(Minghui.org) I was a fragile child and suffered from a variety of illnesses such as trachoma, obstruction of the bilateral lachrymal gland and rheumatoid arthritis. My daily routines consisted of taking medicine and getting injections. Because I was given so many shots, the nurses had difficulty finding a vein to administer the new ones. In 1988, I was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease. In 1996, I received a mitral valve replacement at a large hospital in Beijing. I expected that my health would improve after the operation, but I still frequently felt palpitations in my chest and experienced dizziness. In 2007, I went to a provincial hospital for a follow-up examination, and was diagnosed with severe aortic regurgitation. The doctor told me to relax and avoid hard work, and asked me to be prepared for a second operation. Because of financial difficulties and my poor physical health, all I could do was stay at home, which was barely tolerable. I was at my wits end.

One day in April 2008, my husband brought home the “Global Chinese New Year's Festival Performance” DVD (Shen Yun Performing Arts) and some Falun Dafa informational pamphlets entitled The World, Heaven's Great Blessings, etc. After watching the performance on the DVD, I thought that the backdrop screen behind the performers was fabulous. The performers were graceful and neat in their performance. The postures were hard to perform, and the songs were musical to the ear. The words in the songs were enlightening and inspiring. This performance of the ultimate in truthfulness, benevolence and beauty was breathtaking. What surprised me was that my eyesight usually grew dim when I watched TV, but when I watched the Shen Yun performance my eyesight became more clear. The more I watched it the more I wanted to watch it. I read in the pamphlets that Falun Dafa was a Buddha Law cultivation way. Many practitioners had improved their health as well as their behavior and achieved a higher level of moral character through self-cultivation. My husband and I both wanted to learn, and he immediately found a Falun Dafa practitioner to teach us the five sets of exercises. I practiced for half an hour the first time I tried it. That night I slept soundly until dawn. I seldom slept well because of my poor health, so the good sleep was another miracle for me.

When I raised my hands over my head to practice the “Falun Standing Stance” for the second time, I felt energy circulating between my hands, and my body felt hot. I cried in excitement, “I can feel the Falun wheel turning inside my body!” Twice when I was practicing I saw a red ball ascend from my abdomen to the top of my head. Then I seemed to hear a sound in my head and my mind became blank, but everything was restored to normal after a while. Later after reading Zhuan Falun I realized that it was the Falun wheel purifying my body. Once I woke up at midnight and saw red Falun wheels spinning in the living room. All of these things occurred within six months after I started practicing Falun Dafa.

In addition, a check up at the hospital disclosed that I was in good health. I no longer had a heart problem. I told the doctor, “I have not taken anticoagulant medicine for one week and it feels good.” “What? No anticoagulant for one week?” The doctor was shocked, “You are killing yourself! You have to take it every day to save your life!” The doctor reiterated the importance of taking the anticoagulant. Actually, I hadn't taken any for more than one month. I was afraid that I might be persecuted, so I didn't dare to say that Falun Dafa had brought the miracle. I regretted that I did not take the opportunity to clarify the truth to people that were there, and tell them about the wonders of Falun Dafa.

Since I started practicing Falun Dafa four years ago, I have not needed any injections or medicine. My heartbeat is normal and I am no longer short of breath. I always walk briskly and my face glows due to my good health. More importantly, I have led a fulfilling life knowing the true meaning of life. I am grateful to be able to practice cultivation guided by the teachings of such a good teacher. I can never repay Master for saving my life and bearing what should have been my burden. I want to cry whenever I think about how Master has been wronged. Tears fill my eyes when I mention this injustice to others. I am ready to follow Master home. I will put in more effort to do the three things required of us by Master and be more diligent with my cultivation.