(Clearwisdom.net) I once met a practitioner at a Fa-study group who often talked about how she was righteous in her thoughts and actions while imprisoned. I listened to her with much interest, and wanted to find my shortcomings by comparing myself to her experience. However, after the third time, I did not want to listen to her any more, as I noticed she continued to tell people about her experience with a lot of excitement. This actually helped me to realize that I had a similar habit, as I often tell practitioners how I overcame interference from financial problems and my family.

When we enlighten to something during cultivation, this is only an indication of the Fa at that level. We should keep raising our standard, as Teacher mentioned that different levels have different Fa. If we continue to indulge in our previous experiences or are satisfied with what we have enlightened to, how can we then strive forward? We can share the things we have enlightened to, but then we need to continue to improve, otherwise it will interfere with our progress.

I need to look at things from a different perspective, and try to find out why I have encountered financial difficulties and had so many tribulations from my family during the Fa-rectification period. I need to pay more attention to finding my shortcomings, rather than to feeling good about myself when I manage to overcome them.

We must not remain at one level for too long, and should keep moving forward in cultivation.