(Clearwisdom.net) I have been arrested and sent to forced labor camps by police and 610 Office agents several times. My health was damaged due to the persecution, and my family suffered from police harassment and watching me endure the difficulties. The fact that I became an inmate caused my friends and colleagues to think that I was a bad person, such that they would not listen to me when I tried to clarify to the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution to them. Because of that, after I left the forced labor camp the second time, I was very careful when doing Dafa work. For example, before I distributed informational materials in a certain place, I would look around several times to make sure that no one was around. My heart of fear was actually a loophole in my cultivation state that provided an opportunity for trouble to arise.

I went to a residential building to write words about Falun Gong on the wall one night in January. I ran into someone in a hallway who appeared to be a plainclothes policeman. As he started questioning me, I said, "Sorry, I have to go." He reached out to try to catch me, but I ran away. As he followed me, I ran quickly while concentrating my thoughts and said "freeze!" in my head. I immediately heard a gentle noise behind me. I looked back and the policeman had stopped several meters from me, unable to move. He seemed to be murmuring something, but I could not hear anything. I did not stop for long and continued running. It was not until I arrived somewhere safe that I realized it was Master who granted me the power to freeze the policeman. When I tried to figure out what this incident meant, I saw that I had acknowledged the old forces and that doing Dafa work with a heart of fear will be exploited by evil people and cause me trouble.

Master has told us in his recent lectures that the majority of evil factors have been eliminated. They can hardly continue the persecution and they have little confidence left to carry out their wrongdoings. As the Fa-Rectification progresses, the power of the Fa is dominant everywhere. As long as we act righteously, Master and divine beings supporting the Fa-Rectification will protect and assist us. In addition, our divine power is becoming stronger as we mature in cultivation through eliminating attachments. We are able to protect ourselves in the face of evil once we learn how to use our divine power properly. The last stage of cultivation is one in which practitioners will transform from humans to divine beings. Thus, it is natural for supernatural phenomena to manifest. But the prerequisite is that practitioners must rise from the human level to a divine state.

I hope fellow practitioners will learn from my experience and let go of human notions and fear. Once we let go of human notions, we will be able to apply our divine power to eliminate the evil and interference, and save more sentient beings.

February 10, 2010