Master said,

“Master is truly pleased with the path that Dafa disciples have walked these years. Of course, those who haven’t walked it well or who haven’t stepped forward still cannot be called Dafa disciples at this point. Those who have come through, and managed to take action, are really extraordinary. With that, they have negated the old forces’ interference. They haven’t yielded to the evil, nor have they been brought down by this simply unprecedented, severe persecution of Dafa disciples that is supposedly “testing” them, but that has instead served to temper such Dafa disciples.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

After I read Master's lecture, I was very shocked. I realized that former practitioners, whom we had called “fellow practitioners” or “Dafa disciples” in the past, could not actually be called Dafa disciples.

Master said,

“A while back, some Dafa disciples had not yet stepped forward, so we had to wait and do our best to have them come forth. But the time for this is running out. When I saw students who came out of China, I urged them to tell the students who haven’t stepped forward to quickly do so—to have them quickly find those lost students and spell the facts out for them, for what they otherwise face is a most tragic of ends. Cultivation is no trifling matter. And that’s especially so for Dafa disciples, who shoulder such great historic missions. Bound up in that mission is the survival, the life or death, of simply countless beings. Wouldn’t you call that something major?” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

When I studied this lecture, I could not help crying and felt great pain. I also felt great pressure.

In the years before the persecution, some practitioners and I, along with those who have since stopped practicing, had found a place for a practice site. In order to secure a good environment in which to study the Fa at night, we talked with the leaders of some businesses and told them about Dafa.

In those years, in order to help new practitioners improve, veteran practitioners met after Fa-study to discuss how to better help them.

In those years, practitioners from our area rode bicycles into the countryside to introduce Dafa to more people. We also helped practitioners living in the countryside to study the Fa and correct their exercise movements.

In those years, we welcomed practitioners from other practice sites to join us. We studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and shared experiences together with them. We also helped each other cover for the shortage of Dafa books. At that time, Zhuan Falun and Master's other books were in short supply.

In those years, it was easy to bring practitioners together during their spare time to share their experiences of cultivation and understandings of the Fa.

Then what is the situation in our local area now?

Before 1996, I knew more than 60 practice site coordinators in our local area, but today there are very few coordinators still helping Master rectify the Fa. In 1997, there were over 10,000 practitioners in our local area, but today there are less than half that many to help Master in Fa-rectification, even including practitioners who acquired the Fa after July 20, 1999.

Many times, I felt pain when I thought about the many former practitioners who had not come back to Dafa. Although I tried many times to bring them back, I did not get good results. But now it is different. If they do not come back soon, they will lose the opportunity and regret it forever.

Former practitioners who haven't come back to Dafa were once brave enough to descend to earth from higher dimensions of the universe, the same as us. They also suffered greatly and exerted immeasurable effort over an extremely long period of time in order to obtain Master's Fa in this lifetime. They were also Master's relatives and had predestined relationships with us throughout history.

When we were in higher dimensions, we made agreements with each other that if any of us got lost after we came down, the others would find us and bring us back. We should really hurry to guide the former practitioners back. We must cherish their predestined relationship with Dafa, which only comes once in millions of years.

In my understanding, in the “20th Anniversary Fa Teaching,” Master talked about the former practitioners in order to give them one last chance, and also to make a request of all practitioners to guide them back toward cultivation. As practitioners who are clear today, we must find a way to bring the former practitioners back. If they do not come back, they will lose the opportunity forever.

Master said,

“With human beings... when a being can obtain the Fa today in history, it's no ordinary thing--he's so fortunate! But as soon as he loses the Fa, do you know what he faces? It's really horrific, because when he fails to fulfill the major responsibilities and the huge missions that were bestowed upon him, then, accordingly, that's like the inverse of a being's Consummation, and he will truly have to enter the gate of no-life. You folks can't just go and abandon a person without trying hard enough. No matter what kind of mistakes someone has made, or what kind of a person he is, I still want to give him a chance.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference,” Teaching the Fa at the Conference IV)

While studying Master's Fa lecture, my heart felt heavy with great responsibilities. With enlightenment from Master's Fa, I have started to do the following three things now:

First, I look for practitioners who are in a good cultivation state, study the Fa well and have a strong ability to communicate. I discuss with them how to find former practitioners and ask them to try to bring the former practitioners back, which would also help Master in Fa-rectification.

Second, I search the Minghui website for experience-sharing articles with keywords “former practitioners,” “predestined relationship only comes once in millions of years,” and “divine power.” Then, I compile relevant materials for practitioners who agree to help bring former practitioners back.

Third, I share my understandings of Master's Fa with practitioners around me and ask them to join me in the effort to bring the former practitioners back. Local practitioners and I have agreed that if we think of any good methods for doing this, we will share them with each other as soon as possible and also send them to the Minghui website.

I wish that practitioners in other areas could also grasp the opportunity to bring former Dafa practitioners back. In those years before the persecution, there were practice sites everywhere in China and we could see many practitioners everywhere. But today, many practitioners have lost their way. We must cherish the former practitioners' predestined relationship with Dafa, which only comes once in millions of years, and we must help them come back.

Above is just my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.