Establishing a Dafa Materials Site and Advancing Diligently on the Path to Divinity

( Along with the progress of Fa-Rectification, every Dafa practitioner has great responsibilities. Each practitioner actually does the work of ten or even one hundred people, and our wisdom grows greater and greater. We learn new techniques significantly faster. Whatever knowledge we need, we learn; non-practitioners may take significantly longer to acquire the same knowledge. Practitioners can learn these things within a few days. The world's Dafa practitioners are one whole body. The Minghui website provides us with a platform for technical communication and sharing. When one practitioner has difficulties, other practitioners around the world will help. Some problems can be solved with just one word. As long as we're dedicated to the task, we can do it very well.

Gods in Heaven Don't Panic--True Cultivation Means All Actions Conform Closely to Dafa


My husband (a fellow practitioner) was constantly muttering about me spilling water on the ground while washing; dropping things to the floor while cooking; allowing noodles and flour falling to the floor; low quality food, etc. At first, I was annoyed by his muttering and told him indirectly that he was nagging. Later, I just ignored him, but felt really bad about his comments. Mistakenly, I thought I was practicing tolerance.

Mr. Liang Qidong and Mr. Sun Zongxu Persecuted in Shandong Provincial Prison

( In order to intensify the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, the Shandong Provincial Prison specifically set up the Eleventh Prison Division. All Falun Gong practitioners who newly arrive in the Shandong Provincial Prison are first sent to the Eleventh Prison Division for intensive brainwashing. The guards employ many kinds of torture to persecute them. The prison has heinously persecuted many practitioners to their deaths, including Mr. Qian Dongcai from Qingdao, Mr. Wang Xinbo from Zibo, and Mr. Lu Zheng from Mengyin. Some practitioners who did not die were persecuted so badly that they are now disabled.

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