Name: Pei Yanqing (裴彦庆)
Gender: Male
Age: 60
Address: Shandong Village, Mutoudeng Town, Qinglong County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Death: February 20, 2011
Date of Most Recent Arrest: September 1, 2010
Most Recent Place of Detention: Qinhuangdao City Forced Labor Camp (秦皇岛市劳动教养所)
City: Qinhuangdao
Province: Hebei
Persecution Suffered: Electric shock, sleep deprivation, forced labor, brainwashing, beatings, hung up, tortured, physical restraint, home ransacked, interrogation, detention

( Falun Gong practitioner Pei Yanqing went to Beijing to explain the facts about Falun Dafa in November 2000. After returning, he was illegally arrested and taken to Qinglong County Detention Center five different times. The length of his detention terms varied and was as high as 75 days. The guards tortured Mr. Pei in many ways while he was detained. For example, guards handcuffed him, and then, in order to cause greater pain, chained his feet to the handcuffs. The guards also forced him to run laps inside the detention center. In addition to punching and kicking him, four guards repeatedly lifted him up high and then threw him down to the ground. Guards also beat him with a whip made of barbed wire, causing bloody lacerations. After several days of torture, Mr. Pei lost consciousness. Only when he was unconscious were his handcuffs and chains removed. Eventually, he had to be sent to the hospital due to his injuries. Nonetheless, detention center head Wang Jin said that Mr. Pei was pretending to be sick and struck him twice with a shovel. After being called to pick him up, Mr. Pei’s family found wounds all over his body. The persons responsible for the brutality include Zhang Xi (deputy head of Qinglong County Police Department) and Wang Jin (detention center head).

Mr. Pei went to Dahenan Village to clarify the truth about the persecution, going from house to house around 9:00 a.m. on September 1, 2010. When he arrived at the home of Zhu Hongwei, Zhu reported Mr. Pei to the police.

Mutoudeng Police officers arrested Mr. Pei and took him to the police station for interrogation. They ransacked his home and confiscated all of his Falun Dafa books and informational materials. Wang, a relative of Zhu, urged the police to charge Mr. Pei.

Qinglong County Domestic Security Division agents came to Mutoudeng Police Station around 3:00 p.m. to interrogate Mr. Pei. He remained steadfast in his belief and refused to yield. Urged by Zhu and Wang, domestic security division agents sent Mr. Pei to the Qinglong County Detention Center at 6:00 p.m.

Only two days after this arrest, Mr. Pei was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor on September 3, 2010. On the same day, he was sent to the Qinhuangdao City Labor Camp (located at Xizhangzhuang), where he was eventually tortured to death.

In order try and get Mr. Pei to give up his faith, guards tortured him with sleep deprivation, and forced him to sit on a board while others were asleep. His hands, feet, and legs were all swollen. The guards still made him keep both knees close to each other, and if he moved a little bit, the guards would beat him. The guards would not allow him to cough out loud, and forced him to sit on the cold cement floor. Guards would beat him cruelly when he said that he still wanted to practice Falun Gong. They mostly struck him in the chest, and said they could beat him however they wanted, since if they were to beat him to death, it would be counted as suicide.

January 28, 2011 was a family visitation day. The labor camp demanded 500 yuan from Mr. Pei's family, and said they were going to take him to have a physical check-up. On February 2, 2011, Mr. Pei sat on the stairs, since he could not climb up them any more. He was taken to the doctor, and was diagnosed with late-stage tuberculosis. The labor camp still would not release him until he suffered incontinence and was on the verge of death. They notified Mr. Pei's hometown government to pick him up.

On February 16, 2011, Mutoudeng Town CCP Secretary Yu Jinsong and his driver Qi Xuejiu went to the labor camp to pick up Mr. Pei, and found that he was close to death. They were afraid of being held responsible, and called a taxi to take Mr. Pei home. When that taxi driver took Mr. Pei to Longwangmiao Township, the driver would not go any further. He asked another taxi driver to take him the rest of the way home. Mr. Pei's whole body was swollen, his chest was blackened with bruises, he had difficulty breathing, he could not walk, and his face was deformed. At 2:00 a.m. on February 20, 2011, only four days after he returned home, Mr. Pei Yanqing passed away. He was 60 years old.

Zhang Wencheng, Director of Qinhuangdao City Forced Labor Camp
Lin Changsheng, CCP Secretary of Qinhuangdao City Forced Labor Camp: 86-15533516951 (Cell)
Warden Chen: 86-15233532555 (Cell)
Qinhuangdao City Forced Labor Camp: 86-15354336848 (Cell)

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