(Clearwisdom.net) One thousand and four hundred years ago, because Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty (Yang Guang) was brutal and immoral, the whole nation of China was in turmoil, and many rose to rebel. Li Shimin, who later became Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, started a military campaign to take control of China when he was only eighteen years old. He defeated Liu Wuzhou, Wang Shichong, and Dou Jiande, as well as other warlords. Emperor Taizong consequently unified China. He thus created the prosperous epoch of the great Tang Dynasty. The most critical battle in Li Shimin’s effort to unify China was the Battle of Luoyang City, which was located in central China. At that time, Luoyang was the eastern capital of the Sui Dynasty, and it had the sturdiest and most powerful defense. It was occupied by Wang Shichong. Li led his troops from Xi’An City to attack Luoyang. The war lasted a long time. It was during this time that Li established his powerful Black Armor Troop, the mere sight of which made its enemies shake with fear.

According to Zi Zhi Tong Jian [literally, Comprehensive Mirror to Aid Government, a famous Chinese book by the great historian Sima Guang (1019-1086) that covers 16 dynasties and spans 1363 years], “Li Shimin, the King of Qin, selected over one thousand cavalry soldiers, who all wore black armor and uniforms. He divided the soldiers into left and right divisions, and let Qin Shubao, Cheng Zhijie, Yuchi Jingde, and Zhai Zhangsun [famous generals of the Tang Dynasty] lead the divisions. In every battle, Li would wear black amour and lead the troop as the forward force to attack the enemy. When the troop attacked, no enemies could stop it. So the enemy was very afraid of it.”

This Black Armor Troop once defeated an enemy that had ten times more soldiers. It killed and captured over six thousand enemy forces. In the Battle of Hulao, Li again led the Black Armor Troop as the forefront force. He ordered the three thousand cavalry soldiers to directly attack the enemy. The troop defeated Dou Jiande’s force of over a hundred thousand soldiers and captured over fifty thousand. Wang Shichong was driven to despair and then surrendered. Because of this victory, Li Shimin was appointed the Supreme General of Tiance Palace by Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty, a position that ranked above all others. (Emperor Gaozu was Li Yuan, Li Shimin’s father, and the first emperor of Tang.)

It has already been nineteen years since Master Li started Fa-rectification in the human world. Facing the rampant evil, the lost sentient beings, and the old forces’ manipulation, where is the “Black Armor Troop” today? The frightening combative power of the Black Armor Troop is not a myth; it was a real entity in history. I am wondering where the extraordinary fighting power of the Black Armor Troop came from and what lessons we Dafa disciples, who are assisting Master in rectifying the Fa today, can draw from it?

First, each solider in the Black Armor Troop was very good at combat, as each of them was chosen from among a multitude of candidates.

Second, the Black Armor Troop as a whole had extremely strong combat power. The Book of Changes said, “As long as two individuals can do things with the same mindset, the concerted effort is as powerful as a sharp sword that can cut metal into halves.” Modern scientific studies also show that when two people work closely without conflict, the combined power is not the same as the simple addition of the two individuals’ powers; it is many times stronger. The combative power of one thousand soldiers, who as a whole shared the same goal and made a concerted effort, would be much greater than that of an enemy that has ten times as many as soldiers, but who do not work cohesively as a unit.

Third, the Black Armor Troop was under the direction of superior commanders, who were all famous generals, while its highest commander was Li Shimin himself, an extremely gifted military strategist.

Fourth, the Black Armor Troop had a strong desire for victory as well as high morale. The soldiers held an invincible faith, regardless of how strong the enemy appeared to be. This kind of faith allowed the troop to exhibit extraordinary power on the battlefield and form a mighty momentum that could defeat anything blocking their way.

We Dafa disciples are one body. How large a force this one body can exhibit and how large a role this one body can play during Fa-rectification is very closely related to the four factors described above. The first is Dafa disciples’ cultivation of themselves. The second is the cooperation among Dafa disciples. The third is the role of the Dafa coordinators. The fourth is Dafa practitioners’ will and self-confidence.

Who can become a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple is not a simple matter. Everything that has occurred today was carefully arranged a very long time ago in the cosmos. This detailed arrangement is not limited to our current lives in human society. Moreover, it was not limited to our various lives in the human world. From the very moment that we, while we were still in the heavens, were initially chosen as the beings who would become the present Fa-rectification Dafa disciples, everything in our lives has been rearranged. Since then, the existence of our lives is not for ourselves, but for Fa-rectification.

During the very long history of the cosmos, we have been tempered according to the requirements of Fa-rectification. We have been endowed, according to the requirements for Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, with all the abilities that we need today. We, the disciples of the Fa, were not only heroes and influential persons in history. Additionally, as we, following Master, gradually descended from the high realms to the low realms in the cosmos, we were also arranged to have played magnificent roles and left unfading accomplishments in those realms, which allowed us to accumulate great virtue. During this process, our lives have been replenished with the best. In the meantime, we have also established predestined relationships with the lives in those different realms. All these are for the Fa-rectification today, and for our being able to do well as Fa-rectification Dafa disciples.

Why are we the most fortunate beings in the cosmos? It is not only because we are able to attain the Fa in this life of ours. It is also because what we have obtained is the best in the whole evolving process of the cosmos, and it has continued from a very remote age to our coming down to the earth from heaven, step by step.

Not only were the Three Realms created for the Fa-rectification, the cosmos, from a remote age, has been arranged for the current Fa-rectification. In the history of the cosmos, what has occurred in the various dimensions was not accidental. Many things have occurred to enable us to become Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. If Master had not chosen us, if we had not been arranged to assist Master in rectifying the Fa today, we would not have been so fortunate in history, and we would not have gained so much.

Today we are able to become Dafa disciples, we all are very capable, or at least have great potential. Otherwise, we would have never been able to become Dafa disciples. The difference between capability and potential needs to be emphasized; in the former case, one has already exhibited his/her power, while the latter means that one has not yet exhibited one's capability, and one still needs to make one's ability emerge.

Every Dafa disciple hopes that he or she can have very strong ability and play a large role in the process of assisting Master in rectifying the Fa. However, some Dafa practitioners feel that they do not have enough ability, so they do not have enough confidence while doing things, and they even doubt that they can do things well. Many practitioners have had such a thought, which was, in fact, because they did not have sufficient understanding of themselves, because they did not have adequate understanding of the special meaning of Fa rectification period Dafa disciples, and because they have not gained sufficient understanding of Dafa.

How many Buddhas, Taos, or other divine beings are there in the cosmos? They are simply innumerable. Even in a low realm, there are as many Tathagatas as there are grains of sand in the Ganges River. Today we are able to walk into Dafa and become Fa rectification period Dafa disciples--how could we still doubt our own abilities? Regardless of whether our supernormal capabilities have been displayed in ordinary society or not, we at least have huge potential. While we cultivate ourselves in Dafa and assist Master in rectifying the Fa, as we ascend to higher realms through cultivation, our huge potential will be exhibited. As long as we do the three things well that Master has asked us to do, we will find that our abilities will become increasingly stronger during the process. This is definitely the case. This is, in fact, because our own potential capabilities have manifested. There are many such examples, and there are even miracles in various regions, which are often reported on the Clearwisdom website.

There is nothing strange about this view, as each and every Dafa disciple was a heavenly king who came down to earth to assist Master to rectify the Fa. Each heavenly king is the most capable in his realm. However, because there are many kings who have come down to the human world from high dimensions, one issue has surfaced; that is, how well these kings cooperate with each other and whether they instead work in concert.

Whether Dafa disciples can cooperate well does not only refer to whether they can do things even better and more efficiently in human society. Because each Dafa disciple represents a gigantic cosmic body and the numerous beings in it, there is a very powerful element behind each disciple. So behind each thought, word, and action of a Dafa disciple is the corresponding gigantic cosmic body and the numerous beings in it. So isn't the cooperation among Dafa disciples the same as cooperation among the cosmic bodies and the numerous beings that we have represented, or the same as the resonance between the powerful elements that are behind Dafa disciples?

The cosmos is one body. The Fa-rectification situations in the cosmos and the human world correspond to each other. We, with our human eyes, can only see what has manifested on the surface dimension in human society. So even though the cooperation among Dafa disciples may appear simple and ordinary, it is, in fact, very significant and extraordinary in terms of the elements behind us that are involved, the role that they have played, as well as the impact that they have made.

Although we appear as ordinary human beings and do ordinary things in human society, we are actually the disciples of Dafa, and we are helping Master rectify the Fa. There is a powerful element behind each Dafa disciple. How can we enable the powerful elements that we already have to form a cohesive force, generate resonance and a magnifying effect, and play the huge role that they should play during Fa- rectification? This is a question that each and every Dafa disciple should ask him or herself. It is related to whether the one body of Dafa disciples can play the role it should play during Fa-rectification and whether we can harmonize what Master has wanted. Isn't this extremely crucial? How can one count what Dafa disciples have accomplished in Fa-rectification? How can one imagine how each Dafa disciple will be positioned after Fa- rectification? Can all these just be ignored?

Master has taught us the Fa (in Zhuan Falun) about several enlightened beings from extremely high realms who sat there with minds that were like still water; they seemed to have nothing there. I came to understand that the still water that Master referred to is the original water of a specific dimension. It is extremely microscopic and has extremely high density. When anything is thrown into it, it does not even generate a ripple or wave, and anything thrown into it will instantly dissolve. Master said that “...mind and matter are one and the same!” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in New Zealand” in 1999) Furthermore, the higher the practitioner’s realm, the more obvious is this the case. I came to understand that the original water is a manifestation of the xinxing of those great enlightened beings; it is a reflection of their diamond-solid nature, and it is also an exhibition of their extremely powerful gong potency.

The original water in a certain realm of the cosmos is composed of even tinier particles in an even deeper dimension. Each and every Dafa disciple is a Dafa particle. If every Dafa disciple can achieve the state of being diamond-solid in xinxing, no one would be able to move the one body of Dafa practitioners. The one body would be like the still water; no matter what bad things are thrown into it, they would be instantly disintegrated, and would not cause any waves among Dafa practitioners. If we can achieve this state, the old forces’ interference would have no effect.

On the other hand, is it the case that the evil beings can do what they want to do because they are still being utilized by the old forces? The old forces think that Dafa disciples must go through such tests to see if they are really diamond-solid and whether they can be aware of and eliminate their own shortcomings. So the old forces have kept utilizing the evil to do what they want to do. If we Dafa disciples cannot control ourselves well, our minds will become agitated, and we will fan the fires once we encounter issues, which would cause waves among Dafa disciples. So does this mean that we have played our roles badly? Does it mean that it is our own elements that are disseminating, promoting, and enlarging these waves? Is it the case that we, by doing so, would have given the old forces an excuse to cause trouble? The old forces may say, “You see that we have done things correctly. The one body of Dafa practitioners has not achieved the state of being unshakable like diamond. They are still fanning the fires from within. How could they, by acting that way, meet the requirements of Dafa? So we still need to get involved again and again until they can meet the requirements.”

Although we do not acknowledge the arrangements of the old forces, Dafa disciples still need to meet the requirements that Dafa has for us! When the one body of Dafa practitioners has done well, the old forces will have no excuses to cause interference. Otherwise, if we do not do well, the old forces will still take advantage of our loopholes. Isn't that the same as our having acknowledged their existence?

Each practitioner has his or her own energy fields in other dimensions. The one body of Dafa practitioners also has its own energy field. Whether a practitioner’s personal energy field is good or bad, strong or weak depends on the xinxing of that practitioner. Similarly the energy field of the one body of Dafa practitioners is good or bad, or strong or weak, depending on each disciple and the cooperation among all practitioners.

A troop consists of individual soldiers, just like tiny particles combining and forming a larger particle. So the fighting between two warring troops is like the collision between two big particles. One side can defeat another side because the victorious side has a stronger energy and a more powerful cohesive force than the defeated side. It was by the same token that the Black Armor Troop could repeatedly defeat enemies that had a lot more soldiers. Today, whether the one body of Dafa disciples can become mature quickly is directly related to whether we, in the limited period of time available, can meet the requirements of Fa-rectification and harmonize what Master has wanted.

Master told us,

“…the person in charge of a practice site is no different from the abbot or senior monk who cultivates in a monastery.” (“Explaining the Fa for Falun Dafa Assistants in Changchun” in Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

Before the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, it was primarily a period of personal cultivation. However, after July 20, 1999, the situation changed; henceforth, we needed to take validating the Fa and saving sentient beings as the priority. In order to stop the evil's persecution, validate the Fa, and offer sentient beings salvation, we need to break through the blockage by the old forces, layer by layer, and completely eliminate the evil. Isn't this a duel between the righteous and the evil in the cosmos? Is this any different from a battle between two armies in the past? So isn't it correct that the coordinator of each Fa-validation project, who has led in the establishment of the project, is equivalent to a commanding general from history?

Being a commanding general on the battlefield, one needs not only to command the troops well, but also to cooperate well with other parts of the army. This is a huge responsibility. In a big battle, whether each commanding general does well or not is critical. This is also the case for the coordinator of a Dafa project. When the coordinator does an excellent job, he not only plays his role well in his own project, but he can also contribute to good cooperation between projects, so an even more powerful resonance can occur. Otherwise, if the project coordinator does not do well, he will not only affect the project he is leading, but he can also cause separation between Dafa projects. As a result, there is no way for Dafa practitioners to take concerted actions and exhibit even greater power.

Master said,

“It is true that in the past I've said that the time left for Fa-rectification was not that long, quite short in fact. I had really hoped that you would quickly mature and grow rational, thus allowing this affair to be concluded in a short time. If Dafa disciples cannot all be rational and mature, and instead often act with a human frame of mind--and one that manifests so strongly, at that--how could this affair be concluded? How could one say that Dafa disciples have completed their cultivation?” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference”)

It has been twelve years since July 20, 1999. Why can’t Fa-rectification be concluded? We really need to take a good look at ourselves. Either each disciple or the one body of Dafa practitioners should carefully think how to become mature and rational as quickly as possible so as to harmonize with what Master has wanted.

As the Fa-rectification period is extended, some practitioners have shown different degrees of slacking off, feeling that they are doing the three things and that they would not be left out when the moment of Dafa disciples’ reaching Consummation comes. With such a mindset, they no longer exhibit the diligence that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should have. Even when they are doing some Dafa work, they appear as if they are doing things in a relaxed manner. They lack the uplifting morale, the invincible faith, and the momentum of striking forward and breaking through all obstacles, like the Black Armor Troop.

“The Fa's rectification of the cosmos is sure to succeed.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York”) However, this does not mean that we Dafa disciples can do our Fa-validation efforts in a relaxed way. The Fa-rectification has dragged on for too long because we have not been able to make breakthroughs. If it were not for Fa-rectification, humankind would have been long gone. Now each and every day that mankind sees is extended for Fa-rectification. However, when mankind has become corrupt to this extent, many people in the world are still committing sins. So how much sin does the extension by one day mean to mankind? How could they handle the extra sin that is accumulated during the extension of the Fa-rectification period?

There are several billion people in the world waiting to attain the Fa after the evil persecution ends. They have been committing sins in their delusion. The more the end of Fa-rectification is postponed, the more sins they will have committed. With so many extra sins, together with their original sins, how could they repay them? So in the future, when several billion people walk into Dafa and start their cultivation, how will they be able to handle the sins that they have committed during the extended period of Fa-rectification? Who will bear it for them? If Master does not bear a portion of their sins, they will not be able to succeed in their cultivation. With Master’s compassion, we can imagine what Master will do for them. Extending the period of Fa-rectification may mean that Dafa disciples have an opportunity to accumulate even more mighty virtue, but for Master, it may well mean that He needs to bear more sins for the sentient beings. We can only feel grateful to Master and work diligently, while we should not doubt Master or bear grudges.

Extending Fa-rectification for one more day means that Master needs to bear more sins. So our slacking-off means more suffering for Master. Being Dafa disciples, if we do not become mature as quickly as possible, if we do not form an even greater force to move Fa-rectification forward, how could we allow ourselves to continue like this? Compared to what Master has borne for us, any estrangement and conflicts between practitioners mean nothing. We must form a mighty cohesive force to break through the blockage by the old forces and harmonize what Master wants.

The appearance stems from the mind. Whether we Dafa disciples can fully exhibit our capabilities during Fa-rectification depends on ourselves. If we all are not deluded by the surface manifestations of the human world; if we are not deluded by the surface difficulties that the old forces have created; if we can go ahead and do what we should do with full confidence, and with close and harmonious cooperation and form a powerful cohesive force, then the old forces cannot hope to block us.

Where is the Black Armor Troop today? This legendary force exists in the hearts of Dafa disciples. If we look inward, we will certainly find it.