(Clearwisdom.net) In late February 2012, Jilin Prison head Li Shijin and deputy head Geng Mingcai ordered that an “Education Division” be set up. The actual purpose of this division is specifically for brainwashing and “reforming” Falun Gong practitioners using coercion and torture. More than 20 practitioners who have been illegally imprisoned for many years were transferred to this ward and subjected to violent brainwashing.

Recently, six practitioners, Sun Changjun, Ye Songchang, Zhang Hongwei, Cai Limin, Wang Xiaoguang and Wang Xiaohu from Ward No.11—a ward where the elderly, the disabled and those suffering from TB are held—were transferred to Ward No.8. Practitioners from other wards were also transferred there. Practitioner Liu Yuhe from Ward No.5 was handcuffed and had to be carried there. Practitioner Li Guangshi refused to cooperate or go there, and was then placed in solitary confinement. Li Futian, Chen Hongxiang and Shen Quanhui from Ward No.7 were sent there. The guards placed handcuffs on three practitioners and hung them up from the doorframe by their cuffs. While they were hung up this way, the guards tortured them by shocking them with high-voltage electric batons in front of the criminal inmates.

The practitioners were monitored by criminal inmates who forced them to sit or stand still for a long time, and forbade them to have contact with others.

On March 1-2, guards twice carried practitioners to the prison hospital, where the practitioners were diagnosed to be in poor physical condition.

Over the past several years, people who work at Jilin Prison have been responsible for the persecution-induced deaths of many practitioners, including Liu Chengjun, Lei Ming, Liang Zhenxing, and Wei Xiushan.

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