It teaches people how to be a good person in accordance with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The words Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance made me indescribably excited and each title in the book touched the questions I needed to solve. The book is almost all-encompassing and unfathomable! I was so excited. I promised my friend that I would read it very carefully.

I started reading the book for an entire day. I did not feel sleepy at night and couldn't put it down. I felt regret that I had not known about this book sooner. It had answered all the questions I had throughout my whole life. It is simply incredible. I realized the existence of deities. They exist in another dimension and we cannot see them, but they know everything about us. I realized that people's illnesses are all due to the bad deeds we had committed in past lives. Only when one is a good person and has no bad thoughts, can we have good health. No medical treatments will solve the underlying problem.

As a doctor with formal training from a military medical academy, and years of practicing medicine, my knowledge of diseases was vast. I know that there are bacteria, viruses, trauma, physical and chemical factors, metabolic disorders, impaired immune function, congenital disorders, genetic diseases, and even the contemporary physical and mental diseases. These have all been proven on the basis of the most unshakable scientific experiments. It is inconceivable for an atheist physician to believe that people get sick because of doing bad things. But Zhuan Falun completely changed my view on life, science concepts, and my value system. I have a completely new understanding of the universe, space, time, life, and people. I got rid of my deep-rooted ideology of “empirical science” and “seeing is believing.”

Zhuan Falun led me to understand that what we see with our eyes in this world is just a very small speck of the vast universe. There exist more advanced lives in higher dimensions than ours, much higher dimensions that we humans cannot detect. The living space of humans is close to the lowest dimension, so we cannot see the truth of the universe. When people fight and do bad deeds, they suffer tribulations, which is the manifestation of our karma. Doctors use medication, surgeries, and a variety of means to treat illnesses, but they cannot cure the root cause. People can only fundamentally eliminate their karma and no longer get sick by following the characteristics of the universe - Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

The following event was very dramatic. I not only got well, but also my celestial eye opened, and I gained some supernormal capability. I loved to read Zhuan Falun and it was in short supply at the time. I managed to borrow a copy of Zhuan Falun Volume II and a copy of “Teaching the Fa at the Assistants' Fa Conference in Changchun.”After finishing reading both books, I went back to read Zhuan Falun for the second time. When I read the paragraph,

“I have basically outlined the structure of the Celestial Eye for everyone. We open your Celestial Eye with an external force, so it is relatively faster and easier. When I was talking about the Celestial Eye, each of you could feel that your forehead was tight; the muscles felt like they were piling up together and drilling inward,” (Zhuan Falun)

I felt my forehead muscles tighten and a drilling inward sensation. It also felt swollen, heavy, and a little itchy. I used my fingers to press on my forehead. When I finished half the book, I suddenly saw words turning into a beautiful green on one half of the page across a diagonal line; they were glittering and translucent. They were unspeakably beautiful! I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought of turning the page to see if they were also turning green. When I flipped the page, words on one side of the diagonal line were scarlet. I was stupefied. Words were in black in one half of the page and the other half was a beautiful fluorescent scarlet; even the paper became transparent. I was totally convinced of the mighty, miraculous Dafa. I believed that every word in Zhuan Falun was true. I was so excited that a string of tears ran down my face for being fortunate enough to have this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to practice Dafa. I felt like I, this displaced wanderer, had found a home and the true meaning of life. I know how to live in the future, to be a good person!