(Clearwisdom.net) I have been a practitioner for 12 years. Looking back, my path of cultivation has been truly magical. Without Master's protection, I would not have made it. I would like to use this opportunity to pay my utmost respect to our compassionate and great Master.

My mother's life was saved by Dafa. This brought hope to my family. However, good times didn't last long. In 1999, the Chinese Communist Party began to spread lies about Falun Dafa. The terror created by the CCP dictatorship also fell on my family.

My father is a policeman. Under the influence of the CCP's lies and pressure from his supervisors, he began to oppose my mother's and my cultivation. I was in eighth grade. One day, my father suddenly became furious. He dragged my mother outside and wanted to kick us out. To save a broken family, my mother tried to resist. My father placed a cleaver on my neck to force me to comply. Even today, I cannot forget his eyes, which were filled with hatred and insanity. I was very calm and believed that Dafa would protect me. I looked at my father solemnly. The cleaver slipped out of his hand and fell on the ground.

Still in a fury, my father took away my mother's backpack, which contained Dafa books, and rushed down the stairs in our apartment building. The situation was urgent. I was worried my father would destroy the Dafa books, so I rushed outside barefoot to follow him. My mother rushed out after me. But my father was very fast. I was still one story above him when I decided to jump down two flights of stairs. I fell right in front of him, stood up, and fought for the backpack. During the struggle, a page of a book was torn off and fell out. My father ran away. I held my mother and cried, hoping that it wasn't a Dafa book that was destroyed. When I opened the backpack, I saw that it was an address book that was torn apart.

Although my dad beat me to the point where my nose was bleeding and I was covered in bruises, it didn't hurt or feel bad. I knew it was Master protecting me.

Later, my mother went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. She was sent to a labor re-education camp. During that time, my father tried everything he could to force me to give up practicing. He also told my school that I was a practitioner and that I should be kicked out. My friends were all weeping for me. They saw what happened to me and understood that Falun Dafa was unjustly persecuted. When my dad went to my school to terminate my studies there, he said, “What's the point of you learning anything anyway? You have no hope left. I'm going to take you to a mountain [and make you live there].” I didn't say a word. Even then, I wouldn't give up Dafa. A little bit later, when I thought it was time for me to leave the school, the head teacher of my class came by and said, “OK, it's time to return to class.” The issue of terminating my study just went away and I continued to attend school.

Since then, however, the supervisors at the school talked to me every day to try to convince me to quit practicing Falun Gong. My teachers also met with me. I used these occasions as opportunities to clarify the facts about the persecution. Since Dafa practitioners are genuinely good people, I was a popular person at school and had good grades. All of the people who came into contact with me knew that Falun Dafa was nothing like what the CCP said it to be.

I had another painful memory. Every day after school, I felt heavy-hearted because my father tried everything he could to torture me. He took away my Dafa books and beat me. Being a Dafa practitioner, I could bear any kind of beating or cursing. I could deeply relate to the pains of the common people in China, suppressed by the CCP. I understood the tremendous pain my father was suffering. However, what tormented me the most was the fact that my father stopped cherishing his life out of desperation. One night, he returned home really late and was very drunk. When I greeted him at the door, I saw that his forehead was bleeding. I was very scared and put him in bed. I tried to stop his bleeding but he refused. He was both wailing and cursing. My heart was broken. I can feel my heart bleeding as well. I called a friend of my father's and asked him to call a doctor. After two hours, the wound was cleaned and wrapped up, and my father fell asleep. I stood in front of his bed and cried for a long time. I recited Hong Yin repeatedly and told my father silently, “Father, although you don't understand now, in the future you will surely be proud of your daughter.”

I received good grades and entered university. My father's attitude changed. When I was in junior high, my father said my life was over and there was no hope for me to enter university. He said it countless times. However, Falun Dafa continues to bring miracles to my family. Once my father said, “I am so grateful you were able to enter university.”

I wrote this sharing to show that aside from all the wonders, Dafa has changed me fundamentally. Every time I am in deep pain, Master encourages and enlightens me, and resolves my conflicts. Although my situation is not easy, I am not lost. Every day, I live a fulfilling life of tolerance, kindness, honesty and health. This is the greatest miracle of all!

Of course, on the path of cultivation, there are many other miracles and enlightenment. Some are even beyond words. But as Dafa practitioners, we have all experienced their profound wonders. Now my life is very different than before. Without Dafa, I wouldn't have made it here today.

Again, I would like to thank our great Master. Thank you, Master! Heshi!