Five Practitioners from Jiutai City, Jilin Province Sentenced to Prison

( The Jiutai City Court tried and sentenced five Falun Gong practitioners to prison on December 13, 2011. Before the trial, the court called in many police officers in the Jiutai area, and they were dispatched around the courthouse. During the trial, the judge only asked a couple of simple questions, and then read the verdict in court and hastily ended the trial.

Mr. Kou Chuangjin from Qingyang City, Gansu Province, Put on Trial Illegally (Photo)

Name: Kou Chuangjin (寇创金)

Gender: Male

Age: 59

Address: Cement Plant Resident Area, Xifeng District, Qingyang, Gansu Province

Occupation: Government official

Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 29, 2011

Most Recent Place of Detention: A detention center (看守所)

Legal Officer Arrested and Detained at Lanzhou Detention Center--Her Family Worried

Name: Jin Yijun (金怡均)

Gender: Female

Age: In her 30s

Address: Qilihe District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province

Occupation: Legal worker

Date of Most Recent Arrest: December 7, 2011

Most Recent Place of Detention: Lanzhou City First Detention Center (兰州市第一看守所)

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