(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2011, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Li went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution in the Jiansu Province Women’s Forced Labor Camp. However, the guards force-fed her many times. Each time after the force-feeding, the guards covered Ms. Li’s face and body with a dirty, black cotton sheet and left her in the hot sun in the courtyard.


Torture re-enactment: Force-feeding

Practitioner Ms. Liu Shuyun was tortured to mental disorder soon after she was sent to the labor camp. She frequently displayed symptoms of having a mental disorder, causing her to shake and twitch from head to foot and be unable to walk or take care of herself.

The labor camp officers and guard Xu Zhiqin forced Ms. Liu to repeatedly watch lengthy videos that slandered Master Li and Falun Dafa, and then to write reports. Under this intense pressure and mental persecution, Ms. Liu often displayed symptoms of having a mental disorder. Additionally, inmates Li Dan, Huang Hui and Wei Shufen loudly abused her. When practitioners advised the inmates to stop, the inmates said that they were ordered by Xu Zhiqin and the doctors. Wei Shufen, a criminal sentenced for prostitution and drug abuse, actively assisted the guards to torture and monitor practitioners.

Due to the severe persecution, Ms. Liu was finally unable to eat, walk or even stand. Without others’ help, she couldn’t even go to the restroom. However, guard Zhang Jing (Guard ID: 3235126) still forced her to stand in the courtyard in cold winter and hot summer. Very often Ms. Liu passed out.

Ms. Xu Xuemei is an elderly practitioner. She was tortured to dizziness, deformation and high blood pressure of 210-110. Because her family members visited her, she was forced to transcribe the labor camp regulations every day till 12:00 a.m. During the day she was also forced to do labor work.

Because of the harsh treatment, practitioner Ms. Cheng Xujuan suffered a recurrance of a herniated lumbar disk. Her back hurt so badly that she couldn’t stand up. However, every day the guards still forced her to do labor from morning till night. The guard Zhang Jing forced all practitioners to work regardless of practitioners’ age or physical condition. Zhang Jing often threatened to extend practitioners’ detention terms and attempted to brainwash practitioners by forcing them to recite the regime's lies that slander Master Li and Falun Dafa.

After Ms. Liu Shuyun was tortured to mental disorder, Xu Zhiqin forcibly made all the inmates write statements which absolved her or the labor camp from any responsibility for Ms. Liu’s condition.

People responsible for the persecution of Ms. Li Li: Wang Hong, Xia Guihua and Chen Lian;
People responsible for the persecution of Ms. Liu Shuyun: Xu Zhiqin and Zhang Jing (Guard ID: 3235126);
People responsible for the persecution of Ms. Cheng Xujuan: Chen Qian