(Clearwisdom.net) Recently I went to some cities where the persecution is still ongoing. After sharing, I discovered that, after Master taught the Fa many times last year, the cultivation situation in those cities got better. But an inadequate understanding of the Fa and insufficient attention are the reasons the persecution continues. The situation can be summarized as follows: Practitioners have too many human attachments that they cannot let go of, poor cooperation results in weakened efforts to clarify the truth, and the persecution is getting more severe. There are those who cannot grasp the essential nature of the situation and don't know how to. Some don't know how to stop being being passive and how to become active in eliminating the evil so as to save sentient beings on a large scale. And some fail to put themselves into the Fa-rectification situation and fail to send forth righteous thoughts.

1. The Stronger the Human Attachments, the More Severe the Situation

There is one city where the persecution has been very severe. It is not a big city, but 13 fellow practitioners have been persecuted to death there. This city has relatively more practitioners. Some of them are very determined, and some others are very capable; however, they are just not good at coordinating and cooperating. Some of them are jealous and competitive. They spread all kinds of rumors and are not clear-minded about what is supposed to be done in the current situation and what the major tasks are.

The stronger their human attachments are, the bigger their problems. However bad their human thoughts are, that is how evil the situation is. After ten years of resisting the persecution, we have now discovered that where the evil persecution is most severe is exactly where the cooperation is poor and the practitioners are very weak in clarifying the truth.

All human attachments result in all kinds of complicated and evil environments and all kinds of interference and persecution. That is to say, such intense human attachments and such bad understandings result in the so-called "tests" arranged by the evil old forces. Here we should not acknowledge it; instead we should recognize it clearly, deny it, and then study the Fa well and cultivate ourselves well so that we can walk towards maturity and rationality with determination.

We should never ignore our attachments or poor understandings. If during the Fa-rectification period we interfere with the overall cooperation and coordination, or interfere with the local situation of validating the Fa and cultivation, we have to bear historical responsibilities. All kinds of human attachments interfere with our overall elevation and help to create the visible bad environment. As a result, the persecution persists. All kinds of human attachments--and especially the Party Culture--keep us from cooperating well to fulfill our prehistoric missions. All kinds of human attachments keep us from coordinating well to try our best to save the sentient beings that are facing elimination. Only if we let go of these things, rectify ourselves, and cooperate well with each other will the environment get better, the persecution automatically disappear, and the evil self-destruct.

2. Failing to Grasp the Whole Picture and Not Knowing How to

There is one area where there is often large-scale persecution: One group of practitioners is waiting to be rescued, while another group has again been arrested. There are those practitioners who cannot open up their hearts. Instead, they suspect and distrust each other. Several practitioners who are in charge of coordination forget to lead the other practitioners to study the Fa and look inside: this is the reason for the evil being rampant for such a long time. We have to see, both as individuals and as one-body, what human attachments and unrighteousness caused this evil environment. We forget to use the wisdom that is given to us by fellow practitioners through Falun Dafa. We need to summarize our lessons and learn how to eliminate the evil and create a good environment. We forget that only when we strengthen our efforts in clarifying the truth can we subdue the evil and save sentient beings. We forget that the process of coordinating all of the practitioners to save sentient beings is a maturation process for us.

3. Not Knowing How to Stop Being Passive and How to Become Active to Eliminate the Evil; Creating the Environment to Save the Sentient Beings

There is one city that has been doing well. Every practitioner has a solid cultivation foundation and has a very strong sense of overall cooperation. But for the past two years, the persecution has been very intense there. The reason is because they are not clear-minded about the need to eliminate the evil, create an environment to clarify the truth, and persuade sentient beings to quit the CCP organizations. They also fail to realize that the overall one body will have to become mature.

"If you are clarifying the truth on a deeper level, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have found the problem and applied the right solution." ("Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website's Founding")

To save sentient beings, we have to know where people's misunderstandings are. For example, those who have been coerced into doing the evil deeds and the 610 Office staff who have been listening to ten years of truth-clarification, they now feel more and more scared. However, whenever practitioners meet them, the practitioners will ask, "Have you changed? Are you still involved in committing crimes?"

Here we want to specifically remind everyone that practitioners and coordinators should pay close attention to clarifying the truth face-to-face. Only in this way will we know how to clarify the truth well and how to coordinate more practitioners to clarify the truth and how to deal with all kinds of troubles that have occurred in the process of clarifying the truth. I suggest reading a Minghui article posted on May 18, 2009 entitled "How to Face All Kinds of Trouble in Face-to-Face Clarifying the Truth."

4. Failing to Merge Oneself into the Overall Situation of the Fa-rectification

My personal understanding is that practitioners' looking inside and cultivating themselves well is not just for the purpose of detecting unknown attachments. As Fa-rectification practitioners, our individual cultivation is closely related to Master's Fa-rectification and the overall situation of practitioners validating Falun Dafa worldwide. We should get rid of our own attachments in the process of Fa-rectification. For example, the incidents regarding Eutelsat, Flushing, the cancellation of Shen Yun in Hong Kong, and the changes in our local environments--we must check inside and see what kind of human attachments there are that result in such rampant evil.

I personally believe that the above issues are related to the study of the Fa and the cultivation of our xinxing. These are the main reasons why the persecution is still going on.

Only when we study the Fa well can we be more clear-minded and more rational, more pure and more compassionate so as to know how to coordinate well among the fellow practitioners to save more people and be more efficient so that we can cultivate ourselves well and motivate our fellow practitioners to elevate as a whole body. We can cooperate better and stand in a higher position and see further. We can be more efficient so that we can completely eliminate this persecution and really play the role of assisting Master in rectifying the Fa.

The above is my understanding at my current level. If there is anything not conforming to the Fa, please point it out with your compassion.