To Choose

The Dafa (the Great Way) that saves the world was born in the East,
It is not the wicked Chinese Communist Party [that can save the world].
Why did the Lord Creator choose that land?
To use the flames burning the wicked Party to temper the Vajras.
Are Dafa disciples any different from the Christ?
People, do not choose the wrong direction,
Curry favor with the wicked regime, and you’ll be duped by demons.
Dafa has already spread to the West from China,
Only by learning the truth is there hope of salvation!

Li Hongzhi
May 3, 2012

The April 25 Appeal Was for the Legitimate Rights of all Chinese People

In 1999, Falun Gong practitioners petitioned for the right to peacefully practice cultivation.

Paralyzed from the Neck Down, Zhou Jiangang Still Held in Undisclosed Location after Ten Years in Prison

January 10, 2012 should have been the day that Falun Gong practitioner Zhou Jiangang was reunited with his family after ten years in prison. However, instead of releasing him, the Wuhan local government continued to hold Mr. Zhou, who is paralyzed as a result of a beating, in an undisclosed location.

Ordinary People Help Practitioners and Get Help in Return

A police officer offers his home as a safe Fa study location; a young student declares: “What's in the textbook is false!”

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