(Clearwisdom.net) Every Dafa practitioner has to walk his or her own cultivation path. Some practitioners can see scenes in other dimensions with their third eyes, while other practitioners can't see anything because their third eyes are closed. Those whose third eyes are closed may think to themselves, “How great it would be if I could see scenes in other dimensions! I would be more confident in cultivation and do better.” I think such thoughts come because they haven't studied the Fa well.

We can explain this with an analogy. Let's say there is a mountain climbing contest, with some climbers having their eyes covered, while the others' are left uncovered. The two groups have different thoughts about their situations. Those whose eyes are covered think, “This is unfair.” Those whose eyes are not covered think, “This is really a privilege for me.” However, when it's time for the contest to begin, everyone will start to think differently.

What happens to those whose eyes are covered? Though their eyes are covered, the path ahead is broad, flat, and short. Though they can't see anything, they find that they really don't need to see because they can hear a voice coming from the top of the mountain. As long as they listen quietly, they can reach the top quickly. Even if they are not trying their best, walk a crooked path or stop for a while, they will be forgiven because they can't see anything. It's actually a great privilege for them.

However, those whose eyes are not covered face a different situation. There are so many paths in front of them. It is as if they have entered a maze. Some paths look broad, but they don't reach the top of the mountain. Some paths are full of beautiful scenery, but the scenery itself is not actually real. Anyone who is tempted by the scenery is distracted from the main path. Though there is still a voice coming from the top of the mountain, these people don't listen and rather believe the false scenes they can see because they prefer to trust their vision. In the end, they may go astray. There is only one correct path to take to the top, but it is narrow. They should quietly listen to the voice coming from the top of the mountain and not be moved by the phenomena and temptations they see along the way. Actually, compared to those whose eyes are covered, their path is more difficult. It might seem unfair, but their paths were arranged this way.

In cultivation things work the same way.

In some sense, the path arranged for those whose third eye is not open is the most forgiving. Dafa practitioners come from high realms; only through cultivating and enlightening in a maze can they cultivate the fastest, reach high levels, and return to their original realms. Maybe this is the reason why Teacher arranged such a path of cultivation for us.

Of course, Teacher doesn't treat practitioners whose third eyes are open differently. There are a variety of reasons for such arrangements. It could be because of their original, inborn quality. They have to follow the correct path with their third eyes open, while leaving a reference for future practitioners. This is also needed by the future cosmos. How can they best walk a righteous path? They must study the Fa well, guide themselves with righteous thoughts, handle the scenes they see in other dimensions correctly, and not allow what they see to cause interference. Only by doing things this way can they walk a righteous path and reach consummation.

Every practitioner's cultivation path is different. Some can see, while others can't. However, we are all cultivating in Dafa. Only by attaching great importance to Fa study can we truly walk our cultivation path.

The above is only my personal understanding. Please point out anything you find inappropriate.