(Clearwisdom.net) Upon returning from a trip to Hangzhou City in 2008, I discovered six red bumps on my legs. At first I thought they were mosquito bites, but two months later they spread to my arms and legs, and the rest of my body. They also became unbearably itchy. I had no choice but to quit my job. My parents accompanied me as we sought treatment. Doctors of Western medicine said it was eczema or atopic dermatitis, while doctors of Chinese medicine couldn’t decide whether it was eczema, scabies, or guttate psoriasis. I received steroid shots, took traditional herbal medicine, and used topical cream, all to no avail.

Six months later the bumps merged, and my limbs were the worst hit areas. They constantly oozed yellow fluid and later dried and crusted, forming thick scabs. My face had red dots, became swollen and fluid ran out. I looked like a monster. My life was miserable. I could barely get three hours of sleep a day. At times I even had thoughts of committing suicide because there was no relief. Under that hopeless situation, deep in my heart, I knew Falun Dafa was the only way to save me. Twelve years ago I had followed my mother in practicing Falun Dafa, and Dafa answered lots of questions I had as a child. I also experienced the wonder of Dafa and was healthy and happy. Regrettably, I gave it up after the Communist Party began the persecution in 1999.

For the next nine years, I pursued fame and fortune just like everyone else in society, but it was physically and mentally exhausting. From time to time, though, my mother would remind me of what Dafa once meant to me. Because of my condition and after some serious thinking, I finally decided to return to Dafa. Through Fa study and doing the exercises, I was able to let go of lots of emotional baggage, and also learned to examine myself during conflicts and be more considerate. Gradually, the bumps dried up and shrank in size. My skin color turned from grayish purple to pink, then light brown, and eventually healed completely.

When I reflect on this difficult journey, I recall that whenever I felt disoriented or lost, Master would always give me pointers or encourage me in my dreams, or through other things. I probably would have fallen down and not been able to get up if it wasn’t for Master’s care and guidance. Now, I explain the incredible power and wonder of Falun Dafa to my family and friends, and I hope more people can open their minds to Dafa.