(Clearwisdom.net) Two days ago I saw a fellow practitioner's sharing on the Clearwisdom website. It said something along the lines of, "As a practitioner, if you're liked by a member of the opposite sex, then there must be something wrong with your xinxing, it doesn't relate to whether you're beautiful or not." I suddenly realized why I have had so many suitors over the past few years. It is, in fact, due to my own attachment to lust.

I obtained the Fa during my freshman year of college. After becoming a practitioner, Master helped purify my body. As my xinxing improved, my superficial physical being also changed. I became energetic, and my complexion improved. In ordinary human terms, I became more beautiful, and the number of people who expressed their liking for me also increased.

But today, I realized that this is all due to my own attachment to lust. Thinking about the men who liked me in the past, all of them are connected to the thoughts I had when I first met them.

Once when I was crossing a railroad, I noticed a young man in front of me. I was wearing a blue skirt, and I suddenly remembered an article I had read before written by a guy saying that he loved girls in blue. I thought, "I'm wearing a blue skirt today. Will anyone like it?" Immediately after this thought, the young man turned around and looked at me. He said, "Hi" in a manner that told me he thought I was pretty. Then we had a long chat.

On another day, I traveled to another city with a male teacher from another school. I wore a rather pretty blouse that day, and I thought, "I'm wearing this beautiful blouse today. Maybe that male teacher will take notice of me!" Indeed he did, and he even asked his colleague to tell me indirectly that he liked me.

As the number of people who expressed their feelings for me increased, I developed a mentality that others liked me because I was pretty. I was attached to my looks--certainly a manifestation of lust. Due to this attachment, the old forces found a reason to persecute me. They began to enlarge my attachment. Everyone around me began to praise my looks, people of all ages and both sexes. This made me believe even more that I was beautiful, and the number of my suitors increased.

After I got married, I had a lot of problems with my husband and forgot to cultivate myself. Family troubles never stopped, and I always felt that my husband should give in to me because I was pretty. In the end, I took a bad fall.

Now I truly understand that this is the reason. It is normal for young people to have families, but if someone else outside your family starts to like you in an improper way, there must be a problem with your xinxing. It has nothing to do with your looks. Your attachments have lured bad spirits. We are all Dafa disciples. Master has asked us to cultivate in ordinary human society. Every disciple has Master's Fashen protecting him or her, so anything unrelated to our cultivation will not be able to surface. Everything is a result of our own hearts. In other words, even if you're as beautiful as a goddess, if you do not have an attachment to lust, no members of the opposite sex would come forward to tell you their feelings. Dafa would not allow that. Therefore, being singled out by members of the opposite sex is an abnormal phenomenon and nothing to be proud of. From the perspective of the Fa, it shows that one has done poorly in cultivation in this regard and needs to improve his or her xinxing. The law for cultivators is reversed.

Why do the old forces dare to persecute us? Because they've found our weak points, and they've grabbed onto our own attachments. These attachments will be utilized by the old forces. Every practitioner who has endured till today knows the importance of Fa study and self-cultivation. There are so many lessons to be learned.

By writing this, I hope it will help fellow practitioners to walk well on the path of cultivation!