(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zuo Xianfeng, a teacher from Sandaogang Township High School in Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province, was taken to the Qianjin Forced Labor Camp in Harbin by Yilan County police in late June 2010. There she was subjected to inhumane abuse, including being beaten with sticks, shocked with electric batons, and suspended in mid-air with both hands cuffed behind her back, which caused her hands to be black, purple and swollen.


Torture demo: Hung up with handcuffs

The following is a statement from Ms. Zuo's parents for the actions of the guards in the Qianjin Forced Labor Camp.

In late June 2010, Yilan County Police Department head Wang Qingfeng and deputy head Li Bohe ordered Zhang Yingze and Song Yuzhe of the Domestic Security Division to apprehend my daughter, Zuo Xianfeng, and illegally sentence her to one and a half years of forced labor. Our six-year old granddaughter was left without her mother's care, and she cried every day.

After Xianfeng was taken to the Qianjin Forced Labor Camp in late June 2010, our family traveled hundreds of kilometers several times to visit her. However, the guards refused to let us see her, and even cursed at us. We were advised that the guards had been constantly beating her after she was incarcerated at the Qianjin Forced Labor Camp. Among the guards, division head Wang Min was the most ruthless. Female guards Zhang Aihui and Liu Chang from Team One also participated in the beatings and torture of our daughter. Guards Xu Chunfeng and Zhang Yanli participated in the persecution of her, including hanging her up in the air.


Torture demo: Big hang up

On many occasions, the three cruel guards hung Xianfeng up with her hands cuffed behind her back. They also beat her with wooden clubs and shocked her with electric batons. She was also hung up in mid-air causing her hands to become black, purple, and swollen. The guards continuously slapped her, which altered the color and shape of her face. Three times our daughter was beaten so badly that the guards had to secretly send her to the hospital for medical attention. They beat her because she refused to wear the camp badge.

It was less than -20°C (about -4°F) and snowing on December 22, 2010. The labor camp officials refused to allow us to send in cotton shoes and a coat. Our daughter had only summer clothes to wear. Division head Wang Min forced our daughter to shovel snow while wearing thin clothing and shoes. After our daughter refused her orders, Wang Min ordered guards and prisoners to force her to stand in a snow drift for an hour. She almost froze to death before she was allowed to return to her cell. She was subsequently forced to stand for an entire night. After that she was immediately hung up and shocked with electric batons and cursed at. Who can withstand assaults like this? She was beaten so badly, with wounds all over her body, that even some of the other prisoners cried. They secretly cursed at Wang Min and other guards, saying they were animals and not human.

Our daughter had wounds all over her body, but the officials refused to let us visit her. We were allowed to see her only after she recovered. When we were meeting her, the labor camp was on high alert with three to four guards watching us, preventing us from talking. We were only allowed to stare at each other. The guards also threatened our daughter not to disclose to us that she had been beaten. Of course we could tell that she had been badly beaten by seeing her weak state. So we told the camp officials that we would sue them if she was beaten again. After we left, the guards again brutally beat her.

On January 1, 2011, the labor camp served four dishes to be shared by everyone as a celebration of the New Year. Division head Wang Min did not allow our daughter to eat. She was ordered to sit to the side and watch other people eating. Our daughter protested and was slapped on the face three times by Wang Min. They also did not allow her to have the food sent in by us. She was prohibited from talking, washing her clothes, and bathing for more than twenty days. Every day she was made to sit on a tiny stool. During that period of time she was beaten several times and shocked with electric batons.

On January 21, 2011, team leader Zhang Aihui again tried to find fault with my daughter. Zhang hung her by her hands for over an hour, with her feet in the air. Her hands and feet turned black. After she was released she was forced to stand straight every day for a month, until her legs were so swollen that she could no longer stand. Even then she was ordered to continue standing or she would be beaten. She was watched by other prisoners around the clock and had no access to the toilet, nor was she allowed to talk.

We were finally able to meet with our daughter on February 16, 2011. We asked her whether she had been beaten again. She said guards did not allow her to tell, otherwise, she would be beaten again and be deprived of any rights of meeting us. After our repeated questioning she said she had been constantly beaten and abused.

We called labor camp head Ye Yun and promised to sue them. Ye Yun hung up immediately and would not pick up the phone again. Our daughter was then retaliated against and brutally beaten by the guards after she returned to her cell.