(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Ye Qiaoming, an employee at the Fujian Normal University Economic Development Corporation, was illegally arrested by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) police officers in 2009. In 2010, she was falsely accused by the CCP courts and sentenced to three years of prison and four years of probation. After returning home, Fujian Normal University refused to allow her to return to work, while continuing to persecute her economically.

At around 8 a.m. on September 16, 2009, Ms. Ye had just arrived at her office when several men who claimed to be from the Fuzhou City Domestic Security Bureau seized her and took her to the Shangdu Police Station in the Cangshan District, where they searched and interrogated her. The keys to her home were stolen from her handbag, and the police officers broke in. They stole a laptop, a printer, her son's computer, Falun Gong books, CD's, cards, many publications that she had collected or downloaded after many years of practicing Falun Gong, as well as many other personal belongings.

Ms. Ye was imprisoned in the Fuzhou City Second Detention Center for an entire year. During this time, her son hired two lawyers from Beijing to defend her. The lawyers questioned the lack of evidence in proving the prosecutor's claim that Ms. Ye had mailed out 2,338 letters. Her original trial date on March 4, 2010, was canceled abruptly. Then, Judge Cai Wenjian from the Cangshan People's Court and several Domestic Security Bureau police officers led by Director Li threatened Ms. Ye's son and daughters, as well as other Falun Gong practitioners who had helped her, forcing them to stop the defense. A last minute trial was held on April 9 and the Cangshan People's Court sentenced her to three years of prison and four years of probation. Ms. Ye returned home on September 15.

As was her legal right, Ms. Ye hired another lawyer to defend her. On September 25, 2010, an appeal was submitted to the Intermediate People's Courts of Fuzhou City. However, the Intermediate Courts refused to hold an open trial. Under the direction of the Fuzhou City 610 Office, that court upheld the lower court's decision.

Ms. Ye then submitted a report to her company, exposing the persecution that she has been subjected to over the past year and asked to return to work. Fujian Normal University officials came up with all sorts of excuses to delay their response and refused to allow Ms. Ye to return to work.

After 21 months of persecution, Ms. Ye suffered tremendous economic losses and had no income. Many of her family members were worried about whether she and her son could survive, and repeatedly implored Fujian Normal University to let her return to work. Initially, Ms. Ye's supervisor, Luo Mei, told her to speak to Lan Shanping at the Human Resources Department, but Lan said that she needed orders from the University's Supervisory Committee. When Ms. Ye spoke to Chief Kou Wei of the Supervisory Committee, Kou said that Ms. Ye was not within his jurisdiction. When she returned to speak with Luo, Luo told her to speak to Deputy Chief Wang Jiansheng. When she called Wang, however, she was told that Wang was away on business matters. By shifting responsibility back and forth, they effectively avoided answering her.

Mr. Ye and her family then called her department's Party secretary, Huang Liqin. However, Huang said she should talk to Luo, and have Luo speak to the higher authorities. When Ms. Ye spoke to Luo, Luo said that she needed confirmation from the University's Security Department, Human Resources Department, and other departments. Ms. Ye's family members called Ou Rong from Human Resources, but Ou threatened an older member of her family, saying that Ye was on probation and the school was going to fire her. After much back and forth, the school stopped short of saying that they would fire her, but every time she has called to inquire about her employment status, she has been told that the school is still considering the matter. To date they continue to refuse to allow her to return to work.

Luo Mei, on the other hand, was reprimanded by her superiors for giving the Human Resources Department chief's phone number to Ms. Ye's elderly parents. She told Ms. Ye not to speak to Xu Ming, Vice-President of the University.

The economic loss suffered by Ms. Ye increases by the day. In terms of salary alone, she has lost over 50,000 yuan. Nearly 40,000 yuan worth of personal belongings have been stolen by the police, and she still owes 60,000 yuan in attorney fees.

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